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Waalbandijk 10H
6541 AJ, Nijmegen
+31 85 743 0429


  • maandag: 08:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 08:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 08:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 08:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 08:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–15:00
  • zondag: 09:00–15:00


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Riverland Healthcentre: Meningen

Teun Remy 3 months ago

I am very happy to be sporting at Riverland. They distinguish themselves from the average gym in Nijmegen because of their offer and the pleasant atmosphere. It is clear how much they value a sense of community.

Jawdat Abo Aish 6 months ago

Very special gym, I love it ❤️

Lotje van Uhm 7 months ago

Good place to exercise. Diverse offer. I especially went to the baby & fit, which is a very nice way to start again after the birth. With your child on the play mat or in the baby carrier you can do a lot, together with other moms. Very involved guidance, highly recommended.

Makz Küsters 9 months ago

The best!

Nina Fernando 1 year ago

The owners of Riverland have an eye for personalized services. They are progressive, I look forward to the cooperation!

Adnan Alomush 1 year ago

I have been to so far and highly recommended if you really want to work with your body. very friendly and professional staff, excellent support - both during the training to go, and a very nice relaxed atmosphere on the floor. Skilled trainers who know what they are doing and deliver good custom work. For me this is the first time I go to a gym and am very satisfied! The gym has a nice atmosphere and the space is pleasant. space is large and there is always present a trainer, trainers also have space to give you tips and technical guidance if they see that you can improve something. All in all I think I had a better first gym I can choose! Adnan Al Shbeal

Wonu Owoade 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality An amazing gym with really great Zumba lessons! They are professional, supportive and want you to achieve the best for your fitness goals. I recommend it for all those who wish to stay fit and get healthy!

Sjors Hermans 1 year ago

Goede gym met betrokken personeel!

Jurrien 1 year ago

Good Gym with fine guidance. Personal contact with employees is top notch and ensures good motivation. The gym also offers many extra workouts.

Dirk Backer (MannersMakethMen) 1 year ago

Great gym where the trainers know you and give you personal tips. Varied offer of fanatic group lessons. Club atmosphere!

Colet Prooij 2 years ago

Always enjoyed working out here. It feels personal and familiar, the instructors know you by name, for example. The group lessons are very intensive and fun! I left because of a move, otherwise I would definitely have continued to work out here

Jori Zwiers 2 years ago

I enjoyed sports here for a long time, unfortunately due to personal circumstances I had to cancel my subscription. But enough about me. If you are looking for a gym in the Nijmegen area with good guidance, a cozy atmosphere and a nice atmosphere, look no further. The gym is located in the old honey complex and has an industrial style that is fun and cozy. The instructors help you set up a good program adapted to your goals and wishes and help you get the most out of yourself. Of course you can also exercise here individually, but even then it feels like you are part of a group and the atmosphere is just that. Instead of working out in one of the gym factories where the only focus is to offer assembly line work, I can really recommend exercising in this more personal gym. Are there no disadvantages? Of course, the gym is on the 2nd floor and there is no elevator, so yes, after a solid day of legday, those stairs down are quite a challenge. Be sure to drop by and see for yourself.

Aron 2 years ago

A gym with nice personal guidance where they really help you to achieve your goals in a pleasant and achievable way.

Laurens 2 years ago

I agree with what most have already said. A fitness club where attention for the members is of paramount importance. Questions are answered correctly and often with additional information. If they do not know, they are honest and feedback is given afterwards. In addition, there is active attention to attitude & execution and feedback is given if something is not quite right. Several activities are even undertaken (including BBQ (!), Battle Eve) to keep the group feeling alive :). At the time of this review, the corona crisis is underway and they have offered attributes for sale (for a good price) on which they themselves don't earn anything. I find this valuable. In order not to give the feeling that I just praise Riverland: sometimes communication between themselves and between Riverland and the customer is interrupted. But because of all the good things about this fitness club I think this is a minor point.

Sam Luchtenberg 2 years ago

Nice, cozy gym that feels industrial. A good place to be able to exercise in peace with supervisors who are really ready for you. Keep up the good work!

Mark Hendriks 2 years ago

Really a top gym! Good, personal guidance with tailor-made advice and a pleasant atmosphere to train.

Antoin Boerboom 2 years ago

After seeing many other gyms it was immediately 'coming home' here! The Riverland team has an eye for the individual and always has time to think about new challenges and progress. Very friendly team and always enjoy sports (even though I live on the other side of the country)!

Marjo Vos 3 years ago

Riverland is a great gym for athletes of all levels. The atmosphere is open and accessible. The trainers do their job skillfully and are genuinely interested in you. I am very happy with Riverland!

Loes Vinkenvleugel 3 years ago

A very nice gym where you are challenged and where there is room for personal attention at the same time. The cozy atmosphere is definitely a plus!

Chantal Jansen 3 years ago

Top gym with good guidance, knowledge and personal attention from the employees. In addition, challenging group lessons and a nice, cozy atmosphere.

Lonneke Opsteegh 3 years ago

I am very satisfied with this gym! Nice atmosphere, usually very quiet. I feel 'safe' here: no traditional gym-muscle-macho behavior. I can always ask questions and the employees like to think about the training schedule.

Jody Stoffels 3 years ago

Cozy and atmospheric gym. Relatively compact in design but nevertheless everything is in house to train the whole body. A lot of personal interest and, if desired, expert guidance from the staff. Keep it up!

LAB 3 years ago

Very nice gym in a nice location. You can ask for advice, practice sports with good (and fun!) Personal trainers, but also do your own thing. In addition, it is never too busy and the atmosphere is always relaxed.

Veerle 3 years ago

Been a member of this Gym for a few years. Personal approach and varying lessons, great place to exercise. Knowledgeable and super friendly instructors.

Quinten Smit 3 years ago

Super chilly gym. When necessary, enough attention, but here you can also quietly do your thing. The people here are very nice and helpful, it just feels like a family here.

Victor Peters 3 years ago

Good gym for beginners and advanced athletes, everything you need for fitness and strength training is there, the staff is always friendly and helpful. Top!

Max Stolk 3 years ago

For me this is the first time I go to a gym and am very satisfied! The gym has a nice atmosphere and the space is pleasant. This is mainly because there is much personal attention, during and personal training. Because the space is too large and there is always present a trainer, trainers also have space to give you tips and technical guidance if they see that you can improve something. All in all I think I had a better first gym I can choose!

Stefhanie Allerton 3 years ago

Riverland is an accessible gym for athletes of all levels. Spartan workout is highly recommended for those who want to get the most out of the workout with a group of up to 12 participants with good guidance. The fitness room is industrial but largely contains what an athlete needs. The atmosphere and guidance make it a great gym!

Fauve Bogers 3 years ago

Great gym with good guidance and fun group lessons! The team of trainers is top notch and there is a cozy atmosphere.

Marleen de Velde 3 years ago

GO, GO, GO! Enthusiastic trainers help you to get the most out of yourself. I am happy to participate in the Spartan Workout twice a week. Frankly, I miss it even if I can not do it once. MFA is also a big tip; but you really have to experience that yourself ...

Koen Hendrickx 3 years ago

I have been sporting here for 2 years now (group lessons and occasional fitness): very nice gym. I particularly recommend the kickfit training of trainer Bas!

Vera Nuiver 3 years ago

A wonderful gym at a beautiful location in Nijmegen. A personal focus on working hard with humor and personal goals is central here. Good quality workouts given by an honest professional, at a good price (also for student budget!). A place to go with pleasure!

Willem Bouman 3 years ago

Nice gym, relaxed atmosphere and fantastic guidance. The group lessons (Spartan workout) are especially recommended!

Bas Timmer 3 years ago

Gym with a 'home feeling'. Cozy gym, but fully equipped. The employees know you by name. Relaxed atmosphere. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Emiel de Weger 3 years ago

Nice gym in a nice location with no hassle. Good atmosphere too and each and every one of them great instructors. No state of the art equipment but everything that is essential for a gym. I enjoy going to this gym every time!

HabboDeManager 3 years ago

Very relaxed crossfit gym with more than enough space and material for free-weight training! Helpful staff and good personal guidance if needed.

Vincent 3 years ago

After two years of membership in this gym, I still enjoy coming here. The crew is easy to approach, friendly and take the time for you. This combined with the pleasant atmosphere among members and crew, and clear explanations from Mercy and other trainers about exercises makes Riverland a unique gym where everyone can feel at home!

Roy Meurs 3 years ago

Super nice gym. Good atmosphere too. Nice that you can train here and also take group lessons. I train both independently and regularly with personal training (Mercy). Can anyone recommend investing here if you really want to master the techniques of compound training. You learn a lot from this, which makes independent training also more effective (and more fun). My trainer is not only an expert in the field of sport, but certainly also in nutrition and lifestyle. I have already achieved good results in a short time. Super gym!

Senne Joustra 3 years ago

Until now trained in different places but recently made the switch to Riverland. What a world of difference, very friendly and professional staff, excellent support - both during the training to go, and a very nice relaxed atmosphere on the floor. Skilled trainers who know what they are doing and deliver good custom work. By far the best gym I have been to so far and highly recommended if you really want to work with your body.

Anke Creuwels 3 years ago

Very nice gym with small-scale intensive classes and a lot of personal attention and very enthusiastic trainers and guidance. Especially nice is the relaxed and casual atmosphere in which you immediately feel at ease

Niels Janssen 3 years ago

Very nice gym with, among other things, great group lessons and good guidance so that the less advanced athlete also feels at home and the more advanced athlete is challenged. The atmosphere there is one that would not look out of place in an association, very nice and accessible!

Marielle Olthof-Nefkens 3 years ago

Fine gym with enthusiastic and expert trainers. I only follow group lessons (alternating kickboxing bag training and spartan workout) and that is excellent! A lot of lesson offer at different times, so that despite my busy schedule every week succeeds in following a lesson. If you are looking for a (new) gym: definitely go and take a look!

Patrick Olthof 3 years ago

Great gym with nice varied group lessons and good guidance. The spartan workouts are very challenging and the kickboxing bag workouts are varied. Everyone can participate at their own level. From beginner to advanced athlete; Riverland has something for everyone!

Bas D 3 years ago

By far the nicest gym I have ever trained. A very nice atmosphere, friendly and competent staff, and more than enough bars and dumbbells to train hard. The owners have created a gym here that stands out from the single sausage that the big chains have to offer.

Teun Janssen 3 years ago

A small gym with a cozy atmosphere. The combination of the industrial look and the free weights gives it an old school look. The trainers (and trainees) do their work with passion and are always there for you.

Faruk Baskopru 3 years ago

Nijmegen West the most friendly and knowledgeable health center and gym in one. In addition to multiple sports lessons, it also includes a physical therapist and personal trainers who provide customized advice.

Marieke 3 years ago

Nice gym! I was never into gyms before. Last summer a friend who was enthusiastic about the group lesson Spartan workout convinced me to come along for a trial lesson. Soon I was just as excited and still am. Nice atmosphere, good guidance and challenging lessons. Recommended!

Frank Arts 3 years ago

Very relaxed environment, where you can exercise comfortably. If you ask for help, that help is offered. Do you want to do sports undisturbed? Good instructors who would like to think along with you.

Bram Uyterlinde 3 years ago

Very enthusiastic about this gym! The trainers who are present are super helpful and nice to deal with. The gym is always pretty quiet and there is a good atmosphere. Because it is a somewhat "smaller" gym, it gives a much more personal feeling.

Hinno Bel 3 years ago

Very nice gym where I immediately felt at the entrance to get into a warm bath. Enthusiastic and helpful crew, always a smile from my fellow athletes and a nice atmosphere where people are always looking for improvement

niels k 4 years ago

Super nice gym with good guidance and a social atmosphere! Did personal training here myself and this was very educational and together with the schedule that was tailor-made I will make a lot of progress

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