Informatie over Crossfit Alkmaar

Phoenixstraat 33
1812 PP, Alkmaar
+31 6 50500790


  • maandag: 09:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 09:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 09:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–12:30
  • zondag: 09:00–12:30


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Crossfit Alkmaar: Meningen

Bettina Kresse 2 months ago

Working hard and sweating a lot was never so much fun! The atmosphere at Crossfit Alkmaar is super! Only motivated and pleasant people who can push their limits through the good guidance of coaches Bart and Joost. The place to be!

Robert Rijnboutt 2 months ago

Nice box with nice people and good guidance. Here people walk in and beasts go outside.

Arthur Muller 2 months ago

Cozy box, good dedicated coaches. Suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned CrossFitter.

JiP 2 months ago

Enthusiastic group of people who find it important not to lose sight of the social aspect of crossfit in addition to results and performance. Notorious couch potatoes or hardcore tri-athletes can all go to Crossfit Alkmaar. The guidance is very good, you are constantly pointed to posture and technique so that injuries are prevented and people can get fit in a healthy and responsible way. After sitting still for 10 years, I have now found a nice place to maintain and maintain my fitness and overall fitness.

kristel bosselaar 2 months ago

Crossfit Alkmaar is really cool! What I have learned in a year is so incredibly cool .... !!! As lazy as I was, I'm so fit now. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a beginner or already have a sports history, everyone is there to get their own goal.

Sander De Waard 2 months ago

Crossfit Alkmaar is a Suuupergave crossfit box. For anyone who wants to exercise professionally and wants to bring out the best in themselves.

Dirk Brouwer 2 months ago

I was looking for a box where they pay much attention to your posture and which if necessary improve, because of a back injury. Fortunately this is done very well at crossfit Alkmaar. When you are new you are not immediately saddled with 100 + kg, but it is really about technology first. I am happy that I am a member of this box, I would not want anything else!

Iris Glorie 2 months ago

Crossfit Alkmaar is a super fun and motivated club where everyone is welcome. Nice building, nice people, motivated coaches. what else do you want?

Roel Susan 2 months ago

Good atmosphere and enthusiastic people! Sweat and you know.

maarten lankhorst 3 months ago

Super nice box, very good atmosphere, perfect guidance and good workouts and materials!

Heerhugowaardje 1414 4 months ago

Involved guidance, nice box and an accessible and supportive atmosphere

Dane Hergaarden 6 months ago

Working out here in the Box is very satisfying, there are always new challenges in the lessons that pass by. Something different every time! Very personal in dealing and guidance - there is a very nice atmosphere. Whether you are a beginner or not.

Sabine Pirovano 8 months ago

The best Crossfit box ever! Nice atmosphere, varied workouts, good guidance, fun events and respect for every level.

Kevin Stolk 8 months ago

Cozy and well organized box. Plenty of options for all levels. Relatively new material and lots of events..!

Henna K 8 months ago

Great coaching, amazing facility and equipment, fun people, and most importantly great atmosphere. The coaches take personal interest in everyone no matter what is your fitness or skill level. And there is always something fun going on outside of the normal classes. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting in shape, meeting new people, or simply just having fun!

Mark Hoogvorst 8 months ago

Crossfit Alkmaar is a great place to exercise, they help you where necessary with your posture to prevent injuries. the wods are delicious sweat makers. it will genuinely make you stronger and more flexible and, above all, fitter.

Hans Vermeulen 9 months ago

Knowledgeable staff. Good vibes! Many events. Varied programme. Easily accessible.

Anke Molenaar (NL) 9 months ago

Top! Nice box with nice people. Enthusiastic, sweet and professional trainers. Nice varied WODs. Good guidance and honest and clear feedback that you can really use.

R Siksma 9 months ago

Great club, there is genuine interest in you as an individual. They know your situation, they listen to injuries or complaints that you have to possibly. offer customized exercises if you need it. You also look for a challenge that suits you for the WOD together with the coach. unusually good

Sue MBO 9 months ago

Best crossfit box! Not only good guidance, but also super cozy and a nice atmosphere, even after 7 years of membership.

stefanie van dalsem 9 months ago

Professional guidance, nice box. A real community! You will receive personal attention from the coaches and they will show you how to get the best out of your sports performance.

Nelleke Schoo 9 months ago

Nice box, dedicated coaches and a warm community.

casper schoo 9 months ago

I have been working out at CrossFit Alkmaar for a few years now. It is a nice box with a good atmosphere, attention for everyone and good guidance. There is also no macho culture like you see in regular gyms, where people are regularly mainly occupied with themselves in the mirror.

Giulia Marchetti 9 months ago

Very nice environment, good vibes and energy ! It is not only a sport but a way to test your limits and in the mean time a lot of fun . The coaches are very careful about how you do the exercises, they help you to improve and give you the right energy to never give up :)

Marc van gaalen 9 months ago

I had absolutely no experience with Crossfit and at Crossfit Alkmaar that doesn't matter. The exercises are explained to you well and in a responsible way by the instructors. In addition, there is a homely atmosphere and you quickly feel at ease. Crossfit Alkmaar is highly recommended to become a member.

Ivelina Bratvanova 9 months ago

I joined CrossFit Alkmaar about 3 months ago, and have since become a regular. I love the energy, atmosphere, community and coaches. The workouts/ classes are varied, and there is something for everyone - whether your focus is on strength, cardio, mobility or technique. There are also plenty of events one can join for some healthy competition and community building!

Suzanne Van Es 9 months ago

I have trained at 3 different CrossFit boxes, but nowhere do I feel more at home than at CrossFit Alkmaar. Good guidance, extended opening hours, the atmosphere is great. Events and cozy get-togethers are also regularly organized. Highly recommended!

MisssssL 9 months ago

Best place in Alkmaar to exercise! Lots of space to exercise and the trainers are top notch!

Fanna Steensma 9 months ago

When I came in and had no idea what everyone was talking about and how everything should be done, the time and space was always taken to carefully explain all the exercises. And now, two years later, still! The personal attention and always pleasant atmosphere ensure that I have finally found a sport that I really like! And that's saying something ;)

Marijn Los 9 months ago

Crossfit Alkmaar is a very nice gym, nice atmosphere and good guidance. Highly recommended for practicing crossfit.

Marit Hilarius 9 months ago

Very nice box where, once you are connected, you never want to leave. Good guidance, nice spaces, pleasant people and a lot of personal contact. This is the place to be

Ton Vlaar 9 months ago

Working out at Crossfit Alkmaar has given me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction for almost 5 years now. Crossfit itself is of course great: you become fitter, stronger & more flexible, it is very varied and you also have to suffer a lot from time to time. But the main reasons for the fun here are the excellent guidance and the relaxed atmosphere (by coaches and athletes). Everyone, regardless of level and condition, will feel at home here and get fitter!

tanja van den busken 9 months ago

I started here almost 4 years ago because I had to "do something" again. Now I don't want to be without this place anymore. I always enjoy new challenges here, good coaching, humor and only nice people.

Halve Snoodaard 9 months ago

Super nice box, where a lot of time is taken for you. Nice atmosphere, easy to schedule with clear app. For someone who can't manage static fitness, crossfit is the best way to get motivated and stay fit.

Ramón Schumann 1 year ago

Absolutely great box. We were there twice as a drop in, everything was super relaxed and the staff were super nice and helpful. The box itself is really incredibly clean, we haven't seen anything like it before. Equipment mostly from Rouge and everything you need. So if you are close by and are looking for a great box, this is the right place for you!

Brigitte Willems 1 year ago

Here they (almost) have no machines, here you are (or become) a machine

Simon Kuipers 2 years ago

Best crossfit box in Alkmaar! Super good coaches and guidance, everyone is welcome. Good range of different classes and always with the right coaching.

Stefan Verbiest 2 years ago

Nice place to relax. You will be properly assisted and assisted here. Very friendly and professional trainers. I have been exercising here for half a year now and although I had my doubts about whether I would like it, it is really super cool!

Detlef van der Hoeven 2 years ago

Crossfitbox with personal attention. For every level. Really nice training there.

Jasper M 2 years ago

Goede begeleiding en workouts op ieder zijn niveau. Coaches beschikken over de juiste kennis en helpen met met de oefeningen waar je evt moeite mee hebt. Sfeer is de box is uitsteken en zeer relaxt.

Chris van amersfoort 2 years ago

Well adapted to the new circumstances. Feel safe there to exercise.

J.P. L. 3 years ago

Super box, coaches are enthusiastic and professional. Enough space for wods, own training, lifts, among other things. Plus a crossfit Alkmaar community to be proud of.

Christoph Kraiker 4 years ago

Great box with great trainers. Highly recommended!

Lesley van Velzen 5 years ago

Relaxed box. Good lessons. Everyone trains at their own level and there is no gym macho culture. MEGA!

Niels van Brecht 5 years ago

Super crossfit box!

Reinier Denekamp 5 years ago

Good guidance. Nice and large spaces. Shower available. In addition to the Wod, there are also hours for weightlifting and gymnastics and yoga (via a screen). There is also room for your own training.

David Stomph 5 years ago

Absolutely top, a waiting list for a reason

Roy Smit 5 years ago

Very good and big crossfit box, with plenty of exercise equipment.

-- 5 years ago

Nice environment and lub for sports

timo potveer 6 years ago

A top box in which I am constantly motivated to get the most out of myself!

Michael Carst 6 years ago

My first crossfit experience with another box was very negative. Nevertheless, I came in contact with Joost, one of the owners of this box. He persuaded me to give it another chance. Under clearly visible better guidance and coaching, I started here anyway. So far I am happy every day with my decision to work out here. Enthusiasm, one big crossfitfamilie and driven support make this a box for me where I want to leave.

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