Informatie over Anytime Fitness Den Haag-Wateringse Veld

Madridweg 42
2548 DA, Den Haag
+31 6 83654255


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Anytime Fitness Den Haag-Wateringse Veld heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Anytime Fitness Den Haag-Wateringse Veld: Meningen

Youssef Amhaouch 2 months ago

The best gym with the best coaches and staff.

Timmy Fajsha 2 months ago

Nice gym, clean, friendly and committed staff. It's a smaller gym but they make efficient use of the space so you can still train whatever you want. Nothing negative to say! I like to come there

Steijn Winia 3 months ago

High quality gym!

Robin Van Delft 3 months ago

Out of all the gyms I've been to, this is one of the best out there. There is always something to do, The atmosphere is very good, And customer-friendly is always present! 30 min travel is well worth it for me.

L Z 3 months ago

Friendly, clean, not overcrowded, nice to go to

natasha kohler 4 months ago

Great gym help build up well, my son also trains there and is super satisfied he is well supervised and is very happy with this. Friendly staff who help, explain and have patience. All in all a gym to definitely join.

Carla Maricic-Vermeulen 5 months ago

Atmospheric, super friendly, knowledgeable, driven, clean, good material, amazing lessons! And oh well, I could go on and on. Glad we made the choice to come here for many hours a week. Class!

Tim Hendriks 5 months ago

Super cozy gym, nice atmosphere and good quality equipment.

ruben van elswijk 5 months ago

Really a top gym you can completely find yourself in it You don't have to wait for appliances and it's always quiet There is also a very nice atmosphere with everyone

Fadoua Menebhi 5 months ago

Best choice ever to choose Anytime. It is clean, quiet and you achieve your goals due to the high quality of the appliances and the calm atmosphere. Frank and Anne are a top team who are open to questions and who are happy to help you on your way.

Michel Mouwen 5 months ago

Relaxed atmosphere, guidance as desired. Pleasant employees, always up for a chat

Wander Vanhoucke 5 months ago

Boom! 5 stars for the best anytime of all time. Have one anytime that is closer to home but still I cycle to this one every day.

Peter vd zwan 5 months ago

Pleasant, nice spontaneous people, cheerful and you can go whenever you want 24/7 and not busy of course.

Ada van Dijk 6 months ago

Een hele fijne en prettige sportschool. Je voelt je er absoluut geen nummer want de trainers zijn onwijs persoonlijk betrokken met jouw en je doelen. Daarbij is het een schone en prettige plek om te sporten!

Jan Eric Korhorn 7 months ago

Neat, clean, nice relaxed atmosphere and very friendly staff.

Jelle Manuel Duinkerken 1 year ago

Nice gym with friendly staff. It is always kept very clean and the atmosphere is cozy. I love coming here!

Jasper Hendriks 1 year ago

Very good gym switched from the Basic Fit, this is 10 times better, usually quiet you never have to wait because something is occupied. Professional and professional guidance by the owners and interns who walk around!!

Rebecca Croes 1 year ago

The best gym! As a member you always feel at home, you are greeted when you enter and there is always a good atmosphere. The trainers find the connection with the members very important, they know who you are and ask how you are doing. They are also always willing to help you with their excellent knowledge. In addition, the gym has the latest equipment and it is very hygienic. Ladies and gentlemen of all ages play sports here and everyone is nice. I definitely recommend the club!

Arthur Mouwen 1 year ago

Been a member for a few months, very happy with it. Always clean, lots of equipment, friendly staff and a good atmosphere!

Zlatix #10 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Ron Eckhardt 1 year ago

A beautiful gym with top guidance, very friendly trainers, clean and a warm look and feel.

Eray Don 1 year ago

Super gym. Hygienic, helpful and a nice atmosphere!

Sjoerd Mouwen 1 year ago

Super gym. Employees have a lot of knowledge and have a nice chat with every member! Equipment is very diverse and of very good quality.

anne zwart 1 year ago

Anytime fitness Wateringseveld is really the best sports club there is. The staff is very nice and always thinks along with you. Everything is always neat and super hygienic. Definitely recommended and as a woman I also feel very comfortable. A really great gym!!!

Mike 1 year ago

Good concept. Nice gym

Stjepan Ramljak 1 year ago

If you live near Wateringseveld, this is the gym where you want to work out! The coaches are super friendly and personal and are happy to help you with everything. All the equipment is new and even though it is a gwen mega gym, everything you need is there. That's why this Anytime gives me such a nice feeling. It feels nice and reliable and yet you can train everything you want, whether it's strength, fitness or something else. And the fact that they are open 24/7 is also a big plus for many people!

Jamey Hogervorst 1 year ago

Gym with a very nice atmosphere! Everyone is doing their own thing and I have never experienced a negative atmosphere. Group lessons are great fun too!

Thijs Polack 1 year ago

Nice gym, good atmosphere and high quality equipment.

Jessica De Jonge 1 year ago

Very nice gym. You get good guidance.

gervinpim 2 years ago

Been here for the first time today. Helped by Frank. What a super nice guy! Immediately felt welcome. Nice gym and stuff too!

Ruud Bijkerk 2 years ago

Nice gym, good and brand new equipment, very neat and clean and accessible 24/7!

Robert Jansen 2 years ago

Recently opened gym by 2 enthusiastic guys. Loads of training opportunities, both for endurance and strength. The gym has a very fresh and clean look. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of functional equipment included which is perfect for my running exercises! Also, there is a free cold water station as well as hot beverages up for grabs. The staff is knowledgeable and will happily help you, may it be explaining an exercise or suggesting alternative exercises. I like the fact that its a smaller sized gym which gives it a more personal touch.

Viran James Tilakdharie 2 years ago

Just opened; very friendly and professional reception. Well equipped gym, I became very happy as an intermediate experienced fitness. Also organized and qualitative gear. Clear system, open 24/7, good facilities (coffee / water), clear in corona measures and private dressing / shower rooms. Top, keep it up guys!

LD93 2 years ago

Nice gym with friendly and very professional guidance! Open 24/7 and excellent equipment/materials.

Kevin Van Den Berg 2 years ago

Super nice gym with the latest equipment which is very nice sports. You will be well guided and the atmosphere is also great! Hygiene is also well thought of here, and is top notch here. In short, you have to be here to achieve your personal goals in a good atmosphere!

Patrick Hogervorst 2 years ago

I like it already. Easily accessible. Beautiful equipment. Comfortable atmosphere. I am also well advised how to get the best return from the devices. Keep it up.

Frank Ligtenberg 2 years ago

Very satisfied with this new location of Anytime Fitness. A very clean gym with a super nice atmosphere! Definitely recommend it

Daryna Shmoilova 2 years ago

A great gym with lots of option for different type of trainings! Cardio machines, strength, functional, boxing bag, you name it! Coaches are providing a great support, knowledge and instructions with tailoring activities particularly for your goals. Definitely recommend to come to train here! Very individual approach that you won’t see in other gyms.

Omar Younis 2 years ago

A very nice gym with many modern equipment. The staff are very friendly and very knowledgeable. Before this I trained at the Basic Fit, but there was always a bad atmosphere. Anytime Fitness Wateringen is a real relief, I feel very comfortable here. Can recommend everyone to train here. It is a bit more expensive, but you get a lot in return.

Janneke Ligtenberg 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Justin Bos (Justin Bos) 2 years ago

Best gym experience so far, friendly trainers and a great atmosphere. Equipment is very fresh and it is never too busy

Jack Spiering 2 years ago

If you're looking for a modern gym where knowledgeable people are present, this is the gym for you. Very passionate staff who have clearly made their hobby their profession. Niels and Frank are real people-people who naturally want to help everyone achieve goals as effectively and instructively as possible. Furthermore, the location is very clean and ultramodern; you don't make it up or it's there: super fast wifi, netflix while doing cardio and devices with the latest technologies on the market. All in all, this is a gym that lives up to the name Anytime Fitness. The price quality is excellent. I recommend everyone to visit this location and experience it with their own eyes.

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