Informatie over Basic-Fit Apeldoorn Christiaan Geurtsweg 24/7

Christiaan Geurtsweg 9
7335 JV, Apeldoorn


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  • dinsdag: 24 uur geopend
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Ben je op zoek naar een sportschool? ? Kom dan fitnessen bij Basic-Fit Apeldoorn Christiaan Geurtsweg 24/7 ? Schrijf je nu online in!

Basic-Fit geeft je de mogelijkheid om fit te worden zoals jij dat zelf wil. Dat doen we onder andere door het aanbieden van verschillende lidmaatschappen. Kies het lidmaatschap dat het beste aansluit bij jouw wensen en doelen en go for it!


Basic-Fit Apeldoorn Christiaan Geurtsweg 24/7 heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Basic-Fit Apeldoorn Christiaan Geurtsweg 24/7: Meningen

Sven Lindt 2 months ago

Great gym, I visit at least three times per week.

Coen Mulder 3 months ago

Helpful staff. Lots of space and good ventilation: important in this day and age.

Liesbeth Zijlstra 4 months ago

Nice workout, not too busy because I don't like that

Tir Ion 6 months ago

Friendly staff, cleaned regularly. In the morning just nice and quiet so you can do what you want :)

gea paape 6 months ago

Great gym. Great price. There is always someone present when I exercise. Not to busy. Good materials. No personal guidance unless you pay extra for it. So that's fine with me. Music not too loud.

Klaas Dokter 7 months ago

Nice place lots of space two workplaces

Charine Hegeman 8 months ago

Very neat, clean club! Looks like new. If something is broken, it will be dealt with immediately. Staff always friendly too!

Sheryna ter Halle 8 months ago

Went to exercise here for the 1st time this evening with my girlfriend who could take a sports buddy with her for free. Great sports with great music and a relaxed atmosphere! I will definitely be exercising here more often.

Marieke De ruiter 9 months ago

Exercise here yourself 3 times a week.

Rody van Mechelen 1 year ago

Neat gym. Wonderfully quiet during the day. Always neat and clean! Highly recommended to train undisturbed

Abed Abdo 1 year ago


Wolter Nieuwenhuis 1 year ago

Spacious corona friendly gym

Kim Kolen 1 year ago

Super-sized gym, neat and friendly staff!

Cavalo Capoeira 1 year ago


Omar M 1 year ago

Lots of space and many different fitness equipment. Best of Apeldoorn imo

abd asi 1 year ago

Good place to exercise.

Colin O. 1 year ago

Great staff! Always very friendly and approachable for questions. In addition, the club is well equipped and always clean

Sammy Maters 1 year ago

Nice gym, friendly and cheerful staff and nice equipment.

omar mazher 1 year ago

Veel ruimte en veel verschillende fitness equipement. Beste van Apeldoorn imo

Jesse Ten Hove 1 year ago

Nice place to exercise!

Matijs Rebergen 1 year ago

Mooie trainingslocatie, ruim opgezet

pro pro 1 year ago

Spacious gym, new equipment, always clean toilets and changing rooms. Covid, 1,5 M and cleaning devices are sufficiently taken into account. Staff is friendly so in short a must!

Eric ter Linden 2 years ago

Prima sportschool, wordt goed op afstand en schoonmaak gelet. Wordt ook regelmatig door personeel gedweild, wc's schoon gemaakt etc.

Joram Sjamaar 2 years ago

Fine, new and clean equipment. Spacious gym. Many racks and free weights

OathMan Van Der Ali 2 years ago


David V 2 years ago

Very nice club if you like to work out alone. Good equipment, and a beautiful app that helps you to plan visits, adhering to the specific program, audio workouts to do on the treadmill, and more. Large crowds differences over the week but it will be so everywhere. All in all, my experience here much better than FitForFree.

Marco N. 2 years ago

Lots of space and good equipment. Staff also very friendly.

Jacco Blankespoor 2 years ago

New equipment from the Matrix brand, lots of space between the devices. Remains a nice gym for sports! Staff is friendly.

Mels de Ruiter 2 years ago

Just a nice gym that can't be faulted. It is only a lot busier in the evenings than in the mornings, but that is not a problem because there are sufficient devices. Friendly staff and always clean and tidy. Therefore from me 5 stars.

osman sevilir 2 years ago

Nice basic fit with new equipment. Very professional staff. This place is really recommended.

wilco luyting 2 years ago

Nice gym!

Goudenkladblok85 2 years ago

Especially the guy who works there great guy

jolanda snijder 2 years ago

Neat and clean gym. The staff is also very friendly. I am very satisfied with this gym.

Bjorn Van der hoop 2 years ago

Super nice gym, top equipment works very well the sports water is very well recommended. The club is very personal very nice top this !!!

Vincent Slijkhuis 3 years ago

Very nice new and clean gym, spacious and lots of choice in the devices. Nice staff and great air conditioning, perfect!

Rishi Behari 3 years ago

Fantastic gym, very spacious. The staff is also very helpful and friendly!

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