Informatie over Anytime Fitness

Händelstraat 57
3533 GH, Utrecht
+31 30 204 0244


  • maandag: 24 uur geopend
  • dinsdag: 24 uur geopend
  • woensdag: 24 uur geopend
  • donderdag: 24 uur geopend
  • vrijdag: 24 uur geopend
  • zaterdag: 24 uur geopend
  • zondag: 24 uur geopend


Anytime Fitness heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Anytime Fitness: Meningen

Liam van Woudenberg 1 year ago

Very nice mm heavy metal lifting

Maarten W 1 year ago

Positive: Communication

Mai Mulder 1 year ago

Nice staff, very nice atmosphere and just a good gym. I love coming here!

Puck Kolfschoten 1 year ago

Nice and friendly club where they really want to help you achieve results.

Lisa Seebregs 1 year ago

Because I am a member of Anytime Fitness Leidsche Rijn, I can also exercise here. Just like in Leidsche Rijn, there is always a nice atmosphere, the club is neat and you get good guidance. Especially the outdoor group training sessions are my favorite because of the constantly changing approach of energetic trainers!

Kristina Kukhalashvili 2 years ago

Fantastic gym! The group classes are always challenging and all the equipment is clean. Special thanks to the AF team for constant support!

Gvanca 2 years ago


Delgoaz Abda 2 years ago


Kristina van der Molen 2 years ago

Very nice, clean gym. Also neatly arranged in times of Corona. And open 24/7!

Brian Peterselie 3 years ago

Great gym. Clean changing rooms and sufficient equipment. I've heard that it can be a little busy during peak hours, but I have not had any problematic pressures during my membership (2 years). Staff is very nice to participate in and help you with any questions you have. Especially the in-house physio is very good at his job! 10/10 would recommend!

TJ “Singer of Sunshine Bay” 4 years ago

Very nice gym, super staff and good atmosphere

Erwin T 4 years ago

Laid back, welcoming and members of all ages. 24/7, no more excuses!

Silvijn Reef 4 years ago

It's a nice, calme place to train

Ties Liedekerken 4 years ago

Good equipment, clean location, almost all the equipment and weights you need. Only downsides are the reasonably hefty price and the lack of a decent bench press.

Wouter Kitsz 4 years ago

Fine fitness that is not often busy. In addition, open 24 hours a day. They offer limited lessons and staff are available during normal working hours.

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