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Papsouwselaan 291
2624 AP, Delft
+31 15 256 6464


  • maandag: 07:00–22:30
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:30
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:30
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:30
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:30
  • zaterdag: 08:30–15:30
  • zondag: 08:30–15:30

Fitness & Health Club Delft is voor de tiende keer op rij verkozen tot "fitnessclub van het jaar" van Delft! Bij Fitness & Health Club Delft traint u met meer beleving, meer plezier en meer aandacht. U kunt onbeperkt fitnessen, groepslessen volgen of gebruik maken van onze andere faciliteiten! Benieuwd of Fitness & Health Club Delft ook bij jou past? Vraag dan jouw GRATIS DAGPAS aan en maak kennis met onze fitnessfaciliteiten, groepslessen, sauna en vele andere faciliteiten! Jij verdient toch ook kwaliteit? LEES MEER ......  


Fitness & Health Club Delft heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Fitness & Health Club Delft: Meningen

Annemieke den Hooglander 2 weeks ago

Very nice and clean gym with very friendly and professional employees. I'm glad I chose this fitness!

Kees Steenkamer 2 weeks ago

I have been exercising at Fitness & Healthclub Delft since 1 May. I find sports there very pleasant, pleasant and service-oriented employees, lots of fun lessons. The school is also really clean and the people who exercise there are also pleasant and relaxed, no aggression or tattoo figures. In short, I am very happy that I switched to Fitness & Healthclub Delft.

Dennis Gielesen 3 weeks ago

Nice gym. Staff friendly. William is top notch. Enough equipment and super close is also great !!

Vroukje van der Vliet 1 month ago

Very nice gym! I have been a member of several gyms but this is by far my favorite. The spaces look nice, equipment is well maintained. The staff are super friendly and create a welcoming atmosphere. The guidance is very good, your personal wishes and goals are carefully considered. They also offer many group lessons. Huge recommendation!

Ingrid Lots 4 months ago

Nice and cozy fitness club! Nice lessons.

Els Gerritse 5 months ago

Great gym

Leo Hordijk 10 months ago

Good lessons

onbelangrijk 11 months ago

Slechte communicatie met de leden en heeft de regels die vanaf januari 2021 gehanteerd worden meegedeeld aan alle betalende leden.

Jessy Ramakers 1 year ago

Inspiring staff, meeting all rivm requirements.

Luuk Wolf 1 year ago

Nice guests

Lucas van der Vorm 1 year ago

Nice atmosphere and very accessible

Vicky Bogaard 1 year ago

Nice and above all personal gym. The people who are members go regularly, I often see the same faces. Been a member for a few months now and very satisfied! Also about measures taken with corona.

upper echelon777 2 years ago

Nice gym but it would also be nice if the staff was behind the counter when I want to order something at 7am. I always wait 20 minutes before I can finally order a cup of coffee.

raisah muradin 2 years ago

Great sports school with very nice lessons. The staff is super nice and helpful. The shakes and smoothies are always very tasty.

Sylvia Froukje 2 years ago

Cozy, good gym!

Nancy van der Zouwen 2 years ago

Professional and wide range.

Ilona 2 years ago

Very nice gym with good guidance. There is a pleasant atmosphere, because all kinds of different people train; young, old, big, small, muscular, multi culti ... very nice mix! The group lessons are of good quality, a lot from Les Mills and a new lesson program every 3 months. Punching bag training and Kickfit are also part of the group lessons. Sauna is also very relaxed and rarely full. Often you even lie there alone :) To mention a point for improvement, cleaning could be even better.

bianca sitters 2 years ago

Wonderful to be

Annette Luime 2 years ago

Nice gym. Neat and well cared for. Equipment is well maintained, a lot of choice and variation possible.

Rene 2 years ago

Nice gym, friendly staff

Anthony 3 years ago

It is amazingly good for its price and the staff are very easy to talk to. The facilities are good as well.

Leon Vrielink 3 years ago

Good gym, nice and quiet during the day. Great atmosphere and friendly staff!

Jasper van Deurzen 4 years ago

top tent

Touraj Ghadimkhani 4 years ago

Beautiful and clean gym with a professional Crew!

Jeroen Van Heyningen 4 years ago

Not for nothing several times voted best gym in South Holland.

Kees Ozzie52 4 years ago

Nice sport. Clean and many group lessons. Nice people

Thomas Flink 4 years ago

Super nice gym not too many macho men. Good atmosphere have been there for many years with pleasure :). Costs a bit more than the other gyms in Delft, but you certainly get more in return

Loes van Opzeeland-Kollof 4 years ago

Not the cheapest gym but good personal guidance, many types of equipment, a sauna and everything is very clean.

Jelimo Maswan (omilej91) 4 years ago

I really liked the gym! The staff are really helpful and the atmosphere is friendly. The facilities are also top notch and clean.

david rob 4 years ago

Top gym, top guidance. Have also been a member of fitforfree and basic fit but this is the only gym where I am making progress. Only downside: the air conditioning. Tis not to harden on a bit hot day. (I'm editing this review now. Fifteen minutes after the original post I already got a response and the air conditioning turned on for a while, not at full speed because there is still some repair to be done, but still: toppers)

Peter Van Der Meulen 4 years ago

Good fitness club

Floris Gagesteijn 4 years ago

Nice gym and looks very relaxed, luxurious and pleasant on first entry. Staff are friendly and there is good guidance. During the lessons there is enough personal attention, and the instructors convey the fun well.

Claudio Canovas 4 years ago

Every day is a pleasure to train

hab janse 4 years ago

Nice comfortable setting

Willy Wijnacker 5 years ago

The best in the area

J.E. Glas 5 years ago

It is neat, clean, orderly, clear. A large amount of different group lessons, with well-trained instructors who really see if you don't take the wrong postures for your joints. In the fitness room there are also various devices and guidance is available. Sauna and showers are great! Seating area, fruit and a bar are also there.

Phil Sep 5 years ago

This afternoon after work again to the gym with Will, we are not going fast but we are moving forward. Feel good, feel better.

Dominique Van den Langenberg 5 years ago

Nice big gym with even a sauna

Joëlle de Bruin 5 years ago

Well cared for clean club. Staff is very friendly. Good availability of material and supervision outside of peak hours is trained and well trained.

Dirk Goedbloed 5 years ago

Not the cheapest. The best if you ask me. Good, fully equipped gym. Always clean. Good atmosphere too. If you want, you will get the best guidance here to train yourself in shape.

Marijn Pinxteren 5 years ago

Everything is there, friendly staff.

Geja van Schendel 5 years ago

Cozy gym. Everyone can exercise at their own level.

Robert Post 5 years ago

Nice gym with free group lessons

Davidius 5 years ago

Very friendly staff and a good atmosphere where everyone can easily find a place. Furthermore, it is very stylishly decorated and you can relax and enjoy the bar after training.

Mark Herrewijnen 6 years ago

I have attended this gym for a good 5 years straight and can only say that I've had a great time so far. My goals have ranged from getting fit, to losing weight to building strength and mass. The facilities are kept clean, the equipment is universally in good shape (and varied enough to allow for a broad repertoire of exercises) and the personnel is highly qualified with backgrounds in professional body building and revalidation. The atmosphere is friendly and open, various classes are available to any member to attend and the general populace ranges from old folks maintaining mobility to youngsters training for competitive sports. There aren't any roidheads here. I give it a full 5 stars, because for me personally this gym has everything I want in a training environment.

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