Informatie over Fysica Milon Clubs

Asselsestraat 260
7312 CT, Apeldoorn
+31 55 303 4289


  • maandag: 08:00–21:00
  • dinsdag: 08:00–21:00
  • woensdag: 08:00–21:00
  • donderdag: 08:00–21:00
  • vrijdag: 08:00–21:00
  • zaterdag: 08:30–13:00
  • zondag: 09:30–11:30


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Fysica Milon Clubs: Meningen

4.8/5 (23 Meningen)
Henny Schutte 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: My husband and I were the first to register 4 and a half years ago with the opening what a nice and hygiene gym nice and small and after working out a chat with a cup of coffee we hope to be able to join you for many years to come sports.

Paula Diderik 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: Very nice gym completely tailored to you Good and nice guidance For young and old ! Highly recommended

Renate Baak 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: Nice club, because it is small-scale I feel very comfortable. A lot of challenge on the strength equipment because each phase presents a different challenge. The program is adapted to your personal wishes and goals that you want to achieve. There are regular evaluations to see how things are going and whether something needs to be adjusted. Each device is adjusted to your own body because no person is built the same. And above all, there is a friendly and accessible atmosphere, with attention for each other. Highly recommended! Especially for those who find it important to maintain and keep fit.

Lourens Logger 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: A great fun way to get fitter. 35 minutes and that twice a week. Super.

Femmy Bouwmeester 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: I never thought I would enjoy sports so much. Very nice guidance from fantastic sports instructors. It's almost personal training. Colin, Erna and Tom know how to motivate you again and again. Enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards.

Linda Tijssen 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: Looking for a nice place to exercise with good advice and guidance. By trainers who think along with you about how it is possible to let everyone exercise, even with physical limitations. In small groups, so there is a lot of personal attention.

Sietse van Zandvoort 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: In March 2022 and I can only say that it is excellent. I feel much fitter and the personal guidance is very good and all that in a respectful atmosphere. I also experience positive social contacts with other participants. We encourage each other.

Diana Koolman 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: Here you get value for money. Good training advice nutrition advice . And very pleasantly low-threshold. Highly recommended to exercise there

Joan Tjioe (Joans-Flow) 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: My Top 5 1. Convenience serves me. Lots of choice in time slots to train. 2. Good equipment, card in and adjusted to my body. 3. Friendly cheerful motivational Guidance and personal guidance. 4. Even nice to drink delicious coffee/tea. 5. Regular measurement and see your body condition etc via an app. And even your metabolic age Yoohoe15 years younger is a nice stimulus.

josé post 1 year ago

Positieve ervaring: Nice accommodation, pleasant and personal guidance. Great atmosphere.

Gaston Goossens 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: Finally a small-scale and personal gym with personal advice and guidance. Optimal return with 35 (!) minutes of alternating sports twice a week in a pleasant and hygienic environment. The guidance and advice are tailored to your personal situation and goals. Step by step to your final goal and then maintain! An absolute must for those who are not a gym enthusiast from home but who do see the usefulness and necessity of a healthy body.****** Gaston Goossens (1960)

Steff Van Beek 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Erna de Haan 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: It is great to be able to work in this beautiful club and to guide and motivate the athletes to achieve their goals. The atmosphere is fantastic and every time it is nice to see what movement does to us as people and that everyone leaves the club with a satisfied feeling

Alwin Ferwerda 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: A nice concept. Fit in 2x half an hour a week.

gijs wijnveld 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Fine guidance

Jacobiene van de Kraats 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Very satisfied with team Apeldoorn! I have already lost more than 12 kg, feel fitter and feel good in my skin. Oh and the coffee afterwards is delicious.

Johanna Hoeksteen 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: It has always cost me a lot of effort to go to the gym. I don't feel at home at the normal gym. At Fysica I saw people of the same age who, just like me, do not aspire to a sports body but are just enjoying themselves. The 35 minute circuit is long enough for me and because everyone has to start on the same exercise there is a kind of structure. Oh and another plus of Physics is that they don't play loud music!

Colin Wallet 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Do you not feel at home in the gym? Then you've come to the right place!

funny girl 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Quiet sports school. Nice and easy, everyone is welcome. Maaaaaaaaar you do not come hihi they also give big stick !!!!

Ellen Jepma 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Super fun company to work. Nice colleagues and a good working atmosphere

Frits Medendorp 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Recently started exercising at Fysica Apeldoorn. A nice enthusiastic team that even motivates me as a non-athlete. I have been busy for 2 months now and am now 5 kilos lighter and without a diet. Keep it up toppers!

Maxim Benedictus 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Just had contact with the owner, a very friendly man! Know very well what he is doing and has a super sleek concept. I definitely recommend you to take a look here! Sincerely, Maxim Benedict

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