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Kotkampweg 65
7531 AS, Enschede
+31 53 434 4748


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00

Sporten in Enschede doe je bij Trifora. Dé sportschool van Enschede en omgeving. ? Vraag nu een gratis proefles aan! ? Professionele begeleiding.

Trifora Sports & Health Club is een sfeervolle club met een unieke mix aan faciliteiten. Fitness, zwemmen, tennis en alle ondersteuning voor een vitaler leven. Wij geloven dat alles draait om balans. Regelmatig bewegen, voldoende ontspannen en bewuster eten. En daarmee gaan we jou helpen!

Wil je fitter, slanker of juist sterker worden? Vanaf de allereerste kennismaking nemen wij jouw doelstelling heel serieus. Na een persoonlijk gesprek met een van onze fitcoaches ontwikkelen wij samen een trainingsplan. Dat trainingsplan kan individueel of in groepsverband zijn. Naast dit trainingsplan coachen wij jou digitaal op het gebied van voeding en gewoontes. Door deze persoonlijke begeleiding weet je zeker dat je het maximale resultaat uit jouw inzet haalt.

Kom eens kijken! Je bent van harte welkom. Wij ontvangen je graag in onze mooie club voor een rondleiding. En mocht het helemaal passen bij jouw doelstelling, dan maken wij graag een lidmaatschap voor je op maat.

Naast onze fitnessfaciliteiten vind je bij ons een prachtige wellness, binnen- en buitentennisbanen, een tennisschool, een zwemschool, fysiotherapie op topsport niveau, een kidsclub om je als ouder tijdens het sporten te ontzorgen én professionele coaching op het gebied van voeding. En daarmee is Trifora Sports & Health Club een sfeervolle sportclub voor het hele gezin en voor alle leeftijden.

Sport jij liever in een groep? Je kunt bij Trifora Sports & Health Club kiezen uit meer dan 70 geweldige groepslessen. Onder begeleiding van onze enthousiaste groepslesinstructeurs vind je, met heel veel plezier, de weg naar een fit lichaam en een gezonde geest!

Trifora Sports & Health Club is meer dan alleen fitness. Trifora is zelfs meer dan een sportschool. Wij geloven dat je alleen resultaat kunt boeken als je inspanning afwisselt met ontspanning.

Sport jij liever in een groep? Je kunt bij Trifora Sports & Health Club in Enschede kiezen uit diverse groepslessen voor ieder doel. Met dit ruime aanbod aan groepslessen is voor elk wat wils. Onder begeleiding van onze ervaren Trifora groepslesinstructeurs vind je de weg naar een fit lichaam!

Voor zwemles in Enschede kun je terecht bij Trifora Sports & Health Club! Bij Trifora leiden we jouw kind op voor de diploma eisen zoals die zijn bepaald door Zwemonderwijs Nederland (Survival ABC). De zwemonderwijzers van Trifora zijn dan ook allen in het bezit van het door het ministerie van VWS erkende diploma “Zwemonderwijzer”

Bij Trifora hebben we vijf binnen en zeven buiten tennisbanen waarvan je als lid gebruik van kunt maken. Ook kun je tennisles in Enschede krijgen om bijvoorbeeld je techniek nog wat bij te schaven.

Wil je na of voor het sporten even ontspannen? Of gewoon zomaar? Als lid van Trifora Sports & Health Club mag je gebruik maken van alle wellness faciliteiten die Trifora te bieden heeft.

Ben je altijd druk met de kinderen? En heb je daardoor geen tijd om met je gezondheid bezig te zijn? Breng dan je kinderen naar de kidsclub van Trifora. Terwijl zij lekker spelen, doe jij mee met je favoriete groepsles of ontspan je in de sauna.

De voordelen van sporten bij Trifora Sports & Health Club zijn dus groot. Wil je bijvoorbeeld zelf jouw fitnesslidmaatschap samenstellen? Dat kan! Bij ons kun jij jouw eigen fitnessprogramma samenstellen door te kiezen uit fitness, groepslessen, wellness, tennis, Milon Cirkel en kidsclub. Zo sluit jouw lidmaatschapsvorm naadloos aan op jouw wensen.


Trifora heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Trifora: Meningen

Jansje Naberman 3 months ago

I worked there as an interior caretaker, Cleaning was my hobby, 2010 Unfortunately had to stop due to illness. But enjoyed working there.

Ruud Ekkelboom 5 months ago

The best gym in Enschede! Good equipment, not the stuff you think this will break me down like other gyms... (I won't name the names) ;) Super coaches who know what they are talking about & you are always greeted nicely, I have been sporting here for years and it is not only a gym but also a community. Toppers!

Charina bartels 7 months ago

Been coming here for 4 years now! Always good service and personal guidance. Highly recommended!

Annelies Visscher 7 months ago

What a great place! Very hospitable and a nice place where we could get ready for the final of Miss Beauty Of Overijssel!

Stefano Golia 7 months ago

Very nice gym (although gym doesn't cover it)! Wide range, clean spaces, nice pool and good staff. Recommended!

Elise Ankone 7 months ago

Very nice gym. Have had very nice and effective training sessions here as preparation for the Miss election!

Rachel Bloemen 7 months ago

The training is very well organized! Good trainers, facilities are good for each other! 5 stars from me!

Manon 8 months ago

Nice, big gym with good guidance. There is always a nice atmosphere.

Bernard Hoksbergen 8 months ago

After about 15 years Health-city/Basic-fit looking for another gym/fitness. Fortunately, the choice is huge in Enschede, and after a "tour du fitness in Enschede" requested a (free) trial lesson at Trifora. Confirmation with agreed time and date came immediately via email. The email contained a dedicated contact person who would supervise the first reception and further introduction, very nice that a person is immediately linked to you, makes it all a lot more personal. This also turns out to be a major pitfall at Trifora, the person assigned to me was sent home with a positive Corona test just before my arrival, so that my entire introduction did not go smoothly (read: no introduction but a treasure hunt). I have also made my findings known here through a review, and Trifora responded super adequately, I have rarely experienced such a good follow-up of a review. After this contact, Trifora wanted a second chance at a "first impression". Trifora did not pass up this opportunity and seized it with both hands, absolutely great. Introduction was arranged down to the last detail, and while I had to look for an employee at Basic-fit, I had to get used to the fact that at Trifora there is always someone ready to help you. My special thanks to Maikel and Lauren for the first reception, and Robin, Danny jr and Danny sr for the guidance during the fitness (and giving me a lot of muscle pain :-) )

Christiaan Eichelsheim 8 months ago

Very nice gym that is spacious and fully equipped. The latest equipment and many different options. The staff is also very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Enjoy going to Trifora!

Kristiaan Van Weezep 8 months ago

Very nice gym! Friendly and pleasant atmosphere, with pleasant staff. The wellness after exercise is a must :-)

Nicole Barink 8 months ago

Very nice gym with good guidance and many facilities! Received from the first moment with a warm welcome, and I continue to experience this feeling every time I come to work out.

Stef Dijkstra 8 months ago

Well received and guidance, nice gym.

Nicole Niemeijer 9 months ago

Very nice and professional gym. I have been here recently and have been well guided. Highly recommended to come and exercise here.

Jeffrey Docter 9 months ago

Very nice gym! Very friendly staff and good guidance. Definitely recommended!

faik cem1 1 year ago

Haven't been very often, but so far only good! Experienced trainers who kindly helped me with the exercises and how to best perform them. Wellness is wonderful with the swimming pool and saunas.

Martijn 1 year ago

Good gym. Good guidance and very customer-friendly.

Niels en Loes Bruinenberg 1 year ago

Beautiful modern club where you feel right at home. I participate in the group lessons myself. Despite my knee injury, I can just participate thanks to the professional guidance with tips and explanations. I really enjoy it!

Nurettin Altundeger 1 year ago

All you need from a fitness center. Friendly staff.

Anna-Alicia Kloss 1 year ago

Nice gym. Just seems public and no powerhouses. We are here for swimming lessons.

Dennis Steffens 1 year ago

Gewoon gaan kijken Ik vond het top

paula Timmerman 1 year ago

Nette sportschool, vriendelijk, hulpvaardig personeel. Heerlijke wellness. Blij als ik er weer kan sporten!

Volkan B 1 year ago

Friendly staff! Great atmosphere, good guidance! I leave my 5 year old daughter behind for swimming lessons.

Stephanie Bargerink 1 year ago

Fast service and friendly telephone and you will be helped well and friendly.

Wilfried Besselink 2 years ago

Easily accessible, innovative compared to participants with regard to sports ... many outdoors ..

Marieke H 2 years ago

Very nice gym with many facilities and very long opening hours! An extra plus are the 'fit coaches', who give you tips for the correct execution of exercises, motivate you and (if you want) can draw up a personal training schedule for you.

Maurice Otten 2 years ago

Very nice gym, the staff is very friendly and is always willing to guide you through exercises.

Samanthika Ulfman 2 years ago

Many different facilities, good hygiene, nice atmosphere and professional employees.

Remko Schippers 2 years ago

Super nice and professional sports club. Customer-friendliness and professionalism are number 1. Spacious and always spotlessly clean. In short, a must if you go for quality and want to achieve your goals.

Easy Fit Emmen 2 years ago

I have a nice sports accommodation myself but Trifora surpasses mine

Martin S. 2 years ago

Georgio is the absolute best!

Dennisstuiterbal Albers 2 years ago

Spacious sports and physio pool and wet areas very neat.

Erwin Metselaar 2 years ago

Good and nice gym. The fit coaches are knowledgeable and are always ready for you. The wellness is a nice side effect after exercise

Annelous van Toor 2 years ago

Beautiful, spacious gym, with a lot of diversity in the range of group lessons, fitness, tennis and swimming lessons. Modern and friendly. I have been a very satisfied member for 10 years!

Ine Burink 2 years ago

Was nice to be with Trifora again after such a long time because of corona

lieke H 2 years ago

There are many facilities including a swimming pool and wellness, hygienic. In addition, during special periods such as now, we think along with the members and offer many different alternatives.

Theo van Schaik 3 years ago

Spacious and clean. Excellent guidance available. Many different options for sports under 1 roof. A pleasure to exercise here!

Erik Jan de Jong 3 years ago

Very good facilities you feel like a king now only to find a way to become more healthy without sweat

Lucas 3 years ago


Titia van der Stelt 3 years ago

Very nice luxury gym with all kinds of facilities, but also nice people who greet you and where you would like to drink a smoothie at the bar

Wim Van Harte 3 years ago

Beautiful gym, excellent guidance and everything taken care of to perfection!

Stephan Veltman 3 years ago

Nice that you promote a product, but then get another product from the range hmmmmmm that is not promote.

Mark Commandeur 3 years ago

Place where you can enjoy sports, experienced and professional instructors who guide you well. Swimming pool is not very large, but good for a nice relaxing swim. canteen is nice and big, tennis courts are attached to it and the changing area is always very clean, with enough space to store your belongings.

GAS0546 3 years ago

Luxurious and personal! This is what you are looking for if you want to exercise, but really want to take it seriously.

Thijmen Van Der Woude 4 years ago

Here you can certainly exercise very well yourself tennis and I also sport here you can also swim here and go to the sauna

Patrick Faro 4 years ago

Good guidance and atmosphere. Where necessary they are the 'stick behind the door'

Roy Hoenderboom 4 years ago

Everything is there and staff are helpful. Showers are extensive and everything very well maintained and cleaned.

Gaetan Licci 4 years ago

Elegant and with good tools. trainers are kind expdrt

Sebastian van de Zweerde 5 years ago

Nice gym. Good guidance. Pleasant atmosphere.

Francois Wieringa 5 years ago

Beautiful spacious and very complete gym. With wellness, swimming pool and tennis courts, both indoors and outdoors.

Sven Koelen 5 years ago

Very good gym with beautiful and luxurious appearance. Very many facilities!

Giorgio 5 years ago

Super gym

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