Informatie over Fujiyama Gym

Bilderdijkstraat 62
5216 TB, 's-Hertogenbosch
+31 6 40937913


  • maandag: 18:00–21:30
  • dinsdag: 10:00–20:30
  • woensdag: 18:00–20:30
  • donderdag: 10:00–20:00
  • vrijdag: 10:00–20:00
  • zaterdag: Gesloten
  • zondag: 10:30–12:00

Fujiyama Gym


Fujiyama Gym heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Fujiyama Gym: Meningen

Anita Fleuren 5 months ago

Best gym ever!! Good guidance and a lovely friendly atmosphere. You always feel welcome.

chelsea steenbakkers 5 months ago

Nice gym & good trainers top!!!

Dominique schild 5 months ago

Top gym!

Bram A. 5 months ago

Top gym with good personal guidance.

Mirjam Lammersma 5 months ago

A nice, low-threshold gym. With professional guidance where you are driven to the extreme...

Veerle Ockhuizen 5 months ago

Truly a top sports school! Especially the cozy atmosphere and the expertise of the staff are great! Been a member of several gyms but Fujiyama wins on all fronts!

Brigitte 5 months ago

Very good gym. Emiel very professional. Good guidance. Highly recommended.

Harm Auto's 5 months ago

I've been training there for over 10 years, learned so much and made so many friends. Great gym!

Monique Belluz 5 months ago

Very nice gym where you feel right at home with friendly people who explain everything well and give you good guidance the coffee is always ready after exercise very social and really nice to work out there I do TRX and Hit training and really notice how good this is really great for my body

Angelique Stoop 5 months ago

Super gym, personal attention, friendly atmosphere. Something for everyone!! The first gym I can keep coming to for a long time, very motivating.

Corry Stoop 5 months ago

Nice gym, young and old train together. The trainers are professional and there is a friendly atmosphere. Everyone talks to each other and it is very pleasant. First gym where I train for so long.

Ilvy Popelier 5 months ago

Very nice gym! The classes are very well structured and they have a lot of knowledge about optimal training of your body. Because of my sports background, I often notice that trainers just do "something", at Fujiyama clearly not. They have a lot of expertise and this is reflected in the lessons. I feel very comfortable here from now on. The trainers are nice, the atmosphere is good and the different entry levels are taken into account.

Dorene van der heijden 5 months ago

My girlfriend said come and train with us. I thought, why not and I'm super glad I took her advice. I bought a 10-ride ticket and started following the HITTraining. Super heavy, but totally fun! What I find nice and important is that the trainers pay close attention to your attitude and they encourage you to look for your limits! The atmosphere during and after the training is also very pleasant! It makes me happy and I'm going to buy a subscription and plan to take other classes too! FG thanks in advance for you . Sporty greeting, Dorene

Savana Van uden 5 months ago

Great gym. Trainers with a lot of knowledge and experiences and a very nice atmosphere among the people. At fujiyama gym you feel more than welcome.

Glenn Snoeijs 5 months ago

A good Gym with nice people and above all top training sessions.

K van der Looij 5 months ago

super nice trainers who listen to your questions and help you on your personal goals!!!! keep it up

Marieke van Herpen 5 months ago

A really nice gym with trainers who teach at all levels. Due to the involvement and experience of the trainers, I am much more motivated to start exercising and I even enjoy it! I am really well helped and supervised during the training and that personal attention makes all the difference in the quality of the training for me. 100% recommended!

Ona Giesen 5 months ago

Very nice gym with a cozy atmosphere and good equipment. You get professional advice from very sweet and caring coaches. What I like most is the personal attention you get to achieve your goals, both physically and mentally. Highly recommended!

Kim Kennis 5 months ago

good sports school fun lessons

Bas Koegler 5 months ago

Super Gym

Henrie Berg 5 months ago

Good gym, great instructors and super lessons!

Monique Monique 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism

Frank Ackermans 1 year ago

Old fashioned gym. Just train hard. Friendly and Top.

Emiel Van uden 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism

Geoffry Beuving 1 year ago

Best Gym. I was in a wheelchair for 6 years thanks to their training I can walk again despite my incomplete spinal cord injury.

Roy Brox 2 years ago

Good trainers, nice people and always nice doese with Gino!

Patrick Keller 2 years ago

Challenging group training HIIT & TRX with good trainers.

Jan van velzen 2 years ago

Top gym

Daan Vdr Maat 3 years ago

Good and clear lessons

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