Weesperstraat 101
1018 VN, Amsterdam
+31 20 890 3158


  • maandag: 06:45–14:15, 15:45–21:15
  • dinsdag: 06:45–14:15, 16:45–21:15
  • woensdag: 06:45–14:15, 15:45–21:15
  • donderdag: 06:45–14:15, 15:45–21:15
  • vrijdag: 06:45–14:15
  • zaterdag: 08:45–15:15, 15:45–18:15
  • zondag: 08:45–15:15, 15:45–18:15

HIGH STUDIOS is a strength and cardio interval fitness experience that is designed to help your body burn up to 1.000 calories. #gethighwithus

Our beat-based 45-min cardio and strength-building workout is designed to help your body burn up to 1.000 calories. You'll run on a non-motorized treadmill and do strength training, broken into rounds.

At Javaplein you'll find our multi-studio with 3 workout formulas. Here we offer exhilarating cycle (HIGH RIDE) and beat-based hot power yoga (HIGH FLOW) next to our signature HIIT class.

Our first studio is housed in the Metropool Building at the Weesperstraat, right in the eastern Canal District. Without boasting we dare say we’re the hottest workout in town!

HIGH STUDIOS JORDAAN is our 2nd location. Get ready to experience our signature, beat-based, group training workout in the heart of AMSTERDAM JORDAAN!

PERSONAL HIGH - The Personal High 4 week program will take your fitness to the next level. Our certified trainers will be by your side throughout your Personal High journey.

HIGH STUDIOS WESTERPARK is our 4th location. Get ready to experience our signature, beat-based, group training workout in the heart of AMSTERDAM WESTERPARK at the Spaarndammerstraat!

Our workouts include interval treadmill routines and strength training that are proven to ramp up your metabolism so your body is burning calories for hours afterwards. You’ll run on a non-motorized treadmill and do strength training, broken into rounds. We have a variety of classes, from core specific ones to something specially designed for runners. With endless variations, you’ll never get bored of this format.

Our studio provides boundary-pushing High Intensity classes featuring exceptional, world-class trainers. They teach powerful, rhythm based classes that inspire, change bodies and ultimately change lives.

Four individually-designed, central Amsterdam boutique fitness studios providing 200+ HIIT classes per week for all levels, shapes and sizes. The studio has everything you need included with every class: great vibes and changing facilities stocked with Zenology care products.

We’re a pay as you go studio, you’re never tied into a contract if you don’t want to. No hidden fees, no hassle. Class schedules and reservations are all easily accessible online.


HIGH STUDIOS PLANTAGE - THE BEST WORKOUT IN AMSTERDAM heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.


Manuel Alejandro Fernandez Garcia 1 year ago

Great environment, class with Thomas was really hard and fun

Simon Hoogveld 1 year ago

Love the energy from Olga!

Wouter de Vreeze 1 year ago

Best workout in town:)

Sofie Neplenbroek 1 year ago


Matthew Kuper 2 years ago

Absolutely love the experience. The music is loud enough to lose yourself and dark enough so you can focus on yourself only.

Stef 2 years ago

Today trained for the first time with the tightened corona measures. Everything is super well organized, everyone has their own place and can keep their distance from the rest.

Paul Resnick 3 years ago

Top school!

Agnes Wysocki 3 years ago

Probably the best workout in the city?! During 45 minutes the awesome trainers challenge you to give it everything you have. They keep motivating you throughout the workout. Every now and than you will also find little group or team challenges which spice up the session. Try both locations, Plantage and Jordan which opened their doors just a couple of month ago.

sasu-music 3 years ago

The High Studios Plantage is a wonderful opportunity to keep fit in a pleasant atmosphere with ambitious trainers in Amsterdam. The training is accompanied by the motivating words of the coaches and music. The team all around is really incredibly warm and helpful and the studio is a real eye-catcher. The super delicious vegan protein shakes are also recommended. I will gladly come again.

Hans Klaasen 3 years ago


Blair Chen 3 years ago

I had no idea what I was getting myself into before my first class, but I ended up loving it! If you're not someone who's used to high-intensity work out, the first few classes can be really tough to the point that you feel light-headed, but after the class ends it is sense of accomplishment that is left. Trainers are motivating and super nice. I also love the fact that packages can be shared, so I can always invite different friends to go with me. Definitely recommended!

Chris Meulmeester 3 years ago

Best HIIT in the city.

Kim Bange 3 years ago

Totally fan! In 45 minutes a full body training on tasty music. Super fun workouts, mega professional and friendly trainers. Top location also with good facilities. Really do it once, you're hooked right!

Avalon Olivier 4 years ago

My favorite place to workout! The music ,the trainers and after a workout you feel like a winner! Must try!

Thibaud Bruna 4 years ago

Most effective training concept in town

Silvia Visser 4 years ago

The beats, lights and nice instructors really motivates me to get the best out of my workout! This is the best ever

Thomas van Gerwen 4 years ago

The best place to go if you hate going to the gym. There’s no escape and it does really make me high on endorphins sometimes! I go 3/4 times a week and love it every single time

Gaby Blaaser 4 years ago

Best workout in town! From front desk to trainers. Amazing people and Vibe

Stephen Ho Sam Sooi 4 years ago

A top workout in 45 minutes. Nice music, great atmosphere.

Hannah 4 years ago

Love all the classes! If you are in to High Intensity training, like the running and don't mind sweating this is definitly something for you!

Chris Mitchell 4 years ago

Been working out here for almost a year now. The best 45 minute workout you'll find in Amsterdam! The atmosphere is great and the trainers are all amazing! Definitely try it out, you won't regret it!

Rogier Walstra 4 years ago

Best workout in town!

Pawel Gershkovich 4 years ago

Good and very efficient training. A little pricey though.

George Epremian 4 years ago

High studios has changed my whole attitude about exercise! I’m only couple of months in, but I absolutely love it! It became an essential and vital part of my life. The staff members are always welcoming, friendly and helpful. I feel very comfortable asking them questions and trust their knowledge and expertise when it comes to fitness. Great atmosphere! Amazing instructors!

Lonneke Grotenhuis 4 years ago

Am not a gym type myself but I like to come here several times a week! Classes are always challenging and challenging, no matter how fit you are. So for every level. The best place to get fit!

Charlotte Bruna 4 years ago

High Studios is truly the best work out if you want to see results! Only 45 minutes of high intensity training with the best trainers who are incredibly motivating and friendly who will give you personal coaching so you get the most out of your workout!

Mike Fire 4 years ago

If you're aiming for mental fitness through physical activity this is the place to be! It's a 45 minute high intensity interval training led by professional trainers with uplifting beats to keep you going. All excersizes are within timeframes, so you get to work as hard as your fitnesslevel allows you to. If you do that 2+ times a week and aim to reach your limit in every training, short term results are guaranteed. Go deep and prosper!

Spencer Waldron 4 years ago

Been working out here for a few months now. Great vibe, great trainers, and great way to boost your fitness, get yourself in shape and make some new friends. BEST workout in town. 45mins of HIIT goodness.

Dilani Butink 4 years ago

Love it!! Don’t think, they tell you what to do, Just do it! Its only 45 minutes. :-)

Shavelie Menzo 4 years ago

Two words that come up with me when I think of high studio. FREAKING AWESOME!!! With High studios you get the best fun hardcore workout in 45 minutes.

Claartje bok 4 years ago

Amazing HIIT experience, great trainers and really nice environment. Every workout is different and the trainers really motivate you to help you to get the best results!

INDI 4 years ago

The coolest place to go to for a sweat in Amsterdam Oost. Think about a dark studio with a lot of lights, some cool, loud beats to push you even harder and trainers who will challenge you to make that little extra step; yes, that’s HIGH studios. Once you tried a workout, you will never go back. Go try it for yourself; it’s so much fun. The best part? Everybody can join!

Eliza van Amsterdam 4 years ago

Super fun workouts, nice staff and good guidance in club style accommodation. For anyone who wants to go for the best quickly without hassle.

Onno Bruynen 5 years ago

High Studios is the place to be. Super classes, nice staff and a great atmosphere! Delicious, give everything for 45 minutes and then relax with a delicious juice and complementary care products so that you can immediately go back fresh and cared for. (but actually you want to stay)

merida miller 5 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is the first class in Amsterdam that really kicked my ass (in the best way possible). Over the last 3 months I have been searching for something high intensity, fun, and hard. I cant tell you how many gyms and classes Ive tried and how relieved I am to have found High45.

Sem Delewi 6 years ago

What a great workout! And a super nice gym with salads and juices. Go here more often

Cees Haverkamp 6 years ago

Had an incredibly nice workout. Pushed to my limits by the HIGH45 trainers, but with a good feeling I left the house. Top training with cool light shows and good beats!

Servaas Steenbergen 6 years ago

Nice workout and out again within an hour, perfect!

Aiko Hamane 6 years ago

WoW! That this didn't exist yet. What a top workout of 45 minutes in a very cool club where you can also buy your juice directly from the Juice Brothers. Immediately purchased a ride ticket.

Paul Jeursen 6 years ago

Wow what a beautiful new place and what an asset for everyone who wants to work out. Go there people. Best workout ever!

Jeroen Lensink 6 years ago

What a wonderful gym! After the 45 min Hiit Training you feel demolished, satisfied, fit and you can't wait to go to the next Hiit Training. The right trainers, equipment and environment make this a unique gym. Doing is believing!

Bao Quan Nguyen Le 6 years ago

Very unique HiiT training concept! What I like about this workout is that everybody can join according to their own level and have a great exercise. Highly recommended!

Jelte van der Goot 6 years ago

look no further!

Guus Benning 6 years ago

Superfit in 45min!

Thomas Rodrigues 6 years ago

What a great workout! Full body workout in 45 minutes on rock-hard beats. And the great thing is no subscription

David 6 years ago

Amazing HIIT experience, great trainers and really nice environment. A great addition to the city!


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