Informatie over Splash Healthclub Amsterdam B.V.

Lijnbaansgracht 241
1017 PH, Amsterdam
+31 20 422 0280


  • maandag: 07:00–00:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–00:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–00:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–00:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–00:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–21:00
  • zondag: 08:00–21:00

Achter een discrete entree aan de Lijnbaansgracht schuilt een van de meest toonaangevende fitnessclubs in het centrum van Amsterdam. Met meer dan 50 groepslessen (gegegeven door de beste docenten)  een groot aanbod aan kracht- en cardioapparatuur (Technogym) , vijftien personal trainers, wellness-faciliteiten en zeer ruime openingstijden is deze Urban Gym de plek waar je werkt aan je lichaam en je geest.

Klik op de onderstaande button om te zien welk lidmaatschap het beste bij jou past? Bij Splash Health Club kun jij kiezen voor een passend abonnement dat geheel aansluit op jouw doelstelling! Klik hier voor meer informatie!

Met een gevarieerd aanbod van ruim 50 lessen per week onder de motiverende begeleiding van enthousiaste professionals kun je dagelijks een les vinden die bij jou past en die aansluit bij jouw fysieke doelstellingen. Bekijk hier het rooster:

Gegarandeerd resultaat met personal training. Personal training is een unieke combinatie van aandacht, effectiviteit en resultaatgerichtheid. Alles draait om jou en jouw doel! Voor ieder een gepersonaliseerd schema, wie wilt dat nou niet!

Splash Health Club Leidseplein biedt je een trainingsruimte met veel daglicht en volop frisse lucht en uitzicht over het Leidseplein. Verdeeld over vier verdiepingen beslaat deze club een oppervlakte van maar liefst 2600m2.


Splash Healthclub Amsterdam B.V. heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Splash Healthclub Amsterdam B.V.: Meningen

Floris van Onna 1 year ago

Awesome, super luxurious healthclub in the very center of Amsterdam with an enormous amount of very high quality equipment, and fantastic group lessons. Only the looiersgracht location has been taken over by Fit for Free, not this location on the Lijnbaansgracht. So other review is not appropriate.

Bernard G 1 year ago

Definitely worth visiting especially if you are a tourist like myself and not too sure where to gym. Eleana from Greece was taking care of my registration and she was detailed, patient and warm even at such early hour on a Sunday. The gym was big with sufficient modern equipments. It is a pity that I only have a few days ti enjoy!!! Haha!!!

Jozef Stremen 1 year ago

Good vibes, spacious, air-conditioned, variety of equipment. Friendly staff.

Daniel Balderas 1 year ago

Nice gym with good equipment, clean and friendly staff

Scott Willett 1 year ago

great gym! lots of cute gay boys!!

Marco Menna 1 year ago

Well equipped fitness center offering everything you would need. Staff is very accommodating and friendly. Fantastic wet area for cleaning up and relaxing after your workout.

Florina Lungu 1 year ago

The best gym in the area! All the possible equipment you might need, spacious and great staff.

Peter Humbarger 1 year ago

Great gym with all the equipment you’d ever need. The facilities were very clean and the staff was friendly. The sauna and steam room were great to relax in after working out.

APX one 1 year ago

on a scale from 1-10 the best I've seen so far is a solid 8. So iz ok.

Reece Hilton 1 year ago

Great gym and health facilities. It works out about £15 per day access which is pretty fair for city prices. Gym was fantastic, loads of space, up to date equipment and the layout is easy to navigate. I especially like the fact that the top floor with machines looks on the bottom floor (and boxing ring) on both sides. The design feels really well thought about which I appreciate in a workout environment. They have real variety with the machines to keep it interesting. The sauna and steam room space was also great, clean and lots of space. Thanks to the polite staff on reception who were more than happy to help on my first visit!

Alexander Leslie 1 year ago

Really nice gym. Spacious and clean! If you are looking for a Personal Trainer then go for Thyago! Very professional and motivating!

Katerina V 1 year ago

Went there for a trial lesson/day/week. Staff is very friedly and the gym itself has all the equipment one needs to get back into form and become his/her best self. LGTB friendly with sauna, group classes, protein shakes, and personal ( both male&female) trainers. Planing to come back for a membership card

Cosmo van Hoff 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Quality Been going while in Amsterdam on vacation. Nice gym and friendly staff who speak great English. Welcoming gym goers too and a good variety of machines and free weights.

Astrid Courtay 2 years ago

Spacious and has a loot of equipments

David Schwebel 2 years ago

Great gym with plenty of equipment and not too busy

Tomasz Rojek 2 years ago

Very good gym!

Pietro Faiella 2 years ago

Lots of machines and kind staff

Johnny 2 years ago

It's a luxerous gym and very nice to be at. Also a very open gym for the gays and always has a nice atmosphere.

kiki elkabas 2 years ago

Top gym with a wide range of classes and lots of fitness equipment, nice atmosphere and friendly staff.

Lars Kemperman 2 years ago

No-nonsense gym with all the equipment and other attributes you want. They also have a well-heated sauna and steam room.

Alex S 2 years ago

Uitgebreide assortiment van apparaten waardoor je niet in een rij moet staan om te kunnen sporten. Er is genoeg schoonmaakmiddel aanwezig en is lekker rustig.

Jeroen Vizir 3 years ago

Friendly gym, not too busy and the best group lessons in Amsterdam. Long opening times and friendly staff. Three floors, with a group lecture room, bar and a large room with appliances. A lot of trainers, so if you like that then you are at the right place at Splash. Childcare is also available.

Sharon Meikle 3 years ago

Great grouplessons and awesome views

Marcel Van Den Bos 3 years ago

Huge gym with a lot of equipment and classes. Friendly atmosphere and good value.

Sushruth Madyalamajalu 3 years ago

Lots of equipments , spacious and lots of classes .

Edward Ellis 3 years ago

Simple local gym!

Randy & Heather Zaccardo 3 years ago

Lovely Gym perfectly located in Leidseplein. They have a lot to offer as the gym stands Four levels. Massages for pre or post workouts, small kitchen and dine area for fruits and shakes with Vegan options on Protein Powder. Fysio and Yoga available along with many other daily classes . Family Run with Love and Friendly Welcoming staff on every level. Daycare Available for little ones that We take advantage of and are Thankful the Girls Who Teach/Watch over the Kids are Great. Personal Trainers for anything You could imagine. We like that everyone from Top Professional to just beginning All are made to feel welcomed. Boxing and Kickboxing available with a ring set up on the main floor. This place has it all and Everything You could need.

Nikolas Korakidis 3 years ago

Great Gym in the city center, amazing atmosphere tons of work out machines beautiful Sauna and Steam Room. Lots of personal trainers as well, i train with George Tsokkas, amazing guy. Staff is very friendly and they always help. Good price and nice opening hours. Totally recommend.

Max van Til 3 years ago

Ik ben al jaren met veel plezier lid van deze sportschool. Er is een grote keuze aan fitnessapparatuur en de apparaten zijn van uitstekende kwaliteit. De mensen die er werken zijn sympathieke professionals. Dat geldt niet alleen voor de trainers, maar zeker ook voor het barpersoneel. Het is er proper en de openingstijden zijn ook top. Kortom, een AANRADER DEZE CLUB !

Eloy Toro 4 years ago

Well equipped gym. Its too pricy, but not for me since I have a company discount. If you're looking for a cheap gym go to a different one, but cheap gyms are always really crowded, this one isn't

Carlo Davinci 4 years ago

Top equipment, relaxed atmosphere, sauna nice and hot. Ideal opening times. Weekend until 9 p.m. can go my way wonderfully.

Mo Tamimi 4 years ago

Nice gym and friendly staff. Lots of space and variety of machines. The long working hours makes it super convenient. Great location. Good trainers. I like the fact that there is day care. I had recieved a phone call when my trial week was up to confirm my subscription. It looks like the management is taking customers' feedback seriously :)

Rahul Choudhary 4 years ago

Great if you need a daycare and a nice sauna alongwith the gym lessons. Very friendly staff as well.

Sanky Sanka 4 years ago

Good Instrcucters coaching you with your weight loss

Nayelli P 4 years ago

Nice place to work out. The group lessons are also very enjoyable :)

Abdullatif Taş 4 years ago

I just started at SplashHealtclup I still have to get used to devices but at least it looks neat and clean from nice and friendly staff except one of the body pump while he pretends that he is so strict and muscular general

Efsevios Kontopoulos 4 years ago

I go there for spinning via one fit and I love it but would not recommend as a gym

Jordan Condo 5 years ago

Best gym lifting gym in Amsterdam. Roomy and lots of variety re: equipment.

Wesley Kalkhoven 5 years ago

Nice staff, nice gym and good atmosphere!

Raphael S. Rodrigues 5 years ago

Nice gym. Well placed, modern equipments. Good amount of bars and dumbbells. Also a lot of space for less static exercises.

Sébastien De Wolf 5 years ago

Great classes, good atmosphere, very good equipment.

Meister Propper 5 years ago

Very nice large studio, lots of equipment and nice outdoor area with dumbbells. The staff is very friendly. The trainer Johnny Fernand has his own line of nutrition, highly recommended, good nutritional values. At the bar you can drink shakes but also healthy food. Wifi is free. I have been training for a long time (23 years) and this is definitely one of the best equipped studios in which I have been able to train so far. The wet area is clean and large. We recommend!

Erika Heidi 5 years ago

One of the best gyms in Amsterdam, it has modern and very well maintained machines as well as free weights and classes. It has a daycare which is amazing and works wonders for me and other parents who couldn't work out otherwise.

Henry Pope 5 years ago

They have everything you need for every muscle group.

Marco Mini 5 years ago

Super gym best in amsterdam!

E. Gijsbertsen 6 years ago

Very nice gym, large, yet an intimate atmosphere. People who work there are professional and very kind. In terms of facilities fine, such as sauna and Turkish steam bath. Also delicious are the wooden swing-beds at the sauna. Also useful is the presence of an indoor physio practice. A few things that could be improved: I personally don't like the fact that the box ring has too prominent a place. The fumbling and the occasional shouting are very distracting, especially if you are cardiac. Box ring in a separate room would be the solution. There is also more room for even more equipment. Another point for improvement: automatic faucet in the men's dressing room is set very briefly, leaving you barely time to wash your hands. Despite these 2 points for improvement, I still give Splash 5 stars.

Jonathan Taylor 6 years ago

Spacious, not crowded during the middle of the day, great equipment and friendly staff.

Amster Dam 6 years ago

Uitstekende gym met goed equipment and a good spacious sauna and steam sauna

M van B 6 years ago

Great service, nice all round gym. Would recommend it to everybody!

Nick Hodulik 6 years ago

Best gym we could find in Amsterdam. Has a full array of "real" weightlifting equipment: squat racks, sled, benches, deadlifting area, full array of real machines, etc. Nice shake bar. Nice staff.

Dario Palladino 6 years ago

Great place, great location

Zackie Travel 7 years ago

A bit more pricy then other gyms around but you get value for money. It is not a ' wellness gym' but a decent gym with plenty machines for guys who seriously want to work on mass building. It is spacious, clean and central.

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