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Spoorpark 6
5038 SL, Tilburg
+31 13 744 0096


  • maandag: 08:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 08:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 08:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 08:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 08:00–18:30
  • zaterdag: 08:00–13:00
  • zondag: 09:00–11:30

De hoofdletter R> van BeweegR staat voor Resultaat! Jij bepaalt jouw doelen, wij zorgen ervoor dat je ze kunt bereiken. Om goed te kunnen

BeweegR Personal Training is gevestigd in het mooie Spoorpark. Wij kunnen zowel binnen als buiten met onze faciliteiten aan al jouw doelen werken. BeweegR traint onder andere topsport clubs zoals het 1e van Willem ll en Tilburg Trappers. Wij zijn al ruim 8 jaar een grote speler in Tilburg en omstreken in het verzorgen van personal training, groepslessen en ander sportief aanbod. Ons veelzijdige team bestaat uit personal trainers, fysiotherapeuten, diëtisten en leefstijlcoaches. Wij werken nauw samen met verschillende huisartsenpraktijken en andere specialisten in de buurt. Kortom wij zijn in Tilburg en omstreken hét antwoord op al jouw hulpvragen als het gaat om sport, voeding en gezondheid!


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Viva La Fitness Personal Training: Meningen

4.9/5 (19 Meningen)
sanne Loosdrecht 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: I have taken group lessons with Paul Franssen. These were super fun and effective! Very nice and nice that there is finally a company that dares to invest in personal guidance.

Nadyce van Bavel 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: I have always had a love-hate relationship with sports. With flurries it was nice / to keep up, but it didn't get any more than that. Food, on the other hand, I have always liked more than. However, it has been found that in periods when there are few sporting activities planned in my agenda, the number of times when I go out for a 'nice dinner' is increasing. That combination eventually made sure that I no longer wanted it that way. I have registered with Viva La Fitness. I started off well once a week, because 'after all, I still had a subscription with another gym'. The following month this was supplemented to twice a week, because in the meantime I had completely ignored the other gym. The following month I already went for a new subscription so that I could exercise unlimited. In proportion, each lesson was considerably cheaper and I did not have to take it in between lessons or the days of the week .. I could now go unlimited! Then my vacation of over a month came. Indonesia and a week of volunteering at a children's camp. I sincerely did both of my locations to keep moving actively if I would not be able to exercise and to pay attention to my diet: not taking more than I need and the correct proportions of macro ingredients. This turned out to be a difficult task .. In Indonesia they are not known for their dairy industry or wholegrain products during meals and during the holiday week I did a lot of different things, except condition or strength training .. That is why I have now taken the next step in my career at VLF: a 'lifestyle' subscription. Unlimited sports, personal training and nutritional advice twice a month. Bring it on! Viva la Fitness: -Personal: Paul and Ward, even when it comes to group lessons, know how to adjust the exercises so that they work for everyone. Adapted to your strength, condition, injuries and goals. -Divers: of course certain parts come back regularly during the lessons, but it is never boring. There is variety in exercises, material use and nowadays also in the Spotify playlist;). In addition, there is a choice between Move, Cross, boot camp, independent sports or under personal supervision. The range of lessons continues to grow in terms of class times and content! - Low threshold: many different people play sports; beginners, advanced, athletes who have been trying unsuccessfully at other gyms for years to achieve their goals, etc. Although there is of course a difference in level between these athletes, everyone encourages each other. I can probably come up with more, but if you do not persuade the above, I would say: send me a message or come and have a trial lesson!

Rogier Paymans 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: Motivation works best when it comes from within, but for times when it is less, you need someone to shake you awake. That is exactly what they are strong about. Not only busy with the kilos and the centimeters, but with the person in front of them. By the small groups you get all the attention you want and if that is not enough, you can always go for a personal conversation. Tailor-made training in a positive atmosphere with a personal approach.

eddy stassen 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Very good and stimulating Especially with the lifestyle coach

Barbara Nooijen 2 years ago

Positieve ervaring: Good and tasty spicy lesson

Mirjam 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Good instructors and look at possibilities and not at impossible present.

Tinus Nijkamp 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Girlfriend is satisfied with it.

Rick Ruskus 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I followed a personal training program at Viva La Fitness and that was really great! At rest 1 on 1 sports with a trainer in a nice motivating environment. Tailor-made training that also ensures that your sports motivation increases a hundred times. Recommended!

Nick Heijder 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I started with PT with Paul in January, after years of actually not playing sport. It was really necessary. I found myself too heavy, I was stiff and had no condition. I didn't like sports and to be honest, I would not have known how to handle it myself. For six Mondays I trained half an hour twice a week with Paul. Very nice to have a fixed appointment and not have to think about what had to happen; Paul had a challenging program ready for me every training, with exercises I never thought I could do. Very nice that everything is really tailor-made for you, with an eye for your own pace and at the same time always super challenging. I had never done this myself. In addition to exercises for fitness, endurance and strength, I also received advice about my diet. After a few weeks I already felt the changes on my body, I felt fitter, more energetic. Moreover, after 6 months of exercise I have lost 10 cm of belly size! At Viva la Fitness there is a very nice, relaxed atmosphere, there will be a diverse audience, each with their own sporting goals. I am now going to exercise independently from PT and perhaps take a few group lessons.

claire sebel 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Super swear friendly and professional staff fine group lessons and small-scale, so there is still an eye for you.

Ronald IJsselstein 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Nice gym. Good personal guidance. Small-scale. Family feeling

Paaldansstudio Dance Centre 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I say go for it

Frank Raaijmakers 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Personal guidance makes this club unique in its kind. The atmosphere is cozy!

Stacey Van Gils 7 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Achieve results and have fun exercising. This is a fact with Vivalafitness. I have been exercising at vivala fitness since September. Twice a week I get PT from Paul and I also regularly participate in group lessons. I chose PT because my goal was to reduce my fat percentage, but this did not go well enough for me. Together with Paul I started with heavy but above all very fun training sessions. Paul just gives me an extra push where necessary, adjusts all training to my level and my goal. While Paul gives me that extra boost during our training sessions, my fellow athletes take over the role by stimulating and supporting the embarrassment of boundaries. Pushing boundaries is certainly what we do together and what gives it a wonderful / strong feeling. I enjoy the training sessions, lessons and moments with everyone at Vivalafitness. Vivalafitness feels like coming home to me. My reason for coming to vivala fitness was for my purpose; lowering my fat%, this is still my goal now. But I have learned that this is not the most important thing. Finding the balance in your goal and optimally enjoying the path towards it is important and this goes hand in hand at Vivalafitness. I started in September with a fat% of 30% and am now at 22%. Proud, but especially grateful that I can be a member of Vivalafitness. The best project you will ever work on is yourself, and you will forever be a work in progress. So I'm going to enjoy the ride with Vivalafitness.

Dennis Mutsaers (verypsb) 7 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: After carefully avoiding all forms of sport and exercise throughout my life, it was time to change this. High blood pressure, overweight, the consequences of a Burgundian lifestyle were clearly present. This pattern had to be broken. But where do you start then? Taking a subscription to a gym does not seem to be the solution. I really don't know what to do there, a good reason to resume the trusted position in the bank. I will need more guidance and motivation, but where do you find that? Via the website I ended up at VivaLaFitness and I made an appointment for an introductory meeting. During this conversation we agree to start with 2x personal training per week. Well, I knew that! The first time my body did not know what was happening, hours later I am still sitting on the couch. Fortunately, this is rapidly improving. After a few months I even became so enthusiastic that we are increasing the number of personal training lessons to 3 times a week. I had not seen this coming. The good atmosphere at Viva La Fitness, the friendly and enthusiastic employees, and the variation in the training sessions, every hour of personal training is different, have ensured that this, shy person also enjoys sport these days. Something I had not thought possible. The results can also be there. Meanwhile a good condition, the pants size has dropped a number of sizes and my blood pressure is now completely fine, the blood pressure pills can happily go into the bin. And what does the future hold? Hopefully many hours of sport fun with Paul and his team, and who knows, maybe even more lessons per week.

Sheila van Beers 7 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Cozy, personal and result oriented!

Aloys Künzel 7 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Father and daughter Viva la Fitness Quality time My daughter and I have made a commitment to address each other about our mutual health. Sanne worked out at a low-budget gym and wanted me to do a trial lesson. I am not that into the gym but well in the context of father / daughter quality time why not, what a disappointment that was! My resistance was great when my daughter invited me again for such a trial lesson. No, dad VIVA LA FITNESS is different !!! We train several times a week in a “small group” with a maximum of 8 people, led by one coach, with a high degree of personal attention. To increase quality time, we now even have PT (personal training) once a week for the two of us. Long story short, we are now 10 months on and our fitness, stamina and strength have increased enormously. Everyone compliments my daughter on her sleek appearance! (As a father, I enjoy that the most.) What I would like to mention in particular is the positive and familiar feeling that prevails here, young and old it makes no difference. Indeed, VIVA LA FITNESS is different !!! Thank you coaches and sports friends for that.

Dennis Lommelen 7 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Top gym with good, nice guidance. Interactive and creative lessons that will not get boring !! Hugely satisfied :)

Erik V berkel 7 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Cozy, professional and very personal due to the small groups. Top!

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