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Hooftstraat 189
2406 GH, Alphen aan den Rijn
+31 172 533 837


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00

Fitness in Alphen aan den Rijn met veel faciliteiten: ?All inclusive abonnementen ?Persoonlijke begeleiding ?Gratis dagpas ?Gezellig sporten

Bij Bezemer Fitness nemen we de juiste maatregelen om iedereen zo veilig mogelijk te laten sporten. We hebben alle informatie verzameld op onze website zodat je deze altijd kan teruglezen.

In verband met de nieuwe maatregelen hebben wij aangepaste openingstijden. Maandag - vrijdag 05.00 - 17.00 uur Zaterdag & zondag 07.00 - 17.00 uur Het groepslesrooster is inmiddels ook helemaal aangepast en up to date. Er zijn in de vroege uurtjes lessen bij gekomen en ook overdag. Ben je geen lid bij Bezemer en kan je bij jouw eigen gym niet zo lekker vroeg sporten? Vraag dan een dagpas aan of kijk eens naar ons maandelijks opzegbaar abonnement.

Wil jij gaan knallen en 10 tot 25 kilo afvallen? Start dan met onze voedingsdeskundige aan een afvaltraject. Nu 3 maanden voor maar €129! Nu beginnen? Mail naar [email protected]

Bezemer Fitness Alphen aan den Rijn is de gezelligste en persoonlijkste sportschool van Alphen aan den Rijn. Bij ons ervaar je een bezoekje aan de sportschool als een gezellig uitje. Bezemer Fitness heeft een unieke locatie met uitzicht op de Rijn. Deze ruime en overzichtelijke locatie is ingericht met moderne trainingsmogelijkheden waarmee u uw doelen kunt bereiken.

Spinning is al jaren een superpopulaire groepsles op muziek, waarbij plezier en lekker zweten centraal staat. Stages draait om het verbeteren van je resultaat. Dit maak je meetbaar en verhoogt daardoor de prestatie. De indoor fietsen zijn voorzien van een uitzonderlijk nauwkeurige powermeter welke prestaties inzichtelijk maakt voor de fietser. Voor het volledige overzicht van de lessen, zie ons lesrooster.

Een sportschool zonder kapsones! Bij Bezemer fitness is iedereen welkom. Wat ik slim vind aan deze sportschool is dat ze ook harlooptraining buiten geven

Met de eGym trainen vind ik wél leuk, door de schermen wordt je gestimuleerd om geconcentreerd te blijven trainen. Je ziet ook constant je doel voor ogen. Bezemer bevalt me heel goed!

Bij Bezemer Fitness staat professionaliteit, gezelligheid en persoonlijkheid voorop. Wij helpen jou met het bereiken van je doelen en maken sporten leuk! Maak gebruik van onze extra's zoals eGym, groepslessen, Bezemer Sports en Personal Training.


Bezemer Fitness Alphen aan den Rijn heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Bezemer Fitness Alphen aan den Rijn: Meningen

Annita Steenbergen 1 year ago

Very nice gym. Accessible, good guidance. Enthusiastic employees. You feel welcome

Robert Roosemalen 1 year ago

Nice gym, well trained trainers, relaxed atmosphere

Kim Are Killingberg 2 years ago

Great atmosphere. Massive gym with everything you need. Huge offer of all sorts of classes!!

gert-jan sco 2 years ago

Goede sportschool. Mooie accomodatie en deskundig personeel.

Pauline Evers 2 years ago

Lekker sporten

Vera Vergunst 3 years ago

Especially in these times, there is clear communication and the owner quickly provides information. Furthermore, a nice gym where I feel at ease and can enjoy sports. A lot is invested in improving the gym: new equipment, group lessons and renovation work. Enjoy sports there for years!

Cheryl Westmaas 3 years ago

His slogan is the cosiest gym in Alphen aan den Rijn. Well he certainly delivers. They give personal attention and communication is made as personal as possible and is well managed. It's really fun going to this gym.

Fleur Maurik 4 years ago

Super gym, with good services. Can do my thing here without being bothered by other, very nice staff!! Good help for my workouts. When I'm done, there's a nice opportunity to have a drink and chat. For me the best gym in Alphen!!

Robin Lugthart 4 years ago

Nice gym! Looks nice and they approach you personally. The group lessons are very pleasant and you always feel welcome! Recommended to everyone

Tjerk Van Deuren 4 years ago

Train here since the beginning, nice to see that this gym has become so big and that we work harder every day to improve quality! Service behind the counter always very good & the staff always friendly and will always be able to help you achieve your goals.

Riena Westdijk 4 years ago

The personal atmosphere and attention to the members is very nice! All employees are friendly and helpful. I think it's a relaxed gym and I think the e-gym is fantastic. There is sufficient offer for everyone.

Erica Van Bemmel 4 years ago

Nice gym, it's clean and cozy! Today I went to the gym for the first time and I really like it! I was well helped and the instructors are very nice!

Jan Bocxe 4 years ago

Perfect hospitality! My gym Fit4free had problems opening, with the result that we were in front of a closed door with more than 30 people. One call to Bezemer fitness was enough to get all the victims to work out with them. Super service !!! Thank you on behalf of 30 members and myself !!

Onno de Geus 4 years ago

Finally a gym where the focus is on people and not always on performance. In particular, the cozy home-like atmosphere in combination with the professional guidance means that you will also enjoy sports here in addition to the sporting performance. It is precisely the advantage of a local entrepreneur. Catchy enthusiasm on all fronts. An asset to Alphen.

Richard Bosman 4 years ago

Great gym so don't be fooled by a few brutal reviews that are fake. Maybe a bit of envy and otherwise from an internet hero who doesn't dare to start the conversation. In short: good sports, great guidance and a top sports school!

Ruth Hage 4 years ago

I am so happy with this gym, with Bezemer we enjoy sports - well I certainly do! Sociability, good lessons, nice staff, nice people, that makes me a real sports addict again!

Lars Webers 4 years ago

A nice gym with different equipment and group lessons. The staff approach you personally, so there is a cozy atmosphere. The staff can provide you with good advice on health and sports. It is certainly possible to achieve personal goals here!

Ruud Morees 4 years ago

Nice gym with the attitude to make the customer happy and try to achieve his goals. Nice equipment and a wide range! The family atmosphere is also super relax!

Marieke Slingerland 4 years ago

Fortunately, there is still a cozy, small-scale gym, such as Bezemer Fitness, in Alphen aan den Rijn, where you are greeted upon arrival! Nice personal approach by enthusiastic staff. You can always contact the receptionist and the trainers if you have any questions. The atmosphere is calm. It felt very accessible to step in for my first training appointment. I have been doing the E-GYM with pleasure for 5 months now!

stijn koren 4 years ago

Very nice gym and the first gym that really guides me well! The eGym works very well and there is good guidance! They listen to my complaints and take them into account during the exercises. Every so often there is a new measurement for the next period. Because of the good guidance and the sociability I feel at ease and I am super motivated!

Bart Breeschoten 4 years ago

Not for nothing a prize-winning gym. What makes it so nice and pleasant is that such a diverse customer group goes there. Young, older and old, beginner, advanced and "pro". That in combination with the friendly and expert guidance makes you feel at ease. The gym is constantly investing in new equipment and facilities. Class!

Isa de Leeuw 4 years ago

After my registration with Bezemer Fitness, I received a free trial lesson for a month. It is a cosy, atmospheric gym. The trainers are enthusiastic, professional people. There is a lot of variety within the gym due to the many group lessons that are given.

Lisanne Van Der Spek 4 years ago

Very nice gym with nice people! I always feel very welcome and there is always someone to help you. The gym looks nice and is very clean! I train there with pleasure!

Wouter Hendriks 4 years ago

I am very satisfied with Bezemer fitness! It is very clean, the appliances are neat and function well! There is a positive atmosphere which works well for motivation! Friendly staff who, if desired, help you on your way with explanations and practice schedules.

Sabine van Bakel 4 years ago

Very nice gym! I was helped very well and they listen carefully to what your physical complaints are. The gym is very clean and the machines look great! I am super satisfied and recommend it to everyone to come and visit!

Verena Fischer 4 years ago

have been coming to Bezemer for years and with great pleasure. I like the group lessons the most. Although the gym looks big with a lot of modern devices, it feels cozy on a small scale. With a coffee corner where they can make delicious coffee for you if desired. Recommended. Verena

Lisette Maarssen 4 years ago

I am personally very satisfied with this gym! The changing rooms are equipped with benches and lockers. During my intake interview I was well advised on the exercises that I could do best with regard to the goals I have set! I can use the app to view my exercises per day. Also, the trainers are super helpful and friendly! There is always a cozy atmosphere and the gym is also clean! The gym also has a solarium!

Ellen Schermer 4 years ago

Super nice gym! Very friendly people (both owner and staff and fellow sportsmen) and a nice relaxed atmosphere. I do the E-Gym here, the guidance is fine and I think this is a pleasant way of training; fast and effective, all muscle groups are covered. I am also going to try the group lessons, I hear nice messages about that. A must on all fronts!

Ida van der Plas 4 years ago

Very nice gym, both group lessons and fitness. Really a very nice, friendly atmosphere. For young and old, beginner / advanced, everyone can come here to enjoy sports. Really super !!!

peter van Aalst 4 years ago

A clean, nice and cozy gym! There is always someone who wants and can help you! There are fun group lessons with a very nice atmosphere! Great gym!!! Recommended to everyone!

Jurrike Boot 4 years ago

Started at Bezemer in November last year and I enjoy training at least twice a week. Expert trainers and very friendly reception staff. No question is too much for them. Unlike other gyms where I trained in the past, they are very flexible at Bezemer. Exercising here feels great right from day 1!

Isa De Gelder 4 years ago

It's a lively gym where you can do a lot! They have a lot of equipment and different group classes. The trainers are friendly and know what they are talking about. You can also enjoy a nice cup of coffee, tea or protein shake after training.

Marieke Klaver 4 years ago

Super fun gym! Very nice trainers and a nice owner! There is always someone willing to help you. The gym is clean and looks nice! I recommend it to everyone because there are options for all ages. The eGym is beautiful and works great!

Peter Langhout Junior 4 years ago

Great gym! Super guidance from the trainers who walk around the gym. After training you can always go to the bar for a delicious shake. In short, the nicest and best gym.

Lisette Emmink 4 years ago

I like to dance and that's why I participate in the Zumba group lesson. Nice music and Dirk is a very motivating trainer. Staff is friendly and the owner always has a listening ear and tries to make you happy. And yes, it is also cozy.

aron demmendaal 4 years ago

Super fun gym! With very good personal help!! When you enter you are always greeted in a friendly manner and if you want to know something you can always ask. If you need personal guidance, it is no problem to make an appointment with one of the very experienced and professional trainers. Very relaxed atmosphere! So even if you don't feel comfortable exercising like me, this is a super nice place to work out!

Angela Ponsioen 4 years ago

It is the nicest and nicest gym in Alphen aan den Rijn, and e gym is the invention of the century for busy women! And don't forget to join the boxing lessons, super cool. It's my favorite!

Mariëlle Schuch 4 years ago

I wanted to exercise but didn't know which gym. When I walked into Bezemer, I was immediately helped very well. With the intake I got good advice! The equipment is very nice and I am happy to go there!

Reza Farhangpour 4 years ago

In one word what a great gym! For years I have been hoping from gym to gym through changing locations due to work. If the choice was mine, I would continue to work in the region for this gym only. Caring for, neat, friendly and enjoyable. I could say that I feel more at home here than any gym. I hope to be able to use your enormous collection of fitness equipment for a long time, your professional yet friendly advice & service. Keep up the good work!

Jesse Kuijpers 4 years ago

Super gym! Good guidance and a super atmosphere! Definitely recommended and also think along with you! A lot is invested in improving Material! Such as Egym and recently new machines. If I read the bad reviews below, I have the feeling that someone thinks they're funny because that's wrong! I say stop by and experience the Good Atmosphere myself!

Anja Ciere 4 years ago

I think there is a good atmosphere in the gym, a relaxed and cozy setting, where you still have the opportunity for a drink after training. If you have any questions, they are willing to help you ....! Fitness Bezemer keep it up :)

hans bovendeert 4 years ago

A super gym where you can go from normal sports to supervised sports. The new E GYM is also a great training. The staff is always ready for you. All in all the best Gym in Alphen aan den Rijn

Movin Vince 4 years ago

I have been training again for a number of months at broom, E-gym in combination with heavier exercises. Whatever time I get there I never have to wait long, I think the longest was two minutes. And even if you do individual exercises, there are many options for training. My pace of training is never really disrupted. It is always clean, tidy and friendly. I can always get a glass of water at the bar. The only thing is that if I train heavily and people sit quietly talking around me, that doesn't always motivate. But I would rather have nice people around me than serious or extremely fanatic .... Team broom keep doing what you do, by staying in touch with the customer !!! See you tomorrow

Wout Pronk 4 years ago

Bezemer Fitness is really a gym that is rightly highly ranked! We have been exercising here for years. Excellent equipment, well-motivated and knowledgeable staff and also very pleasant. What else do you want ? ! Wout and Irene

Denise Wijmenga 5 years ago

I have been working here for a month. 1x per week Bezemer Boxing where I get a lot of fun and energy and 1x per week 'normal' fitness where I have had a personalized program that matches the goals I want to achieve. The staff are very friendly and also remember who you are and what kind of sport you practice with them. That is very pleasant and also ensures that they come across as very interested.

yasu chogriz 5 years ago

Broad offer of trainings for all tastes. They have professional trainers that will help to reach your goals.

Ed Krijgsman 5 years ago


Pauline Roozekrans 5 years ago

As a 44-year-old woman, I often felt tired and lacking in energy 6 weeks ago and therefore decided to participate in the summer challenge. Combination of weight loss with adjusted weekly menus, s and sports. And today was my last day of this challenge. Not only am I 4 kg lighter, I feel so fit and have a lot of energy again. Highly recommended! You also notice a real mindset with regard to food. The weekly balanced food menu has given me a lot of insights. I am convinced that food and your constitution are related. And I definitely want to continue with that. Thanks Dani, Arjun and Thijs and Mariëlle, especially because of you, I feel reborn again! So glad I did! And that was also because I already played sports at Bezemer. I can't imagine a better gym !!! Happy Holidays! Sporty greetings Pauline

alpesh Dhokia 6 years ago

Amazing gym I can before visit these gym ! It's great

Joyce Den Horder 7 years ago

Super nice gym, nice staff and very good personal guidance. I particularly like that the temperature inside is just right, not too cold, not too hot, perfect. I don't like group lessons at all but at Bezemer fitness they made me enthusiastic and now even I participate in the good and fun group lessons.

marijn C 7 years ago

I have been a member of this gym for a few months now! People feel at home here! The atmosphere is very good within the gym because everyone helps each other :) There are enough devices available so that you can always be busy. Group lessons / fitness are given by skilled trainers, so you will be well helped with your goals

Marloes Gesman - De Witte 7 years ago

A gym without kapsones! Everyone is welcome at Bezemer fitness. What I find smart about this gym is that they also give running training outside, boot camp outside and more will follow. People who do not want to train indoors during the summer can still continue to exercise. They also have professional instructors and exactly the right lessons. Just come and have a look!

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