Informatie over Fit For Free Amersfoort

Amsterdamseweg 35
3812 RP, Amersfoort


Fit For Free Amersfoort heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.


Fit For Free Amersfoort heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Fit For Free Amersfoort: Meningen

Artem Lavruk 8 months ago

Eva Mooij 9 months ago

Friendly staff, nice atmosphere, many different group lessons with nice instructors, excellent equipment. Something for everyone, regardless of age, goals, etc! Very nice gym

stef gajenixan 10 months ago

despite the fact that I give 5 stars, there are still a number of points that need to be improved at fit4free in amersfoort. why the 5 stars now I hate rooster behavior which is common at certain gyms in amersfoort that does not occur at fit4free also 5 stars for the sufficient parking and yes it is free. What I do not give 5 stars for is the opening time that opens at 7 a.m. and not a minute earlier, also the equipment which is out of order due to a broken cable, for example, is too long before it is repaired. the hygiene is also somewhat less of a quality, certain staff prefer to stay behind the computer, even if you need guidance, so I think that is a lot less

Boris v.d. Kruk 11 months ago

Sicke gym

Daniel Collignon 1 year ago

Genuinely one of the better gyms.

Richard VAN VULPEN 1 year ago

It is a very large sports center with more than enough training equipment and group training.

Martijn 1 year ago

Nice gym, good equipment and pleasant employees :)

Halgurd Hussein 1 year ago

Friendly employees, good parking, infrared sauna. Great for a fitness club these days for this price range

Frans Wegewijs 1 year ago

Great location for sports Never too busy

Andre terschegget 1 year ago

Very friendly staff

Arvid Breedveld 1 year ago

Good atmosphere, lots of space. Dealing well with the situation regarding Corona.

Samantha Gordinou de Gouberville 1 year ago

wonderful gym, after experience with basic fit, this is a nice clean, top equipment and nice staff a nice gym.

Ron Jacobi 1 year ago

Very nice to be able to train again

Amy van Kooij 1 year ago

Spacious gym! There is a nice atmosphere and enough different devices. They are currently working with reserving blocks via the app; super easy and convenient! That's why it's never too busy. No idea what this is like if you can work out normally again (after corona).

marcus kleton 1 year ago

Relaxed gym! Lots of space and relaxed people

Werner Brocken 1 year ago

Great gym, unfortunately now closed due to corona.

Johan Eijkelboom 1 year ago

Jolanda Kuijper 1 year ago

Too bad it's closed again Balen

Ruben van Straten 1 year ago

Very nice gym!

Stoffer Wiegman 2 years ago

Nice and quiet, good corona measures, now the athletes who adhere to it

Amanda S 2 years ago

Here you can exercise well and also take fun group lessons.

michael dijkhuizen 2 years ago


Lieke Boerema 2 years ago

Very nice gym; location is great, parking free, clean gym and beautiful views!

Danny de Beer 2 years ago

No nonsense. Enjoy sports

Ruud Barbee 2 years ago

Yes, you also have to keep moving and then on the best.

Kenneth Flemming 2 years ago

Friendly staff. Clean and tidy!

Dorianne 2 years ago

Nice and nice staff! Lovely space

Roadking 2004 2 years ago

Nice place to exercise for a fixed amount per month, you can make unlimited use of the individual fitness where they offer a wide range of different exercises for a small amount per month, you can tap unlimited sports water. When I last went you could do abdominal exercises in the evening once in a while.

Bhong Pranada 2 years ago


Floris Vos 2 years ago

Pavel Voinov 3 years ago

friendly staff. The first visit can be free even without registering on the site. equipment is not the most extensive in terms of "iron", but at a sufficient level to keep fit. there is a sauna, cold water in the shower (22:30, maybe because there is a sauna))))

Ruben Kroon 3 years ago

I have been sporting here with great pleasure for almost 5 years. Good equipment, good air conditioning, nice people, virtually nothing to complain about. Just a pity that they close at 4 pm on the weekend.

Masqueradet “Le Frudo” 3 years ago

Super nice gym, equipment is renewed when needed, new types of bars / clips regularly. Weights are always in the right place. The staff is also very friendly and goodbye is always said, changing rooms are neat and well kept.

Harun 3 years ago

Great sports club, friendly staff and nice and cool in the summer, because of the air conditioning. Most important is that there are enough devices present and these are maintained;)

Jan Stapper 3 years ago

Just fine

Morris Wijnbergh 3 years ago

Great gym for a reasonable price.

martijn_ssvg 3 years ago

Enjoy sports ??

BBS 4 years ago

Nice gym to work out. Large space, lots of light, wide range of appliances, group lessons, lockers and a good atmosphere.

Tim B 5 years ago


Monique de Jonge 5 years ago

Fine, spacious and bright gym with lots of equipment! Friendly staff. Nice atmosphere.

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