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Herculesstraat 9
1812 PD, Alkmaar
+31 6 57290901


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–21:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–16:00
  • zondag: Gesloten

Personal Training Studio Alkmaar bied sinds 2012 Persoonlijke begeleiding op maat. In onze uitgebreide prive fitness Studio werk je samen met jou Personal trainer naar jou doel.

Jou Personal Trainer helpt jou een fitter lichaam te bereiken, af te vallen of juist spiermassa op te bouwen, zelfvertrouwen te krijgen en bovenal plezier in sport te vinden!

Personal Training Alkmaar verzorgt naast individuele trainingen ook Clinics voor groepen en bedrijven in omstreken Alkmaar, Heiloo, Bergen en Langedijk.

Denise is een gepassioneerd sportvrouw en Lifestyle Coach, gediplomeerd Personal trainer, Voedingsadviseur, Sportverzorgster en Masseuse die het beste uit jezelf weet te halen!

“Ik begeleid mijn cliënten naar een gezondere leefstijl door een persoonlijk beweegplan, een beter eetpatroon, bewustwording en zelfvertrouwen in je eigen lichaam.”

Rachid heeft jarenlange ervaring in het geven van(personal) training en persoonlijke begeleiding. Rachid is dan ook multi gecertificeerd en van vele markten thuis.

– Sport en beweegadvies bij lichamelijke klachten – Kracht en conditie trainingen op maat – Duo of smallgroup training – Begeleiding bij afvallen – Gespecialiseerd in Boksen en Kickboksen – Bedrijfstraining, Boksclinic en teambuilding op locatie – Sportmassage

Ben jij benieuwd hoe een Personal Trainer jou kan helpen bij het behalen van jou persoonlijke doelen? Neem dan Contact op voor jou vragen, de mogelijkheden of een vrijblijvende intake!


Personal Training Alkmaar heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Personal Training Alkmaar: Meningen

Kees Van Bemmel 7 months ago

Every time I've trained I feel like I'm getting better

Remi Caron 1 year ago

Nice people good food

Bart Scheltinga 1 year ago

Personal Training Alkmaar is really the best! Personal attention and training at a private location!

Lindy Groentjes 1 year ago

Very good guidance, the training sessions are adapted to your own health situation. And every week I feel myself getting fitter.

Willemien Thijs 1 year ago

Denise has been my trainer for 6 months now. 12 kg lighter and a lot fitter. I feel healthy again! I did feel a barrier to go but Denise measures, gives advice and trains without judgment. With the good tips and professional guidance it went much easier than I had thought. I would advise everyone to start with her!

Dion 1 year ago

I have been training twice a week with Denise for a few months now and I notice a really clear difference in fitness and strength. The guidance is very professional and she knows how to motivate you to get more out of yourself. The training is challenging and easy to combine with work because it is very flexible with scheduling, which is really nice. In short, Denise is a winner and definitely recommended to come and work out with her!

Leon Olie 2 years ago

Since August I started under the guidance of Denise. And I'm very glad I made that choice. Tailor-made workouts that keep pushing me to my limits, only to improve again afterwards. In addition, she also gives advice to improve my lifestyle in addition to training. I enjoy going there every time.

Marlies 2 years ago

Super nice place to exercise 1 on 1, Denise's workouts are always challenging and a lot of flexibility in planning. The training sessions are never boring and I have already learned a lot in a few lessons. There is therefore a lot of room for the learning process, so that you learn how your body works with certain exercises and how best to train this. I notice that I am a lot more motivated to get started myself. In addition, Denise has a very nice personality and there is always a very nice atmosphere during the training. Definitely recommended if you want challenging, educational 1 on 1 training!

Nanette Kiel 2 years ago

I have enjoyed training with Denise in groups for years, but when my husband came to Denise for personal training 3 years ago, I started doing personal training with her in addition to group training. The nice thing about Denise is that she really looks at your needs and challenges you to develop other qualities with respect for your personal wishes, all in a relaxed, personal atmosphere, I feel good and at home with Denise!

David veldstra 2 years ago

Top training and advice, professional guidance with a personal plan that leads to a fit and healthy result!

Marie Jimmink (Typomarie) 2 years ago

Professional guidance and I get full attention for a healthy lifestyle.

Annemarie Druijven 2 years ago

I started pre-corona at Denise and I am very satisfied. She knows how to get the best out of you and ensures that you go a step further. Recently started (outside) and it is lovely again. Forgo, but delicious. Denise gives great training and I recommend her to everyone!

heidi Vlotman 2 years ago

A professional approach in a ditto space and also a very pleasant person.

Claudia De Nijs 2 years ago

Varied training exactly tailored. Denise always goes the extra mile that you just wouldn't make. Top training!

Debbie Boer 2 years ago

Denise gives nice varied training courses at a nice location. She takes your wishes and goals into account and ensures that you always go the extra mile so that you always complete the training satisfied (and broken haha). She is spontaneous, sweet and sociable but also strict when necessary. She doesn't do smuggling. In short, an absolute must!

Erik Spieker 2 years ago

Good guidance and motivation, also with personal messages. Take injuries into account. Kick box training is my favorite.

Lianne Bloem 2 years ago

Since November 2018 at Denise. She helps me with what I want to achieve and understands what she does and how we can best approach this in my situation, because every person is different. So no standard lists etc. Even if I have injuries or other complaints, for example, she can continue to motivate me to continue exercising, but in an appropriate way. So that I have a good feeling about my training. She also always assists me when I am temporarily unable to train, which keeps me motivated and does not give up to achieve my ultimate goal. In those times I even miss training. Really a top personal trainer!

Rachid Benhabbou 2 years ago

Great! Happy with Denise

N E 2 years ago

Denise knows how to motivate you very well! Really recommended!

Christian Bosman 2 years ago

I have been training with Denise for years and I am very satisfied with her training and attention!

Perihan Yagci 2 years ago

I am very satisfied with the way of guidance and challenge that I get from Denise during exercise. A real sports spirit in heart and soul. I hope I can work out with you for years to come.

menno mors 2 years ago

Good Personal trainer with good facilities. I would recommend everyone to start at personal training Alkmaar

Floris Rietema 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Rachel Teuben 2 years ago

Denise helped me super with personal guidance. 1 on 1 training, pads training, nothing is too crazy for her. I have reached my goal! Thank you!!

Stephanie Kempe 2 years ago

Via Denise I ended up at Rachid for personal training. Rachid is a very nice and good trainer who is always up for a joke and a chat, but who does encourage and motivate you during the lessons. He explains everything clearly and takes your wishes into account. All in all, a winner and an absolute must

Mandy B 2 years ago

Since I started training with Rachid I have only noticed real results, made incredible progress within a relatively short time and the fun, educational lessons keep the motivation to keep growing! A very experienced trainer who is really involved, and always knows how to make it a top workout! 100% recommended !! ⭐️

Gaius Julius Civilis 2 years ago

1 on 1 training in a private gym under professional guidance. This is personal training as it should be.

Esther Veldstra 2 years ago

Fantastic help from Denise. Super schedule tailored to my goals. A real winner.

Joel Groenia 2 years ago

Very good facilities, and also an experienced and motivating trainer, works result-oriented and ensures that the set goals will be achieved.

Marije Bosman 5 years ago

My top personal trainer also location of perfect balance pt. Also top trainer

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