Informatie over Basic-Fit Rotterdam Plompertstraat 24/7

Plompertstraat 90
3087 BD, Rotterdam


  • maandag: 24 uur geopend
  • dinsdag: 24 uur geopend
  • woensdag: 24 uur geopend
  • donderdag: 24 uur geopend
  • vrijdag: 24 uur geopend
  • zaterdag: 24 uur geopend
  • zondag: 24 uur geopend

Ben je op zoek naar een sportschool? ? Kom dan fitnessen bij Basic-Fit Rotterdam Plompertstraat 24/7 ? Schrijf je nu online in!

Basic-Fit geeft je de mogelijkheid om fit te worden zoals jij dat zelf wil. Dat doen we onder andere door het aanbieden van verschillende lidmaatschappen. Kies het lidmaatschap dat het beste aansluit bij jouw wensen en doelen en go for it!


Basic-Fit Rotterdam Plompertstraat 24/7 heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Basic-Fit Rotterdam Plompertstraat 24/7: Meningen

rj kentnoob 3 months ago

Top gym

Mohamed Sabbar 3 months ago

Positive: Quality Great shop

Diana Van Ochten 3 months ago

Great gym

Danny De heer 4 months ago

Super gym nice people lots of space and recently a massage chairs

Ian Verheij™ 5 months ago

Very spacious.

Yasin Albayrak 5 months ago

Good place

Danny Chen 6 months ago

Good gym

Barry Smeding 7 months ago

Amazing...and so super clean...

zock andree 7 months ago


Mostafa asmai 7 months ago

Good gym

Leander Wols 1 year ago

Spacious gym with many different equipment

Mustafa Robey 1 year ago

Nice gym, very spacious.

Charlie Curilan 1 year ago

Not the biggest but it's located conveniently in the city center. I don't think there's enough space for group classes

Mario Super 1 year ago

Its my gym...super place to be.

Sam L 1 year ago

wifi works, not too busy

Fachadas chico 1 year ago

Really Nice!

Elyas Riane 1 year ago

Spaciously laid out sports shed, pleasant atmosphere, good ventilation. Now that this Basic-Fit has become a "24/7" location last week, I notice that it is a lot busier. Anyway, it is still much better than the location on the Westzeedijk. (too busy, too loud music, poor ventilation, too musty / warm)

Janny Leeflang 1 year ago

Love that we can again

Dim Goul 1 year ago

Excellent facilities and new equipment

scubkandalus com 1 year ago

Great atmosphere, very clean place ...

Arjan van Rees 1 year ago

I hope to reopen soon

Mustafa Metin 1 year ago

Everyone has been working by the rules. Nobody bothered each other ideal for sports.

Soebirsen Raghoe 1 year ago

Close to home and a spacious room for fitness equipment. Is open 1×24 hours.

Iem M 1 year ago

Spacious gym, nice and close and always a slice to reserve. Air conditioning is nice and high with the hot days so better to endure. nothing to complain about

Jeroen Bakker 1 year ago

Spacious, but difficult to reserve a free slot, almost always fully booked.

Marlon Kathusing 1 year ago

Physio balance is located in the building

R van A 1 year ago

Good gym nice and spacious And air conditioning is on, they should also do at the Jan Ligthartstraat location.

Rui Almeida 2 years ago

Good and pleasant space for our self esteem

Jan Paiva 2 years ago

Perfect gym

Luuk de Block 2 years ago

Great gym with a great vibe. The devices are in good condition.

Knog bazz 2 years ago

Are they now open 1-1-2020?

RED RHYTHM 3 years ago

Calm about the working day, never come in the evening hours

Rawiesh Dewoe 3 years ago

A lot to do. Enough devices, but small space.

Emin 3 years ago

Very nice gym, the staff is nice and I am just there practically every day actually haha. It's always clean inside, and the weights are neatly in place too (99%).

Arend Ripping 3 years ago

Nice spacious sports shed. Few staff, quiet music, great athletes. Not a gym where you go for a social interaction but yes ... it must of course be possible to work hard.

Marta Anacka 3 years ago

A very spacious gym. Friendly service that you can always count on. Season ticket at a very affordable price.

TEMUJIN Vlogs 4 years ago

I am very happy with this gym next to my house I all hope to stay open a little later because I will be back late from work

Kishan 4 years ago

New Basic Fit location, everything here is new and it is quite large and spacious. Lockers are located outside the changing rooms, extra safe. All cardio machines are new and there are enough. Power equipment is also fine and there is plenty available. Toilets neat and tidy, changing rooms did not seem completely finished.

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