Informatie over Palestra Sports Amsterdam

Marius Bauerstraat 233A
1062 AK, Amsterdam
+31 20 615 0314


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:30
  • zaterdag: 09:00–17:00
  • zondag: 09:00–17:00

In samenwerking met de Gemeente Amsterdam hebben we bij Palestra Sports het programma X-Fittt Kids opgestart. Dit programma draait nu al en laat goede resultaten zien! X-Fittt Kids is een programma van 12 weken en staat in het teken om kinderen (en vooral ouders/verzorgers) een gezondere leefstijl bij te brengen. Dit doen wij door:

Naast dat wij de kinderen een gezondere leefstijl bij willen brengen staat tijdens de beweegmomenten vooral plezier centraal. Wij vinden het erg belangrijk dat sporten voor iedereen toegankelijk is. Daarom werken wij samen met Jeugdfonds Sport en met stadspas. Kinderen kunnen jaarlijks een subsidie t.w.v. € 300,- krijgen waardoor zij een jaar lang GRATIS bij ons kunnen sporten

Palestra Sports Amsterdam | Marius Bauerstraat 233 a+b | 1062AK Amsterdam | 020 - 615 03 14


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Palestra Sports Amsterdam: Meningen

Raymond W 1 month ago

I brought a 2 weeks pass during my stay in Amsterdam at this gym. This is a great gym, it has all the equipments you will need, clean and super nice helpful staff. During my 4 months travel in Europe in many different countries and brought many day/week passes at different gyms, this is the best gym experience I had. If you ever looking for a gym in Amsterdam area, go to this gym, it's a great gym for your workout.

Artur Rodrigues 3 months ago

Staff are very friendly, the gym have a wide variety of machines for all muscles and in terms of hygiene is clean. For myself, these are the 3 most important things.

Lennart den Hartog 1 year ago

Until 1.5 years ago, I had no way to drag me to a gym, until my girlfriend took me to a Palestra circuit training. The genuine enthusiasm of the staff, in combination with the approachable feeling of the club, means that I have become a fairly fanatic athlete (3-4x p.w.) and, against all my expectations, I still enjoy it a lot. If you are not a huge athlete like me, then go to Palestra. You will not regret it!

Mitchell Kes 1 year ago

Great gym, good guidance and friendly staff. Highly recommended if you want to get physically fit and like personal guidance.

Anko Dings 1 year ago

Super nice gym! I never had the motivation to exercise, but since I have been working out at Palestra I have been there 3 times a week and I even have fun during training. You really get value for money. Even in the Corona period, many opportunities are offered to keep moving. I recommend everyone to join here

Sylvia Klockenbrink 1 year ago

Very nice and spacious gym! The fitness center pays a lot of attention to its members! This is real value for money. Even in this crazy period, we are super guided to keep moving. Palestra Sports is great!

Wendy Admiraal 1 year ago

What a pity that we are not allowed to come and play sports yet. I miss you. The fun especially. But even now the fanatic coaches know how to motivate me well. Online, new and challenging training courses and via pt, still that personal contact that I so need to keep going. You continue to deliver quality despite the terrible situation. Thank you very much dear coaches. We hold on!

Anne van het Hooft 1 year ago

Super personal training sessions outside with Brandon

Stephan Compagner 1 year ago

Great gym, friendly employees. I normally only last 3 months at a gym, but I have been a member of Palestra for almost 1.5 years. In the lockdown, I train with Brandon for an hour in the open air every week.

samantha revet 1 year ago

Top gym! Everyone is very pleasant and social. There is a wide range of group lessons, lots of space in the gym and you will be well guided by the coaches. Even in this difficult period, they come with good compensations. Consider, for example, free personal training, training schedules for at home and free use of the nutrition app. I am very happy with it. You really get value for money!

Marcel Kes 1 year ago

Top gym, good tailor-made advice very good guidance professional people who know what they are talking about.

Mark Sebel 1 year ago

Palestra Sports is a gym where you receive good customized guidance. A personal plan is made with each individual, which is very nice :) A must!

milena mooij 1 year ago

A great gym with professional trainers! You will be well helped with your goal and everyone is always cheerful and friendly! And what I think is very important is that not everyone is showing in front of the mirror ...

Nina Lokin 1 year ago

Great staff and personal trainers and fully equipped, clean gym. Would highly recommend

Remco Bosman 1 year ago

Innovative gym that makes a real difference in the Dutch fitness industry with their professional equipment and quality guidance.

Grietje Kes 1 year ago

This gym provides a lot of activities even now during Corona. Super Put it on toppers!

Marianne Hirschfeld 1 year ago

Had great training from Brandon. He has certainly grown as a trainer keep it up! Always cosy!!

Ellis Commandeur 1 year ago

Highly recommended, friendly staff, everything is kept clean!

Merijn Dings 1 year ago

I now see some negative comments and I really don't understand where this is coming from. Apparently the corona period does negative things to people. Palestra Sports really offers top service and therefore gives real value for money. I was welcomed with a cup of coffee and a cheerful smile. In addition, I immediately received a training schedule during my first appointment! Really great! Every week I check how things are going and give me tips when necessary. Also now during the lockdown I got a training schedule for home. I am very happy with this.

Romy de Groot 1 year ago

Palestra sports is a great gym. You are always approached in a friendly manner and you are really super guided. I also chose to do personal training. This is really great and a lot cheaper than normal. This is purely because everyone has a difficult time during the period. Really thought about it. Even in this lockdown I have already lost 10 kilos !!!! Palestra sports really offers value for money. I would definitely recommend that you become a member.

Inge Wijnja 1 year ago

Good gym with many classes to choose from. Friendly staff and very expert trainers, you will receive good personal guidance in both sports and nutrition. Price-quality ratio is top. I would recommend this gym to everyone.

Erik Brokking (DJ Ebro) 1 year ago

Good gym with nice classes and excellent guidance. Very cool that they give various online lessons and / or workouts during the lockdown! Doing well

Kaou A 1 year ago

Super nice gym. Employees are always there for you. I am happy to go there!

Anoeska Heeringa 1 year ago

Palestra is a fantastic gym! Professional and friendly tailor-made guidance, a wide range of group lessons and an extensive fitness room with everything you are looking for. Also in these Corona times they offer the possibility to follow personal training 1 on 1 outside several times a week, for the same costs as normally my subscription. I enjoy sport here !!

Veron Koster 1 year ago

Have been training at Palestra for years with great pleasure. Normally I participate in different group lessons several times a week. Unfortunately that is not possible now. However, Palestra offers a great alternative. Train outside in pairs. Really great to train in the open air, I am very happy with it and I have also become stronger and fitter, what more could you want ... So Palestra, keep up the good work! You will see me this week :)

Erika Horwat 1 year ago

Wonderful gym, which has good group lessons and a lot of attention for the members! Good guidance by expert staff. Young and old mixed together in a very pleasant way. Even if you are a bit older, it is definitely recommended .. I have been training in Palestra for 20 years. The Corona measures are well followed, so the training is safe .... I train regularly, I am motivated, and healthy, because exercise increases your confidence through your strength, endurance, flexibility and appearance, also strengthens the immune system in the long term. By stretching exercises I have less back pain. and .... it is well known: Sport not only reduces physical tension but also emotional tension (less stress) ..... So computer off, sneakers on.

Narima Lahham 2 years ago

Nice exercise, spicy shape lesson, then in the sauna. Delicious!

julien bruinsma 2 years ago

I feel at home here! Started with X-fitt .... which has yielded results. Both lost weight and that I even like going to the gym. Never expected and thought. Knowledgeable staff, good group lessons and usually good coffee too. In short, I recommend it!

Monique van Haastrecht 2 years ago

Super nice gym with friendly employees and very good guidance.

John Pronk 2 years ago

Great gym, nice people who also know what they are talking about.

chris kranendonk 2 years ago

nice atmosphere and you will always be helped if you have questions.

Mitch Heersma 2 years ago

Top Gym! Friendly staff and good equipment!

Brandon Heersma 2 years ago

Nice staff, good quality guidance and a nice atmosphere to work out in! :)

Paul Valk 2 years ago

Walking into Palestra is like walking into a living room. You will be greeted in a friendly manner, well guided and there is also a good atmosphere. They are now also the first in the Benelux with the Fluid power zone. Super devices to train with! I recommend everyone to come and exercise here.

Astrid Leeuwenburgh 2 years ago

Very pleasant approachable approach. Normally I experience a gym as a bit intimidating, but here you come across everything (fat, thin, young & old, beginner, advanced ectect). Staff were helpful and always ready for a personal chat ... I now sport at least 3 times a week (with pleasure) something I never expected. Team Palestra my compliments

Linda Brokking 2 years ago

Nice cozy atmosphere and customer friendly. I myself have been walking with an injury for a long time, but with the right knowledge and guidance I now take it a step further. Now we are going to lose weight and have received nutritional advice, so that will also work. The corona has caused discontent for many people, understandably. But they offer different compensations TOP A lot of strength in this difficult period.

cor wierink 2 years ago

Palestra just a top organization, always helpful and always taking the time for all your questions. Wonderful training environment, and a lovely shower after training.

Simone Commandeur 2 years ago

A nice gym with good personal guidance. There is a good atmosphere and the trainers are very friendly

Mabel Nieman 2 years ago

Personal and cozy atmosphere. Guidance is also very good, the time is really taken for you! Usually nice and quiet and a lot of variation in group lessons.

Wies Bakker 2 years ago

Great place to exercise! Lots of personal guidance.

Julia Evers 2 years ago

Nice atmosphere where you are helped from the start. I immediately felt welcome. Samantha's guidance was very good. Made a personal schedule and helped in the beginning. She provided a relaxed atmosphere during the training sessions and made me feel very comfortable!

Melicia Milop 3 years ago

Caching / teachers are great

Mitchel Harpal 4 years ago

Super gym, good equipment and fun group lessons at the highest level! Recommended!

Mike Godlieb 4 years ago

Nice gym, good equipment nice atmosphere and nice staff ...

Hans Dijksman 4 years ago

Pleasant gym, small scale, well maintained equipment, friendly staff, reasonably priced.

Gerard de Voogd 4 years ago

Great lessons with skilled instructors. After exercise possibility for a drink. In short, a good gym where I have been training with great pleasure for years.

Aafke 4 years ago

Very neat gym and very nice and professional people! You will be helped super and the coffee is also delicious! I think the lessons are very worthwhile. The teachers are very motivating and teach well. They divide their attention well over the group, giving you great tips and tricks. In short, a super Gym! Highly recommended!

Said Saidi Amor 4 years ago

Top sports school with people who understand their profession! Going on like this.

That's Me 5 years ago

Nice gym with all the trimmings. Especially the staff is great.

Tom van Wijk 5 years ago

Good coaches, questions are handled well and Circuit training is especially recommended!

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