Fit For Free Sportschool Amsterdam Buikslotermeerplein

Informatie over Fit For Free Sportschool Amsterdam Buikslotermeerplein

Buikslotermeerplein 119
1025 ET, Amsterdam


  • maandag: 06:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 06:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 06:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 06:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 06:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–17:00
  • zondag: 08:00–17:00

Fit For Free is dé sportschool in Amsterdam Noord. Onbeperkt fitness op de manier die bij jou past. Word nu lid.

Sportschool Fit For Free Amsterdam Buikslotermeerplein is hét fitnesscentrum in Amsterdam, waar je op de manier kan sporten die bij jou past. Wil je ontdekken of fitness wat voor je is? Je mag gerust komen proefsporten bij ons. Vraag daarvoor gemakkelijk een dagpas aan, waarmee je gebruik kunt maken van alle faciliteiten en/of een groepsles volgen. We helpen je graag op weg in de Fit For Free club aan de Buikslotermeerplein 119!


Fit For Free Sportschool Amsterdam Buikslotermeerplein heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Fit For Free Sportschool Amsterdam Buikslotermeerplein: Meningen

Jack Sacali 3 months ago

Clean, spacious and comfortable. It's mostly not busy.

choice Osagiede 3 months ago

Is a place to be, l enjoy sporting there and the place is very nice

Riffet Anwar 4 months ago

Great training guidance!

Igor Chupilka 6 months ago

Great spacious club

Expat Beard 7 months ago

It's a really nice gym with friendly staff and a "women only" section. The lessons are not sport related but fitness related, but if that's what you're looking for is perfect.

Len Li 9 months ago

Great location. Friendly staff.

Wim Melchers 1 year ago

Good gym. Everything works and is clean. Friendly people at the counter.

Mieho Woe 1 year ago

Exercise 3 x a week and always a pleasure to do. Good cozy atmosphere there too and Thijs is always ready to answer any questions you have.

Antoine Schillemans 1 year ago

Great gym!! xxxxx

Melvin Rulloda 1 year ago

Good gym

Danielle van der Voort 1 year ago

Top club ..

François Jarry 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Worth the price! high quality staff especially in the early morning

IOWNZ 1 year ago

Good gym, nice people, staff and very hygienic

Jack25Snake 1 year ago

Nice gym very friendly staff

Katja Van De Laar 1 year ago

Nice gym

Youssra Aalbers 1 year ago

Great gym. Lots of equipment and reliable staff.

willem majoor 1 year ago

Have a great workout

Renée 1 year ago

Goede ruim opgezette sportschool. Wat meer diversiteit in materiaal zou dit de perfecte sportschool maken. Ik kom hier sinds de opening (3 jaar geleden) met veel plezier.

Y S 1 year ago

You can easily do sports there, the facilities are of high quality.

BryanRichardNL 1 year ago

Just fine, nice staff, enough space and enough appliances.

sarah bat Yitzchak 1 year ago

Fine! Not too busy, not uncomfortably quiet. Just am amazed every time people go in and out of the locker room without saying hello.

Simon van de Beek 2 years ago

Very big FfF. Active cleaning during Coronatimes. Good ventilation. Accessibe terrace.

Olin Bongers 2 years ago

The fitness equipment is of good quality and the staff here is really helpful and also funny. From the big windows on either side there's a great view!

jkj kjk 2 years ago

It's a good gym with plenty of good working equipment. Perfect if you have your own routine. Just try to avoid times when it's considered to be 'busy' by Google maps.

Angelo Busby 3 years ago

My second home!

Selina Aliyah 3 years ago

Best gym

B. Vos 3 years ago

Nice gym, good equipment, tidy and clean, I always sport early in the morning, it is nice because it is also quieter.

Amr Mohamed 3 years ago

Very nice gym and has everything you need. Very spacious too

J Bakker 3 years ago

Most beautiful fit4free in Amsterdam

E.A Antobreh 3 years ago

New machines to train

Fred Harlaar 4 years ago

Nice, neat, love to come there. Too bad everything closes at 4pm on weekends.

Desiree Voorduyn 4 years ago

Nice gym a lot of space the people who work there are friendly and knowledgeable of equipment

Tomek Bilski 4 years ago

Nice, new gym. Lot of place to make a good training.

RudeGirl Comva 4 years ago


Eduard Wawer 4 years ago

Nice and spacious, lots of daylight, because it is the newest, also the newest devices and with me across the street. I visit as many different ones as possible, to compare them in Amsterdam ... The only one so far that could match Noord, was indeed the one with the most stars in Watergraafsmeer. But I haven't had all Fit for Frer gyms in all parts of Amsterdam! The building was also delivered new, after the former V&D was demolished there and replaced by Liddl, Action and a large gift shop! In a new building, with the relevant Fit for Free!

Kitty Mind 4 years ago

Friendly staff, nice and diverse equipment and above all very clean and hygienic in the gym. The group lessons are also very nice. Furthermore, the gym is very nicely decorated. Satisfied!

J.S. Oliveira Carvalho 4 years ago

A very nice and good sports school, with knowledgeable staff and excellent service and low threshold. The participants are of all ages and backgrounds, which means that you will soon feel at ease. I'm really enjoying myself .

Tara Duijvekam 4 years ago

Very nice, spacious gym. All new equipment and generally very quiet.

Julian V S 4 years ago

Spacious gym, new modern equipment, always equipment and benches available so that you can perform your training properly.

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