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Brusselsestraat 74A
6211 PG, Maastricht
+31 43 325 8179


  • maandag: 08:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 08:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 08:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 08:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 08:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–13:00
  • zondag: 09:00–13:00


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mac SportsClub / Gym: Meningen

Dora Graso 4 months ago

experienced, enthusiastic and friendly instructors :) also lots of different workout options (athletic & yoga). I'm there almost every day for either small group trainings (the best!), GRIT workouts, or pilates. <3

José Manuel Martín-Toral Gómez 4 months ago

Love my experience and routine at Macsport club! All instructors are awesome and they are really involved. Thanks for all the help

Mai Henckens 4 months ago

Great gym with great staff. I particularly love the group classes and yoga classes. Always fun, always plenty of activities available so you always get the workout that you want. Would definitely recommend.

Clementine ward 4 months ago

Everyone is really friendly and it easy to ask if you don’t know how to do something.

ornella izzo 4 months ago

Everyone is incredibly friendly and competent! They made me feel like home from the very first day I moved to Maastricht and subscribed :)

Dani 4 months ago

Great staff, lovely gym atmosphere, clean and well maintained changing room, shower and sauna!

Linyu Li 4 months ago

Great staff and atmosphere. Definitely recommend!

Maja Maslanka (Maia) 4 months ago

wide rage of classes, super nice staff and overall good vibes. ps. student friendly as classes are often in english

Camila Langue 4 months ago

I love the gym, I am a member for already 4 years, and even on covid times they opened an outside door gym for us to be able to keep training. Feels like a family with all the familiar faces you see day by day, helping each other lifts and talking about life :)

Mirjam Theunissen 4 months ago

MAC Maastricht has the best yoga studio….I was completely captivated by yoga and Pilates because of the studio and the yoga teachers. Nice system with online schedules, the classes are professional with a lot of personal attention, very pleasant studio with props and nice yogis…. I even started doing Pilates and that is a great combination with different yoga styles. I am a fan of MAC Maastricht.

Sebastiaan L'Ortye 4 months ago

Nice gym; relaxed atmosphere, plenty of equipment and friendly staff.

Michelle McNabb 4 months ago

Mac SportsClub in Maastricht is an amazing place to get fit, have fun and burn a few calories. The place is beautiful with lots of new equipment and a bunch of very dedicated staff. Try it out for yourself!

Priscila Perhussio Medeiros 4 months ago

The best gym in maastricht, contains all necessary exercise equipment; environment always very clean, organized and cozy; fun lessons and a very good price

Lars Boering 4 months ago

Great gym with excellent facilities, knowledgeable trainers and a cool and relaxed atmosphere!

Nathalie Claessen 4 months ago

Lovely gym with great lessons, new equipment and friendly staff. The yoga class from Eloisa is amazing!

Maria Perez Martin 4 months ago

I am very happy with this Gym because it has helped me achieve my physical and mental goals with almost no effort thanks to their classes. I really enjoy their classes, some are them are really tough but the staff manages to motivate me into doing my best!

Florence Frijns 4 months ago

Great gym for a good workout, friendly personnel and good location

Alejandra Murillo 4 months ago

I love the Mac sports club! I find everyone working there really nice. The classes are great and the gym was just renovated so it looks great!

michelle cornelissen 4 months ago

Great gym Good socials Perfect picture place

Alessandro Fantini 4 months ago

Good gym, very clean and with a lot of good equipment.

Svetlana Ilina 4 months ago

What a nice gym! Exercise machines are modern, everything is clean. There are a lot of different group classes, I have tried many of them. And all trainers are rly friendly and professional!

Thais Alves de Oliveira 4 months ago

Top! Great environment. Divers group classes.

Isabel van der Vleuten 4 months ago

Super gym with lovely support, And the best lessons!

Laura de Vries 4 months ago

Absolutely love the Mac SportsClub and Yoga Studio. With lots of pleasure I go regularly to this gym to enjoy both sports classes such as Bodypump, Spinning and BBB - next to joining Pilates and Yoga classes in the other building. The atmosphere that both buildings bring, creates a lot of value.

Marc Bay 4 months ago

I made more gains then in any other gym!!1!!11

Busra Vardar 4 months ago

Mac sportsClub is really amazing gym! All equipment was renewed at the beginning of the year and the employees are always very helpful and friendly! I personally recommend you to try the group lessons as well, these are so fun and help burn calories

Terina Saji 4 months ago

Nice and clean gym with all the necessary equipments.

Yuanyuan Zhu 4 months ago

I’m very happy with the gym. They have many different group classes running from Monday to Sunday, a few of my favorite are Zumba, yoga, and spinning. The staff are very friendly and make you feel comfortable. The gym members are quite diverse too: from young students to elder friends. Everything is clean and well organized. You need to reserve a spot in schedule before you go, which I like very much so you can see how busy the gym is at different times. I’ve been going here for almost a year and have nothing to complain. Highly recommend.

Carolina Hofland 4 months ago

I am very satisfied with MAC

Lena Reichel 4 months ago

I go to the studio for classes mainly. I like that they offer a variety of classes, and that there is a separate yoga studio (although just a few metres from the fitness studio), which makes it even more relaxing to do yoga and pilates. The studio has a relaxed but enthusiastic atmosphere. You immediately feel comfortable in the environment. The classes are fun and effective at the same time. There is aways good music and motivated course constructors. We do a lot of different excersises, so it doesn't get boring. Also, the whole studio is super bright and light-flooded through the big, beautiful windows. I always enjoy going to mac, the classes made me really fit and keep me motivated to workout!

Federico Louvin 4 months ago

Clean, quiet, fresh and all staff is super polite and helpful. My dream gym!

mieke hortulanus 4 months ago

familiar environment, many facilities, pleasant to exercise

Lauren 4 months ago

MAC is a great place to workout because it has the most amazing happy and enjoyable vibe. Everyone is so friendly and the classes are always upbeat and lively! Would absolutely recommend joining MAC for a fit and healthy lifestyle, while also having fun along the way!

Noah Oleana 4 months ago

Great gym, has everything you need for an effective workout!

Ivana Klipa 4 months ago

Very nice and clean gym with super friendly stuff!

f backje 4 months ago

Great gym!! The staff is really positive and motivating. They have all the equipment I need for my training sessions. On top of that it’s not too busy so you don’t often have to wait for the equipment you want to use.

Matthias Arras 4 months ago

I like this gym a lot. I am a member for about 4 years now. I recently moved into another part of town but kept my membership and still go there and have no intention of switching. The gym has a cozy, but bright atmosphere and is very clean. Instructors are very approachable and will remember your name, helps you to bond with the gym and gives you the extra accountability to push yourself beyond your comfort zone (in workout classes). And of course you enjoy returning there, as you feel very welcome and appreciated. They recently revamped all their gym equipment so it’s nice and shiny now. Also during Covid measures they made sure members got something for their money by providing personal training in a makeshift outdoor facility. It’s also one of the single gyms where you can get a yoga and gym membership in a packaged deal. See you there soon.

eva C. 4 months ago

Amazing atmosphere, amazing people! Always smiling and very helpful! Interesting and challenging courses! Best gym in town!

ludovica mancini 4 months ago

the gym is great, a lot clean and comfortable.The staff is very nice and accommodating :)

carlo franceschini 4 months ago

High quality, diverse group classes; equipment in excellent condition; people are polite to one another like in a friendly community!

JN K 4 months ago

Small gym but has everything you need. A lot of classes to choose from (bring back Zumba!). Very clean and comfortable atmosphere.

Evie Graus 4 months ago

Great gym and very friendly staff!

Sofia Clavarino 4 months ago

The registration was very easy and whenever I had questions I got helped immediately by the very nice staff! The price - performance ratio seems to be fair, especially for students! Moreover, its a very clean, bright and modern gym which is nice. I would definitely recommend this gym to a friend!

Maxine Belonje 4 months ago

Super great gym, equipment is all in good condition and the staff are super friendly

John Franzen 4 months ago

Best gym in town!

Sophia Heine 4 months ago

Very clean and modern. I enjoy all the classes that are offered.

Sophie Contad 4 months ago

Really nice gym with great equipment!

Yana Naewboonnien 4 months ago

Very nice and clean gym, and the staff are extremly friendly and helpful.

Giancarlo Zanon 2 years ago

Leuke sportschool, zeer vriendelijke mensen die daar werken!

Vincent Smeets 4 years ago

Deze sportschool biedt veel waar voor je geld, het personeel is supervriendelijk en de sfeer is geweldig, ook heel geschikt voor studenten.

ORS 4 years ago

Very nice gym, small but has all the necessary equipment. Can be a bit busy sometimes in the evenings, so just avoid those. Very nice atmosphere, friendly and personally involved staff and also not too hot (as in temperature, which is very important when training hard!!) Would recommend (also nice student discounts)

James Summers 5 years ago

Love the vibe, very social and friendly staff. The locker rooms are great as well as a free sauna. Prices are great for what they offer. Would recommend to a friend.

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