Informatie over LifeCity

Valutaboulevard 32
3825 BT, Amersfoort
+31 33 277 8875


  • maandag: 06:00–22:30
  • dinsdag: 06:00–22:30
  • woensdag: 06:00–22:30
  • donderdag: 06:00–22:30
  • vrijdag: 06:00–22:30
  • zaterdag: 08:00–16:00
  • zondag: 08:00–16:00

Start met een Gratis Proefweek fitness bij sportschool LifeCity Amersfoord-Noord. Inclusief gebruik van (groeps)fitness, turks stoombad, sauna en meer! Je kunt  in Amersfoort-Noord o.a. terecht voor individueel fitness, groepslessen, afvallen, zonnebanken, kinderopvang, fysiotherapie en personal training.

LifeCity heeft in Amersfoort 2 vestigingen: LifeCity Amersfoort-Centrum en LifeCity Amersfoort-Noord in de wijk Vathorst. Dit is de jongste toevoeging aan de LifeCity familie. Je kunt  in Amersfoort-Noord o.a. terecht voor individueel fitness, groepslessen, afvallen, zonnebanken, kinderopvang, fysiotherapie en personal training.

Overweeg je te starten met fitness? Kom dan een week lang gratis kennismaken met LifeCity. Inclusief gebruik van o.a. (groeps)fitness, turks stoombad, sauna en meer! Vul jouw naam, emailadres en telefoonnummer in. Je wordt binnen 1 dag uitgenodigd voor een kennismaking.


LifeCity heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

LifeCity: Meningen

Jan Willem Bol 8 months ago

Super gym. Staff is always friendly and enthusiastic, even if you accidentally put on half a kilo (or more) at Christmas ;)

Millad Mossadeq 9 months ago

Nice gym, very friendly staff, nice equipment and many lesson options.

Ward Schoemaker 11 months ago

One of the best sports shoes I've experienced. The friendly people who work there. The athletes also say hello to each other. Just fun to exercise.

Anna Kh. 1 year ago

Great group lessons, highly recommended!

W.K_ Automotive 1 year ago

Super good gym! I come here every week! Nice people AND free drinks

Tom Jerry 1 year ago

Nice gym, good classes and the ladies only in the center on Thursday for the sauna is great!!!

Cees Heijmeskamp 1 year ago

Nice for each other can always train and clean

Paul Does 1 year ago

Neat gym with friendly and professional staff. Certainly not expensive, all group lessons are included in your subscription.

Lucas van Ophem 1 year ago

Top gym!

QuinnEen 1 year ago

Good gym with very friendly people! Always there for you.

Herman van Dijkhuizen 1 year ago

Nice gym, quiet atmosphere and friendly employees.. Fortunately no loud music.

Ronnie Jacobs 2 years ago

Top gym! Definitely recommend him. Despite these strange times with Corona, they continue to commit 100% towards the members. And no strange frills with extra costs to be able to exercise, but just the normal contribution. Especially the Vathorst location where I sport, thanks for the support and hospitality!

Sylvain Bouwman 2 years ago

Nice gym with people expert and motivating employees.

Jan Den Hartog 2 years ago

Nice nice gym. Instructors who are happy to help you. In short, I can recommend it.

Vincent 2 years ago

Perfect gym

Peter Schrijver 2 years ago

Nice gym with good guidance

mijn naam is ik 2 years ago

Good gym very extensive facilities and many options

Martijn de Jong 2 years ago

How was it Google asks ...: Suffering during the HITT!

Steffen Scholz 3 years ago

Large, diverse range, well priced

Xander V D Ham 3 years ago

Yes beautiful man!

Gert Boorsma 3 years ago

Good service from the employees. Professional guidance.

Onno Voorma 3 years ago


Wim Schaap 3 years ago

good gym

R.oost 3 years ago

Very nice and friendly atmosphere. Good lessons and equipment! Real and recommended.

Jolanda Hoekman 3 years ago

Motivating because of the TGS key and personal approach. Good guidance! Very satisfied.

Bas van Lissum 4 years ago

Good, friendly gym with a very diverse choice of equipment and special training.

Astrid de Bie 4 years ago

Great fun people Friendly. Professional guidance

Michel Wijsman 4 years ago

Month member, train especially during off-peak hours. Good guidance and very clean / hygienic.

Bouwe Metz 4 years ago

Everything you want to enjoy a good workout. Also friendly staff and a nice cup of coffee!

Vincent van den Braken 4 years ago

Everything you need is here! Nice coffee, power rack, deadlift places, etc.

Jesse Vermeire 4 years ago

nice gym. pleasant ambience. you do not often have to wait for devices and a good interior regarding the devices.

Wim Schalkwijk 4 years ago

Just enjoy sports!

Dana Bolink 4 years ago

Warmth and fun like you don't often find in a gym. Modern equipment and fun lessons. Commerce is less ...

Dini Lubberts 4 years ago

Great atmosphere - good guidance and suitable for all ages, that feels good

Pieter Meijer 4 years ago

Very nice gym with friendly guidance.

Dylan de Heer 4 years ago

Nice gym with little cock behavior but very active athletes. The facilities are of a high quality and the price is affordable. Also nice and welcoming staff with expert advice. Great!

Dmitriy Martynov 4 years ago

Great Gym..

Freddy de Haas 4 years ago

A very spontaneous atmosphere everyone greets each other no macho behavior and staff are competent and super spontaneous can reasonably lose your car.

Edwin de Jong 4 years ago

Cozy and nice gym that I like to go to. Good guidance, staff are always friendly and there is a wide choice of equipment. Group lessons are great.

Fred 4 years ago

Super fitness club

Jussa 5 years ago

Good fresh gym with good guidance and beautiful equipment

Merel van den Boom 5 years ago

Very personal guidance!

Tom Barten 5 years ago

Top guidance and all well cared for. Enough offer and friendly staff.

Eldon Dorland 5 years ago

Relaxed cheap and complete gym with personal guidance

Joan Walsum Van 5 years ago

Great gym with a young enthusiastic team

Jeroen 5 years ago

Excellent price / quality ratio. A wide range of group lessons and the young team is always enthusiastic about coaching.

frank de Ridder 5 years ago

Great gym, and normal people

Marieke Bos 5 years ago

Nice group lessons and good atmosphere

Tim Vos 6 years ago

A fantastic gym! A very helpful and friendly crew who do everything for you in their power. The gym is also very clean and you have a lot of freedom of movement. Nothing is missing in this gym; from freeweights, cardio equipment to electronic gym equipment !!!

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