Informatie over Everyday Fit - Fitness & Cardio Club

Marasingel 251
6846 DX, Arnhem
+31 85 130 2369


  • maandag: 08:45–22:00
  • dinsdag: 08:45–22:00
  • woensdag: 08:45–22:00
  • donderdag: 08:45–22:00
  • vrijdag: 08:45–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–13:00
  • zondag: 09:00–13:00

Met de persoonlijke begeleiding van Everyday Fit behaal jij efficiënt jouw doel. Met ons programma ‘The Health Concept’, het doordachte en bewezen succesvolle loyaliteit programma, kunnen wij je garanderen dat je jou persoonlijke doelstelling gaat behalen. Je behoudt het resultaat zelfs langer. Met jouw commitment en de specialisten van Everyday Fit wordt sporten leuk, effectief en het geeft je energie!


Everyday Fit - Fitness & Cardio Club heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Everyday Fit - Fitness & Cardio Club: Meningen

Ralph Borgman 1 year ago

Nice gym. Everything you need. And very attentive staff. You can have a chat, and the atmosphere is also very pleasant.

Jonas Petit 2 years ago

Very good gym. Everything always remains very neat and clean. Instructors are very customer friendly and have a chat with everyone, walk around continuously and are always open to questions. Definitely recommended for sports in Arnhem, Elst and Oosterbeek. in summer the erco unfortunately does not do very well.

Hans Boesveld 2 years ago

Nice place to exercise. "Normal" athletes and not too busy. The name has just changed from Everyday Fit to Complete Body, but the atmosphere is still the same.

Diamond Nails Elst !! 2 years ago

Cozy and professional staff

Henri Mater 2 years ago

Excellent and corona-proof sport

Karel Wendt 3 years ago

Good guidance. And a pleasant atmosphere for training

Daphne van Vlimmeren 3 years ago

Nice, small-scale and personal gym

Speedy 3 years ago

Top Sport school with modern equipment and of course the E-gym. Nice and helpful staff, Definitely recommended you get value for money.

Michaele Eijsink 3 years ago

Lekker dicht bij huis. Twee a drie x per week even een half uurtje sporten, zo weer klaar. En het helpt echt om fitter te worden. En strakker in mijn lijf te zitten.

Wimjan Tiems 4 years ago

Small-scale, personal and professional. That is how this gym can best be described. The location has good material and more importantly, committed and knowledgeable staff. From personal training to group training and from socializing together to anonymous on your own, everything is possible.

Michelle Verboort 4 years ago

Fine and very accessible gym, good guidance is given and there is serious training. Definitely recommended

thijmen janssen 4 years ago

Super good fitniss. Always good supervisors present who can help you with everything.

Xin Jin 4 years ago

Nice location, never too busy like with basic-fit, nice view of the sports grounds. The e-gym concept is particularly appealing. I recommend it.

Sam ten Cate 4 years ago

Good friendly space you can always go for help. Very top

Ren? Siemes 4 years ago

Friendly people, always have time for you and help very knowledgeable. Are always improving with small steps in their location.

Donnie Beijer 4 years ago

Very nice gym and good guidance and good equipment.

Tamara Toonen 4 years ago

Everyday Fit Arnhem is a small-scale gym where you can find everything you need for your workout. Because it is not very large, there is a lot of personal attention and a customized plan is made with you to achieve results. The atmosphere is great and the staff is knowledgeable and actively thinking along !! Definitely recommended to come and take a look. At least I am very enthusiastic!

Nola Scholte 4 years ago

Everyday Fit is a perfect gym for anyone who wants good personal guidance! For all questions you can always go to the right here. It is small but always fun!

Emiel Wassing 4 years ago

Top gym! Lots of personal attention and the possibility to discuss your own wishes and goals. Easily accessible and sufficient possibility in terms of devices to put together a complete workout.

AK Tolhuisen 4 years ago

We enjoy sports with everyday fit. Sports with a lot of advice in the field of nutrition and how to exercise for which purpose good guidance and where the threshold is low.

Pauline Klinkenberg 4 years ago

Cozy atmosphere and good guidance. Accessible and a good concept. Enough choice in fitness equipment and weights. And nice people who work with a lot of experience.

Ryan Bosch 4 years ago

it is a good gym with good guidance.

Jeffrey de Roo 4 years ago

Beautiful emerging fitness chain, pleasant personal attention, accessible and competent advice for everyone's level and objectives. If you live even further away, I would take a look. Well worth it! Top team ? Sporting greetings

Mona Alexandra 4 years ago

Nice gym. Lots of personal attention and creative ways to keep you motivated. It is nice and quiet and there is a nice relaxed atmosphere. Really personal attention and we think along with you about your personal goals and method of training.

Thijmen Kuipers 4 years ago

When you come in, you are immediately greeted and they ask you how you are doing or maybe you have a bit of muscle aches etc. The devices you practice are very nice and work well and the workers help you immediately if your annoyances suffer from have them make Then also a new schedule for you. It is also easily accessible by bicycle, car or bus. So definitely come here

Timo Dinnissen 4 years ago

Good gym with nice staff and good personal guidance. Highly recommended!

Henk Jong 4 years ago

Good gym warm staff, good gains

rick den duijf 4 years ago

Very nice gym. The fine, I think it is small and not a factory. You will get personal attention and help you to always if you have any questions, and the most of the sports. Feels like coming home

Bas vd Linden (Bastian) 4 years ago

Very nice sports school, with good guidance if needed. The staff is also very friendly and the atmosphere is pleasant.

Marloes van der Wardt 4 years ago

Small-scale and accessible gym. It is neat, everything is there and the atmosphere is good. Employees are motivating, professional and always willing to help, but not intrusive. Also open on different holidays! I enjoy sports there!

Vikash Sheoran 4 years ago

Nice location, great coaches and nice machines.

Michael Osayande 4 years ago

As an intern, I think it is a very nice gym to do an internship. You learn a lot and you receive proper guidance

Peter Kaal 4 years ago

Clean, nice staff and modern equipment

an Jilleba 4 years ago

Small gym but here lies the power of EverydayFit. Because it is not a large mass gym, there is always time for personal attention and a chat. Both the Arnhem and Elst locations are warm, cordial and I have never had the feeling that I am being viewed or assessed. The members are diverse, from young to old, from muscular to slightly less;)

Ian de ridder 4 years ago

Neat gym friendly staff

Alina Gering 5 years ago

Very nice gym with good advice and lovely people

Theo Post 5 years ago

Nice gym with enough personal attention

Max Lange 5 years ago

Great personal touch!

R V 6 years ago

Nice people, nice space and good equipment! So 5 stars ..

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