Informatie over ProFit Gym Fitness Zwolle Dieze

Geert Grootestraat 3
8022 CG, Zwolle
+31 38 453 9772


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00

Maak gebruik van onze heropeningsactie! Schrijf je nu in, sport tot 2 maanden gratis én 50% korting op het inschrijfgeld!

Voor iedereen die ook thuis volop in beweging wilt blijven, hebben we een heel breed aan thuis sport faciliteiten. Van persoonlijke trainingsschema’s die je eenvoudig thuis kunt doen tot groepslesvideo’s met jouw favoriete coach. Hierdoor hoef je jouw sportschoolbezoek niet te missen.

Onze sportscholen beschikken over ruime fitnessvloeren en groepsleszalen, alles uitgerust met moderne fitnessapparatuur en -attributen. Het maakt dus niet uit of je een beginner of gevorderd bent, iedereen kan maximaal trainen in onze clubs. Cardio, krachttraining, crossfit en ga maar door.


ProFit Gym Fitness Zwolle Dieze heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

ProFit Gym Fitness Zwolle Dieze: Meningen

Rutger Kater 1 year ago

Great gym with atmosphere and not that kind of factory with only equipment and as few employees as possible.

Leroy Marsman 1 year ago

Nice gym, everything in order.

Christa Bloemert 1 year ago

Worked out at several gyms but this one is by far the best. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff. Wide range of group lessons so there is always a lesson that appeals to you. I prefer to go every day

Faith 1 year ago

Am addicted to that bag workout there. Again, I completely cheated myself with kickboxing for 1.5 hours. Good atmosphere and nice people at Dieze!

L. Wi 1 year ago

Medium sized gym. Sometimes very busy, but that only says something about how successful the gym is, I think. Has a dedicated team of coaches who are happy to help and support you towards your goal. Membership includes (free) group lessons, (monthly) measurements and coaching conversations to set new goals and draw up training schedules. Can train with a coach by appointment (up to 1.5 hours per day/week?). Including free (walk-in hour) physiotherapy, diagnosis and advice for any complaints. (Arrange further treatment via GP/insurance). Reasonably modern equipment, well maintained, most new techniques are applied. Gym is more focused on strength training/endurance (lots of variation in equipment and possibilities). Less variety for equipment towards Cardio, but more than enough options for the average gym goer. Group lessons give more variety for cardio etc. Wide range of group lessons; Virtual (with TV) or live (with coach), 'individual' (e.g. aerobics) and in groups (e.g. kickboxing), both for large groups and small groups, on average between 30 to 60 minutes per session. Also has sprint (high intensity, short duration spinning). Several WCs available (per floor). Changing rooms have secure lockers, showers and separate WCs. Space is divided into 2 floors, changing rooms and group lessons at the top. A portion of cardio is also placed upstairs. Ground floor has another cardio area, coffee corner, reception and several storage boxes for those who don't need a locker room. 4 different islands with weight machines and parks for all muscle groups you can imagine, dumbell station with associated benches, kettlebells, barbells, TRX, battlerope etc. with matching mats, chairs, balls and tools / tricks. Also has a small outdoor area with horizontal ladder, also space to hang barbells but is somewhat limited. Has a (small) parking space, bicycle shed behind the building. Open every day at 4 pm, except weekends (7 am). For further information, see the website, or come by! I think you can just come and have a look (by appointment?), the team is open to almost everything, in my opinion.

Frederik Otten 1 year ago

Great gym: fairly small, but enough for how many people go there apart from peak hour. Nice atmosphere and good people!

Martijn Hinderiks 2 years ago

Good service !!!

greetje boomker 2 years ago

Good guidance and enough space, enough devices so that you don't have to wait for each other

happinez27 2 years ago

Very nice gym with a wide range of group lessons. The staff is friendly and there is good equipment i the gym.

Ayodele Odesola 2 years ago

Very good place to train and the staff are very helpful.

Gerrard Van der Meij 2 years ago

Very good guidance!

Pella Weulink 2 years ago

Goede sportschool! Alles is goed veranderd sinds ik er jaaaren gelen ben geweest

Martin van K 2 years ago

Een gym met veel mogelijkheden, zowel binnen als buiten. Elke 6 weken krijg ik een nieuw uitdagend schema zodat ik gemotiveerd blijf en resultaat boek. Ik sport hier met veel plezier!

B G 2 years ago

I always enjoy training there, a good atmosphere. Staff are helpful and very professional, if you have any questions you can always contact them. In my opinion this is the best gym in Zwolle. I can't wait to start training at ProFit Gym again.

Lotte Tuinstra 2 years ago

Nice and beautiful gym, they have everything I need to train. During the lock down there is enough help to keep fit at home and an extra helping hand to continue!

Sanne Hekman 3 years ago

At first I found it a bit exciting here, verus Zwolle South, but the atmosphere is very good and all appliances are very nice!

Marcel 3 years ago

Fit into the summer

Joey Keizer 3 years ago

Super nice gym, not huge, but a gym where the family feeling prevails. The staff is very social and you can answer all your questions! All in all a 5 star gym.

Daniel Prins 3 years ago

Nice and spacious. Good staff

BertilDutch 3 years ago

Good accomodation. Good equipment.

I. de Jong 3 years ago

Beautiful gym where the athlete is really central. Les mills classes are given. Enthusiastic trainers, solid equipment and clean sports and changing rooms. Even in times of corona, they focus on the athlete and seize all possibilities within the guidelines of the RIVM to facilitate sports. Really great!

jorian koopman 3 years ago

A really nice gym!

Hanna Vogel 3 years ago

Nice gym! Wide range of group lessons

Gert Zwolle 4 years ago

Profit is a pleasant gym, good guidance if you need it, good material to train with (lifefitness, hammer strength)

Jasper Homrighausen 4 years ago

Neat, friendly people, good atmosphere, not too busy

Jesse 4 years ago

Just renewed

Ron Logher 4 years ago

Nice gym!

Elly en Frans Schout van Beek 4 years ago

Very satisfied with facilities and staff. You're not a number here.

Erwin Boersma 4 years ago

Very nice gym, recently renewed with many extra workplaces. You can even exercise outside. Group lessons are also plentiful and very enjoyable.

Teun van der Meer 4 years ago

Exercising with friends only makes it better

Erik 4 years ago

No patsers who horny on each other's muscles.

Angela 4 years ago

Here you can enjoy sports

Wendy Volkers 4 years ago

Very nice gym!

Christiaan Boxhoorn 4 years ago

Lots of variety in exercises, proper guidance. Many group lessons and no crazy costs

bart mylanus 5 years ago

Nice and quiet compared to profit south!

julian van lente 5 years ago

good gym

Li-Chun Lee 5 years ago


Martin van der Linden 5 years ago

Great gym. You will be helped well. And also affordable.

Gwen Wentink 5 years ago

Great gym. Plenty of space around each device. Enough space to do floor exercises. Only it is getting busier in the evenings so that many people go earlier and it remains busy. Friendly staff who always greet you, provide support and tips with exercises and are always up for a chat.

Penny Dijkslag-Van Rijn 5 years ago

Small is beautiful. Staff let you go ahead, instead of that interference at some gyms. Nice.

Quack 5 years ago

Great gym, nice people and not too busy

Hetty Krul Nijenhuis 6 years ago

Nice spacious gym with friendly and helpful staff. Devices of exceptionally good quality.

Frank Gort 6 years ago

Also with FysioPlus Zwolle

Bo del Rosario 6 years ago

Great gym

Danny Luiten 6 years ago

Small-scale nice and quiet and good guidance!

Egbertina Tessemaker 6 years ago

Good value for money

Leon Huzen 6 years ago

Nice gym

Lars Nijs 7 years ago

Super cool jo respect for the hood! Peace

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