Informatie over Sportschool Sport 2000 Leusden

Hamersveldseweg 80
3833 GS, Leusden
+31 33 494 7229


  • maandag: 07:30–22:30
  • dinsdag: 07:30–22:30
  • woensdag: 07:30–22:30
  • donderdag: 07:30–22:30
  • vrijdag: 07:30–22:30
  • zaterdag: 08:00–15:00
  • zondag: 08:30–15:00

Start met fitness en groepsfitness met 7 Dagen Gratis Sporten. Sport2000 is dé sportschool in Leusden e.o.

Ben jij op zoek naar een plek waar jij je thuisvoelt, je de beste begeleiding en persoonlijke aandacht krijgt en waar jij je fitness doelen haalt? Dan is Sport 2000 Leusden dé sportschool voor jou! 

Al velen gingen jou voor. Bij Sport 2000 Leusden behaal je namelijk altijd je doelstelling, wat je doel ook is. Sport 2000 Leusden onderscheidt zich van andere sportscholen in Leusden vanwege:

Sportschool Sport 2000 Leusden is dé plek voor individueel fitness, personal training en wellness (ontspanning). Bij Sport 2000 Leusden ben je verzekerd van de beste begeleiding en de persoonlijke aandacht die nodig is om jou je doelstellingen te laten halen. Alle nieuwe leden starten met 7 Dagen Gratis Fitness.

                                Ik hoef nu niet meer in de kledingrekken bij de XL’tjes te kijken,  maar kan naar een M of zelfs een S kijken, hoe leuk is dat! Je moet kijken naar het weekgemiddelde en als dat ...


Sportschool Sport 2000 Leusden heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Sportschool Sport 2000 Leusden: Meningen

Gerard Perée 5 months ago

All appliances available, often open, relaxed atmosphere, so fine.

Niels Van (Nelis) 6 months ago

Nice gym, cozy atmosphere and fun group sessions that you can participate in. I really like kickboxing in addition to the strength training that I do. There is also the possibility to receive advice / guidance for the technique / posture during the exercises. I have something to do with that! Keep it up.

Jacqueline Lycklema 6 months ago

Very nice gym with personal guidance

Robin Van der velde 7 months ago

Top gym, good and cozy atmosphere. Nice owner who supports you well with your own sports schedule adapted to how often you go.

David Lammers 7 months ago

Good gym with excellent guidance.

Rosalie B 8 months ago

Great gym! The people who work there are very friendly!

Niels Johansen 8 months ago

This is such a nice gym. I participate in the nutrition counseling myself and I do sports 3 times a week, it's always nice to go to the gym to drink a delicious cup of coffee. If you want to lose weight and want good guidance in this, I can definitely recommend this gym. Staff are also always very friendly. And you can enjoy sports to the music that is played.

Jeffrey van Hamersveld 1 year ago

Great sports school

bassmastersteve 1 year ago

Great gym! Spacious and well equipped. Friendly staff and knowledgeable trainers. Sad to leave this gym :(

Maurits Huster 1 year ago

Heel fijne sportschool, die ook in corona periode goed op haar leden lette.

Sám Van Der Wal 1 year ago

Great gym. You should ask for good guidance and PT from Kevin top guy who knows exactly what you need without having to radically change your lifestyle!

VØN ZÖRG 2 years ago

Lose weight grow you name it. This gym got it !!

Tonny Chin 2 years ago

Hospitable and fun to exercise there.

Paul Hendriks 2 years ago

Friendly atmosphere, no messers standing in front of the mirror. Something for everyone. Nice training with good and spontaneous guidance. Cup of coffee after for nice conversations .. recommended.

Jacky Megens 2 years ago

Is accompanied fantastic and fun group lessons.

Marius De Kruif 2 years ago

cozy club

M G 2 years ago

A cozy, neat and cozy gym definitely recommended

Tim Stoltz 2 years ago

Very nice staff. It really is a gym with a family feel. During the lockdown, they also made great efforts to make sports possible outside. Recommended!

Yvonne Busscher 3 years ago

A top gym, cozy atmosphere and good guidance. They take the time to explain everything to you, to stimulate you and to motivate you.

L. van Kooij 3 years ago

My favorite gym Personal and pleasant.

Theo Baaiman 3 years ago


Josée van Diermen 4 years ago

Nice gym! Very good guidance in the field of sports and nutrition, so I have achieved considerable results in a short time.

Gerard Belzen van 5 years ago

My interest in Sport 2000! I have been training at Sport 2000 since 1995. For 21 years already! I think that means something. The guidance is great. The atmosphere and cosiness are such that I have not thought for a moment in all those years to go to another fitness center. As it is with Sport 2000, it is nowhere. My goal for years has been to lose 52 kilos. Another 15 and then I reach my goal. That is only possible if everything goes well. It is like with my favorite football club Ajax. The football club named after the Greek hero Ajax achieves the highest goal, when everything is right. That is when mind and body work together. The atmosphere is a very important factor for optimum performance. Over 3 1/2 months I hope to have achieved my goal . Then it's Easter. I believe that thanks to Sport 2000 I will have achieved my goal. I am on schedule. It is going to succeed. Gerard van Belzen

G.M. Schonk 5 years ago

After 28 years of training, pleasant employees are still here.

ramin ESMAILI 5 years ago

before I started working for sport 2000 I worked at different gyms but sport 2000 makes me feel really at home the atmosphere is great and all employees get along well

Bas Windau 5 years ago

super gym, come now for 2 years. much result achieved by the very professional guidance here! definitely worth 5 stars !!!!

Sebastiaan 5 years ago

Really a top gym, cozy atmosphere and active guidance. Performing an exercise error is almost impossible!

Ralf Boersma 5 years ago

In November last year it was really too bad: I was too heavy. And to counteract the yo-yo effect, I registered with Sport2000 in Leusden. Here I was and will be guided in my diet and I regularly get a change in my sports schedule; this made it workable. The attention of the supervisors during exercise also makes it possible to maintain. Now a year later, I am many kilos lighter and have been able to make an extra hole in my belts several times. I have now seen what sport at Sport2000 has done for me and still does. And it helps that this gym has a bar, sauna, steam and hot tub.

Martine du floo 5 years ago

All-round gym modern guidance with personal attention to everyone

Marleen 5 years ago

Nice gym with a very good atmosphere and personal attention and guidance. Also nice that there is a wellness area.

Alexandra Sherbakova 5 years ago

Great gym! Nice and cozy!

Circe Serpenti 5 years ago

Friendly gym for young and old. Expert pilates lessons. And after working out, relax in the extensive wellness area.

Hanna 5 years ago

Top gym that I have been going to for three years! Good guidance so that you also achieve real results. In addition, very pleasant and attentive employees. What else do you want?

Rw Bijl 5 years ago

This is a gym where you get a lot of good personal guidance. Your own physical condition is taken into account and from there a start is made for a better and healthier moving lifestyle. Roeland gives good advice about not only how to train, but also how and what to eat. It is a relaxed environment where I like to be

Salah Arra 5 years ago

very nice reception upon arrival everything present in the fitness room

H.E.J. van de Bunt 5 years ago

Nice great gym with very good guidance by experienced trainers. Small-scale, so also cozy.

Ronald Leenders 5 years ago

Warm welcome with good care during and after training. Just one big family.

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