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Kom trainen in onze personal training studio in Leiden en ga voor resultaat in Sport & Lifestyle. Wij bieden personal training en lifestyle coaching.


Barends Training, Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching Leiden heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Barends Training, Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching Leiden: Meningen

5/5 (52 Meningen)
L J J Ouwerkerk 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I have had Mylogenics treatments several times at Barends Training. Robin is knowledgeable, friendly and very proactive in solving “the problem”. The treatments are highly recommended to get back into your body and help you achieve better results during your training sessions.

Nino Comello 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Robin is a very passionate and enthusiastic personal trainer who helps people based on a strong passion for strength training and healthy nutrition. He has a very personal approach which is very pleasant. In Leiden you have come to the right place for the full 100% if you want the best guidance to achieve whatever you want.

monique van bezouwen 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Started with Power hour at Robin in the studio from May 2022. Working on strength training 2x a week in a good atmosphere in a group of maximum 8 participants. Robin knows how to put together a good program with the right guidance. In this way I can now maintain my goals achieved in the PT! Power hour at Barends training is also highly recommended in my opinion! Visited Robin in November 2021 to inquire about the possibilities around personal training. What a good decision! Robin provides a pleasant relaxed atmosphere, good advice, a beautiful training room and a top training program with exercises that are feasible for me. I soon had results (stronger, fitter, slimmer). Sports has become fun again thanks to Robin's help. I will continue to train at Barends training for a while!!

Jacqueline Zirkzee 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Robin is a true professional, always motivating, but also honest. The good thing is that with mylogenics it also takes your aggravated muscles OUT of the knot.

Sabrine B 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I can heartily recommend Robin for personal training, for the experienced and the inexperienced athlete. You learn the right way to exercise, such as squats and weightlifting. This way you tense better and much more muscles in your body with every exercise and you exercise much more effectively. That takes some getting used to. Robin therefore takes the time to ensure that you have mastered all the techniques before you start with your own personal program. He also keeps a close eye on whether you are not doing too much too quickly, so that you can progress with less muscle pain and injury-free! In addition to the knowledge and expertise that Robin offers, it is also just fun. I was a little nervous that someone would watch you for a whole hour while you exercise, but I felt comfortable from the start. During and between exercise, all kinds of topics are discussed, from dolphins and water bottles to the right diet and the reaction your body can have to exercise. The hour flies by every time. Thanks Robin, I'm eagerly waiting for my 8pack. †

Lianne van Galen 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Robin is a very enthusiastic experienced trainer! I did pt with him to get myself ready for my wedding. In addition to being stronger and fitter, I also received nutritional advice for which my fat percentage decreased significantly and I gained more insight into which food was good for me. The boot camp training sessions were a fun follow-up! Highly recommended!

Mirjam Vooijs 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: It was with great pleasure that I participated in PowerHour with Robin for a number of months. Robin is a super nice, sweet, funny and involved trainer with a lot of passion for his profession. I had little experience with strength training and found it quite exciting to start somewhere new, but Robin immediately made me feel at ease. The group is also very pleasant and everyone is welcome. Every lesson is different and I learned a lot. I recommend it to everyone! Thanks for the fun time Robin!

L G Boex 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: With Robin as your personal trainer, you work on much more than just your body. His gym is a wonderful place where you work 1-on-1 on your goals. I just signed up for a second half year of personal training.

Patrick den Os 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Been training for 3 months now under the guidance of Robin. Robin has made a four day strength schedule for me, which suits me well in my weekly planning. In recent years I have been messing around with training but never really made any progress. Now after 3 months the PRs are flying around me. I am getting stronger in every way, which in turn gives me extra motivation to continue. I will definitely continue with Robin's guidance to become even better and stronger. Every now and then a mylogenics treatment to keep the muscles loose and active. All in all I am very satisfied and should have done this years ago.

Judit Santana Zamora 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: The ideal place to train in Leiden! The gym is equipped with good equipment and a professional instructor, Robin. A few years ago I did my "PowerHour" training with Robin, I loved it! A small group and good atmosphere. He is always aware of us trying to make the exercise as effective as possible. I recommend it 100%. Due to work schedules I had to stop going and now I'm back!! *If you don't speak dutch don't worry, you can always teach them spanish, they learn fast xD Thank you very much Robin.

martin 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Followed a duo private lesson here. Got almost one and a half to twice as long as originally planned. Full attention from an experienced trainer, fun to do together and it was nice to go through the three big lifts under supervision. Learned a lot! In addition, a great location, a wide range of equipment and a pleasant atmosphere.

Piet Sulkers 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Topper, Heel veel succes met je bedrijf en de studio!

Manuel 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Normally I can be found in the gym most days of the week. This also includes the injuries after years of intensive use. I came across mylogenics treatment in Leiden via Facebook. I must admit that after the 1st treatment there was already a slight improvement in my motor skills and felt. Previously, I went to physio, dry needling, acupuncture and cupping centers for the same complaints with minimal results. In addition to the mylogenics treatment, the employees at Barends are professional and cordial. It is certainly not lacking in terms of knowledge in various branches of this sport. Highly recommended for muscle complaints and / or for personal training!

Niek van Losenoord 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Robin is a very good personal trainer, I started my training program here some 6 months ago and it has far exceeded my expectations. Robin strikes a good balance between motivating you to push yourself and find the limit while also keeping the training chill and enjoyable. I'm very happy to be training here, I absolutely can not recommend Barends Training enough!

Eva de Regt 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Started personal training three months ago at Barends training. The guidance is super professional and very knowledgeable. I had personal training two days a week and on Sunday I followed a super fun group lesson with a lot of nice people! I would recommend anyone who has doubts about their body or does not know where to start to go to Barends Training. After three months of personal training, I now have a personal training schedule and still fixed measurement moments every month, that is now the perfect second step for me.

Dorien De Rooij 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Last year I followed personal training with Robin twice a week for six months. How much I have learned from him! I can finally deadlift injury free! Robin helped me with a lot of patience to master the technique. From the beginning he was convinced that I could learn this compound exercise. Yesss, nailed it! Robin, thank you for your great guidance!

Patrick van der Meij 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Almost a year and a half ago I started training at Barends Training under the guidance of Mandy. After several failed adventures and a lot of thought, I made a very well-considered choice for my personal trainer and this place. The enormous commitment, the feeling of trust and "being at home", the extreme expertise ensure that after all this time I still train three times a week with lots of energy and fun. Energy is the magic word anyway: it is in large chunks in stock and is distributed with dedication and love to everyone who reports. You pass on that energy yourself, I notice. The result after a year and a half is groundbreaking for me personally, I have made enormous physical and mental jumps. The latter is perhaps most important: I have built up full resistance to all the negativity that I can be exposed to on a daily basis. Even in tense times with the COVID-19 measures, Mandy and Robin are there for their clients: they simply move the entire temple outside. If you are just a little serious about powerlifting and strength training, this is the place to be. It seems like an individual sport, but with all our clients we are a close-knit team that motivates each other and pulls through tough times. This is the best sport for everyone. On September 9, 2019 I started my exercises with my body weight or a kettlebell of 8kg, in January 2021 I squat 175kg and deadlift 205kg. I never want to stop getting stronger. Join the team!

Stef 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Been working out at Barends for a number of years with pleasure, fun and results. Absolute pluses: - a lot of attention to technology. This allows you to train more powerfully and without injuries. That also helps to pick up sports independently. - Power hour classes. Wonderful (small-scale) group of people to enjoy sports together and yet fanatically. - Robin is very professional as a personal trainer. Trains himself a lot and is coached at a top level. He takes this experience with him to the lessons. Provides space for everyone to have their own goal. Personally, it has given me a boost both mentally and physically.

Ralph A. 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: For years I fooled myself to get active and disciplined at the beginning of a new year in the form of fitness in order to make my body more powerful. This appointment with myself weakened again and again over the course of each year. Knowledge was lacking. Knowledge to keep this branch of sport fun and fascinated. To change this, I had to set priorities. 1 of which was to approach a personal trainer. This became Robin. Robin van Barends Training. As soon as I arrived I got a good feeling that I will achieve my goals in Robin's gym. The attention and knowledge that Robin has for you as a personal trainer ensure that you go harder every session than the last. After years of seeing others grow and enjoy what they do, I can now say that my wish has also been fulfilled. Thanks again Robin!

Wendy van der Plas 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Robin is a top PT'er. The way he shapes the training sessions helps me a lot, both physically and mentally. He has a good feel for what I need and responds great to it! My technique has improved enormously, I have become a lot stronger and because of the nutritional guidance that is included in the guidance, my nutritional style has already become much better. Highly recommended!✅

Stephanie de Graaf 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I like to work hard and keep going. But in recent years I have been living more and more. I missed being fit, was often tired and was in pain more and more. I didn't want that anymore. I wanted to feel good and energized again! So I decided to do something about this. A dear friend made me aware of Barends Training. I was quite impressed with their social media account and had a lot of doubts whether this was something for me .. But decided to start the conversation anyway. It was a good conversation, with many insights. These are people who understand their business, who have plenty of knowledge and expertise in-house. Not only in terms of sports, but also in terms of nutrition, sleep and everything that comes with a healthy lifestyle. The whole picture. So often you see TV programs in which people are put on ration, are only allowed to eat raw vegetables and have to train until they drop. If you want that, you shouldn't go to Barends Training. They don't tell you what to do, but they actually train you. They give you the tools and guidelines, they coach you, but they also let you try it out yourself and indicate what suits you. They teach you which nutrients you need, how the anatomy of your body works, which exercises you can do to become stronger and why, but also how important sleep is and what stress can do to you. Mandy is the best coach I could wish for. She teaches me a lot, challenges me, always pushes me a little further, but also takes unforeseen circumstances into account, so that I can always do the maximum possible. She makes the training we do a party! We have the greatest fun and I get a huge kick out of surpassing myself every time. She has also given me the pleasure of walking and I walk every day. I feel more physically and mentally fitter than ever, thanks to my amazing coach!

Chris van der Vlugt 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: After knee surgery I started training with Robin to get fit again as soon as possible. With tailor-made training and intensive guidance I got the most out of my rehabilitation! With a lot of attention for safe and technical training, I even managed to break personal records thanks to Robin! Robin's enthusiasm and passion for his profession is contagious. We have a lot of fun during the training sessions, so I always enjoy going! The Barends Training gym has everything you need. The material is of high quality and the guidance for all aspects of strength sports (technique, nutrition, etc.) is excellent!

Michel Spoor 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Been to Robin a while ago for some information about nutrition and training schedule He helped me a lot and I learned a lot He also does mylogenics, was something unknown to me But I've had a few treatments now and notice a difference Is really different from a Fisio or Sports masseur

rrrrianne 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I was guided by Robin for a while through training schedules and physical weighing moments, after which we went through the new training schedule and went through the exercises one by one. I was able to contact Robin day in day out if I had any questions and he always gave quick and clear/honest advice when I sent videos of my exercises. This really motivated me to perform exercises to the best of my ability! Robin also calculates how many calories you need to achieve a certain goal based on the weighing moments. This will be expanded with the distribution of macros etc. when you are ready. As far as nutrition is concerned, you don't get a pre-chewed feeding schedule, but you really have to do it yourself, with some handles of course. This is very educational! Robin himself is a very nice coach who radiates peace and where you immediately feel at ease! I never felt insecure for a moment. All in all it was a very instructive period during which I still use all the tips often! ✊

Monique Simons 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Na een beroerte te hebben gekregen en eropvolgend diverse revalidaties wilde ik eerst bepaalde zaken op mijn eigen wijze aanpakken. Veel werd n.l. steeds meer belastend voor mij en mijn gezondheid. Mijn gewicht vloog ondanks al toch weer omhoog ook omdat ik weinig beweging had door mijn beperking, medicatiegebruik en het eeuwige jojo-effect. Van alles probeerde ik en ach.... Bijna tot geen resultaten zag ik tot mijn verdriet en ik moest daarnaast ook rekening houden met het feit dat te snel af willen vallen met weinig goed bewegen slecht zou kunnen zijn voor mijn spieren en dit zou ook zorgen voor terugvallen. Totdat ik eindelijk de knop om had en hulp vroeg aan Robin van Barends Training. Hij heeft op een professionele en fijne manier een voor mij verantwoorde doelstelling uitgezet om op een rustige manier mijn gewicht, beetje bij beetje, naar beneden te krijgen samen met het tegengaan van spierverlies. Daarbij ben ik begonnen met Mylogenics behandelingen gecombineerd met dagelijks ondersteunende core en glute activation oefeningen. Ik voel me er heel prima bij ook omdat ik nu bemerk dat ik, door de voor mij verbeterde leefwijze met gewoon te eten samen met de voor mij geschikte oefeningen,... ik me nu al fitter voel door het beter bezig zijn met mijn lichaam. En hoera...Ik val langzaam wat af. Alles gaat op een manier waarin ik nu betere keuzes maak en toch lekker kan blijven eten zonder poespassen ...en op deze wijze gaat t me nu veel beter af om t vol te houden. Zelfs de oefeningen om mijn spieren geactiveerd te kunnen houden! Ik ben echt om en zit ik nu weer lekkerder in mijn vel. :-) Ik heb nog een weg te gaan maar het gaat me nu beter lukken door de professionele begeleiding van Robin Barends! Monique Sulkers-Simons

Jeltje 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: For four years now and then I have suffered from tibial infection. All this time I also went to see a physiotherapist, but unfortunately it kept coming back and I had to stop playing hockey. Assuming it has become permanent and would not go away anymore, I was persuaded by my sister to try a mylogenics release treatment at Barends Training. Here, not only was the relief of my pain looked at, but the cause of it was being sought, so as to remedy the problem in the long term. To my great surprise, I already felt after one treatment that my injury was diminishing. Now I have had three treatments and I only suffer from stiff calves, but I have had no more pain and I can just exercise (carefree) again! I did not expect that this was still possible after all treatments in recent years !! The atmosphere at Barends Training is pleasant and I quickly felt at ease! Very happy that I started doing mylogenics release treatments at Barends Training !!!

Remon Zandvliet 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: After a long time, not having enough energy for daily things and not being completely satisfied with my body, finally took the step taken to follow personal training at Barends training. Robin and Mandy's professional approach and personal attention has motivated me to go for it 100%. I have been under PT guidance at Robin for 6 months now and I also follow workout-of-the-day and power-hour. A lot of attention is paid to the technique and background (why you do something) of the exercises during the training sessions. This makes you very aware of what you are doing and that makes the exercises a lot more fun / interesting for me. This also applies to nutritional guidance, instead of a chewed-out schedule you are taught how to make the right choices to achieve the set nutritional goal. Are you stuck? Then they are always ready to help you and answer your questions, even outside of training. This has helped me gain insight into my own diet and completely change my lifestyle. In addition, the training sessions are always fun, including the workout-of-the-day and power-hour group lessons. The group lessons are always varied and everyone is enthusiastic / motivated. There is also room for personal attention during the group lessons. In the meantime I have lost 12 kg, I am fit, have a more positive attitude towards life and always have energy. In other words; I feel like a different person. Something I could not have achieved without the help of Robin and Mandy!

Ron en Con Gommel 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I think the power of Barend's training is the enthusiasm with which Robin guides you. The exercise is first explained well and during the execution you will be corrected 1 on 1. Robin knows how to get you through your last repetitions if you think I can't do it anymore. He then lets you do this well. I see myself growing in my sport and I also benefit from his training in daily life.

Niels Prashad 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: After considering personal training for a while, I finally contacted Robin van Barends training. Decisive to start with were complaints during and after cycling. After 2 months of personal training, Mylogenic treatments and nutritional guidance, not only are the complaints gone, but I have also lost weight and become much fitter. At Barends training Robin and Mandy think along with you very well and they also know how to motivate you very well during and outside the training sessions. Definitely recommend considering personal training and/or Mylogenics here- nothing more than praise!

Xinmeng Li 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Highly recommended for personal weight training. Very nice and quite studio; professional guidence. The owners are super nice and comminicate well with English. I enjoyed the training very much. Mylogenics is also awesome here, syndrome can be figured out and get treated well quickely~ 非常好~~

Kirsten de Brabander 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: The combination of training and nutritional advice was exactly what I was looking for. I have been training (personal) with Robin for 8 months now. Super! I should have done this much earlier! I train with Robin twice a week. Focus on strength training, technology and good nutrition tips, making me more in shape than ever before. Robin is always available for questions or tips. In addition, a good atmosphere. They train and laugh. Robin and Mandy have a real passion for their profession. Super learned a lot and happy with the result. The personal training is almost finished. Then I switch to a group lesson at Barend's training.

Hannelore Dekoning 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Started a 6-month personal training plan in July without ever trying power training before. It was a match made in heaven. Mandy knows how to motivate, and even to push yourself a little bit. But without forcing you into personal records. After 6months i feel fitter then ever, my fat % had decreased significantly, and i don't feel i had to change my life dramatically. Mandy gave me the tools to find this improved lifestyle by myself, so I can easily maintain after finishing my program. On top of that Mandy and Robin have a great Mylogenics practice which loosens up the muscles, this helps to improve power training. I could recommend this to anyone of every age.

Judith Katz 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Very happy that I decided to train 9 months ago at Barends. I was looking for a personal trainer who focused 100% on strength training (I didn't want a fuss with blueballs and burpees), and I found that in Robin (and Mandy!). I almost lost 10 kilos almost unnoticed (no hunger diet, just happily eat 2000 calories a day) and have become much stronger in squat, deadlift and benchpress. My technique has also become much and much better. Personal training is really personal here: private lessons in a super nice studio with a great atmosphere. Robin and Mandy have a huge passion for their profession and are always there for you. I recommend it to everyone!

Aliye Keijzer 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Started in August with a "14 week training plan", the goal was to lose weight and maintain muscle mass. The weight went down and every 3 weeks I got a measurement, on the scale and also a skin fold measurement. This allows you to keep a tidy record and measure the windshield! You also learn "how much" you can and can eat, especially what you should and should not eat! Keeping the right amounts, carbohydrates, proteins and fats and fibers in balance was a challenge and a puzzle, but certainly with results! Mandy was always there when I needed advice, she is always available by phone. I was also allowed to be in contact with Robin, I had a 'mylogenics' treatment with him. This appeared to be an effective treatment that could relieve pain in an injury, for example. I had a lot of problems with the wrist. The treatment was quite painful in my opinion. I was quite skeptical so under the motto bath it do not harm it, I underwent a 'full body' treatment. Amazing but true, my complaint has completely disappeared. Robin and Mandy are both very friendly and understanding people. Appointments are scheduled outside of the office hours and they are therefore also very flexible! I can't help but recommend these two people!

Sahar Khanloo 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: At Barends training you do not go to a usual cardio based gym, what you get is a tailored made strength and fitness build program, mentoring, and also great nutritional advise! It’s a top full package of training to strengthen your abilities, push your limits and have fun! I definitely have enjoyed training with Mandy which started Jan this year. Working out with Mandy makes me looking forward for the training sessions and checking out the progress of my body fat reduction and muscle build. As an expat in Leiden who has moved to Netherlands only 2 years ago, Mandy has for sure created a great impact on my super market shopping habits! Being a vegeterian I tend not to focus on the right nutrients specially protein, this was impacted even more with moving to Netherlands. Thanks to her I have learned what to buy and eat to be a healthier person and eat the right portion of food my body needs. In addition I am traveling constantly for work and have not been able to be training with Mandy every week. To avoid getting out of the program Mandy makes a travel workout plan which encourages me to check out the gyms even while in other continents :) Feeling stronger, and more confident in my body, loosing weight and less pain and cramps due to my work lifestyle has been the biggest impacts I could wish for. Last but not least It is very enjoyable to work out with inspirational people like Mandy and Robin themselves who are always pushing themselves to their limits and looking for learning and exploring new techniques. Thank you guys and looking forward for my next session

Nathalie Mink 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Since June I ended up at Barends training by a friend of mine. I saw very good results with her. I then made a no-obligation appointment with Mandy, to ask for information about what I can expect at Barends training. After the conversation I was actually already sold. I find nutrition the most difficult. I've actually been messing around with that for years. Exercise but no results. And Mandy or Robin help you get your calories from a healthy diet. Said make a bioimpedance and skinfold measurement. And from that they make a calorie calculation. And you get a training schedule that suits your body and to achieve your goals. I have now been busy for five weeks and I have already noticed such a result. Not only physically but I already feel a lot fitter. To get my calories from good nutrition. After two weeks you will end up with Mandy or Robin. To see if everything is going well. And a motivation measurement. And then after three weeks. You will receive an evaluation, measurement and feedback. I have now started the 14 week program with Mandy. It is very nice to be guided by Mandy. You can always send a message. You can always come by. If you no longer know exactly how to do the exercise again. You do the exercises at home or in a gym with this program. Today also had a second measurement. Good results again. Lose weight and fat percentage down. Very happy with this. Mandy and Robin are also trained in Mylogenics massages. Certainly not a painless massage treatment, but it works great. I am now also working on the second treatment of mylogenics. I was completely stuck with my neck, back and shoulder. I have a lot of headaches. And I couldn't do my exercises properly, such as squats, and with the kettebell stiff leg deadlift I couldn't get my back straight. But what a difference I now see after these two treatments. I can do the squats very low now. My attitude is completely correct now. I can stretch my arms very far than before. My training exercises are now going very well. Headache complaints are a lot less. While I have been using it for years. They couldn't do anything about it at the hospital. I also recommend everyone at Barends Training. My friend has also recently arrived there. Can we also motivate each other? I really enjoy guidance. Telling everything clearly really takes the time for you. Mandy also sends messages about how things are going. Very interested in your training and nutrition. Only pluses! Definitely continue this with Mandy and Robin.

Shirley van As 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: At the beginning of this year I started the nutrition program at Barends Training under the guidance of Mandy. The program lasts 14 weeks and my last 4 weeks of guidance have started. I have achieved so much results. I have been training myself for years, but with Mandy's training schedule and nutritional advice I make huge leaps and gain a lot of knowledge. I am 35 years old but feel 10x better than when I was 25. Not only has my body changed a lot, my health has also improved enormously. Believe me, when you listen to and follow the advice of the trainers of Barends Training, the results come quickly. What is also nice is that they are trained in the treatment technique Mylogenics. Certainly not a painless treatment but very effective. The treatment (a total of three times now, but you notice a difference after one time) allows me to squat deeper and heavier. The pain in my shoulders has also disappeared. I have sedentary work behind a PC and you get stuck with that. Everything is loose again thanks to Mylogenics. As I said, my last four weeks of counseling have arrived, but I will definitely continue with a second period. It's addicting!!! Robin and Mandy from Barends Training are real top trainers, expert and up to date with their treatment techniques. I recommend them to anyone who wants to go for it :-)

Glenn Siera 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Since November 2017 under supervision of Robin for food. April 2, 2018 ready and already achieved a lot. Very clear explanation and tailor-made advice, already lost 12 kg and we continue quietly! A few times as a model for Mylogenics in February. My lower back was bothering me. Through the treatments of Robin and Mandy we found out that it came from my calves. These are well addressed so that my calves are no longer hard and the pain in my lower back is over!

Sanne Groebbé 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Barends training is the perfect place if you want to train well, hard and responsibly! I have been participating in 'Workout of the day' for a while now and every week we just have to wait and see what we have to do. Because of this variation, you train different muscle groups in a different way every week, through fun combinations of cardio and strength. Because of this I notice that I make a lot of progress because you are never doing the same thing every time. Because you train in a small group, there is a lot of personal attention and attention is paid to posture and technique. In addition, Robin and Mandy are really two very good (and very nice!) And above all motivating trainers, which makes this lesson a great party every week! Thanks Robin and Mandy for that!

Chloe Ang 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I have trained with Robin at Barends Training for the past 9 months. As a foreigner, I was initially hesitant to approach a local gym but Robin and Mandy have made every effort to make me feel comfortable with them, to teach me about Dutch culture and how things work in the Netherlands, and to learn about my culture in return. They're basically my Dutch translators. Every session is filled with laughter and fun conversations (aside from training, of course). In terms of training, Robin and Mandy offer a really good package deal for personal training. A personalised training programme (even home exercises), nutrition advice, taking of measurements, and free participation in their various group training sessions. Barends Training was set up Robin a few years back and he understands the importance of catering to his clients so his way of working is friendly, flexible and tailored to the individual. Robin and Mandy also make training a lovely experience that is centred around health and growth (not unsustainable results), which I cannot stress enough the importance of. Their passion for health, fitness and their gym is evident from the way they maintain their own fitness, their constant drive to improve themselves as trainers (e.g. taking courses and becoming certified in mylogenics and kettle bell training while working full-time), upgrading the gym through the procurement of more equipment, supporting sports foundations that work with children from less advantaged backgrounds, etc. All in all, Robin and Mandy definitely place their clients’ best interests at heart, which it is evident from any interaction with them. Personally, I came to Robin with a myriad of aches/pains - upper and lower back pains, knee problems and even a fractured elbow. Robin has been very patient with all my ailments and developed a training programme intended to strengthen these problematic muscle groups whilst being careful not to push me too far. I have since been able to train with heavier weights on exercises that I once thought I couldn't do because of my many aches and pains. He has also helped me with rehabilitating my elbow after the fracture and it is now almost at its former strength. He also deserves to be praised for listening to my incessant whining! The location of the gym itself is very convenient - about a 4-5 minute cycle from the centre of town. The gym is clean and well-equipped, and there is no overcrowding at any point since they work by appointment. Overall, I definitely recommend Barends Training to anyone who seeks a change in their health/fitness - you’d have knowledgable, friendly trainers (also friends!) who keep you motivated :)

Frank Visser 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Now almost 1.5 years ago Robin and Mandy have inspired me to get more out of myself. What started with boot camp training has moved to 14 weeks of nutritional guidance, which eventually evolved into a completely different mindset and a different view on sports, food and the balance between these. Now 1.5 years later I have lost more than 15 kilos, I have a lot more shape in my body due to a healthy muscle building and I am happy with who I am again. If I hadn't gone to work in the Rotterdam area, I would 100% definitely look up Mandy's guidance again. Very inspiring and recommended to everyone!

Mirjam Roos 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Started with Barends Training since August. In a word: super! Mandy and Robin understand what the word personal in Personal Training means. Tailor-made nutritional advice, customized training and customized feedback. They surprise you with new training sessions, and motivate you to get that little bit extra out of yourself so that your goals are literally visible! From the beginning, the millimeters and kilos flew off! Nothing unattainable diets, just nice exercise and good food. Mandy and Robin, thanks! I'm not done yet :).

katherina doxiadis 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Good guidance and challenging workouts! I have been doing strength training for years and alternate that with cardio. But I lost motivation a bit and also wanted someone to take a look at my technique again. The past 14 weeks I trained with Robin with the Power Hour. Pop for an hour. At the beginning Robin explains everything and then it is just going. He watches all the time whether you are doing well or not making yourself too easy. Really recommended if you need motivation!

Tessa Vreeburg 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Super nice and good tailored guidance! Mandy is a long time my workout schedules and calculates how much I may (now should) eat. I am very happy with their guidance, my body has already changed a lot! These days I also do Power Hour at Barend training, an hour of strength training where Robin watches your technique and you learn all the ins & outs of strength exercises. Robin and Mandy are honest, have a great understanding of what they do and are also very sweet. They always know how to motivate me super well! In addition, they try everything yourself (check their instagramaccounts) before they let you do anything. It is not a diet, but guidance to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Highly recommended! There is no 'quickfix', then everyone had already done that, but Barend Training will definitely help you very well! #teambarends

PR RP 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Can't say anything other than that Robin and Many are doing great. They give good advice guide you with the full 100%. Thanks to Barends Training I got a good look at food, I feel fitter and I have lost 5 kg and over 2.5% fat in a responsible manner. So if you are looking for good guidance in sports, nutrition and also want to lose weight then you are at the right place at Barends Training.

Yannick Breuer 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: In one word '' perfect! '' In the number of sessions I have followed at Barend's training I learned a lot, from improving my posture to eating more consciously. The guidance of both Robin and Mandy are extremely professional. They really motivate you to get the most out of your training. I am very happy with their guidance !!

Silke Fest 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Inspiration and motivation! Robin and Mandy provide proper guidance during training, pay attention to technology and know how to manage that you continuously want to challenge yourself. Because of the good guidance you can use what you learn during a training to get started at home or in the gym. A must for anyone who wants to make the switch to strength training, but has doubts or does not dare. Take it from a French doubter: it's definitely worth it!

John Barends Tanasale 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: As a father of Robin, I have followed Barends Training from the beginning in 2014, of course. Of course I cannot give a completely objective opinion either, but what I can say anyway is that I have done a personal training with Robin a number of times and I enjoyed it very much. His guidance is clear and calm and at the same time effective. I also experienced his approach and customer support from close by and it was striking that they experienced this as pleasant. Barends Training is still a young company. With the help of Robin and Mandy, it can grow into a successful personal training studio.

Lennart Semeijn 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Barends Training is personal training with enthusiasm. Highly recommended to take your Lifestyle to a higher level. Moreover, they have their own space and enough knowledge of the profession to fill several books. For a year I had personal training from Robin himself. A lot of progress has been made in my life and parts have become more self-assured. Thanks!

Serena Van der Geest 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I have been taking the nice strength training lessons with Robin for a while now. The lessons are varied and it motivates me to do strength training several times a week. What is also very nice is that you do a lot of different exercises that you can do again in the gym! You will also learn how to perform the exercises correctly. But of course what is also missing is fun!

Tom van Leuven 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Personal training at Barends training is top. An excellent balance between training and good guidance in the field of nutrition. Mandy and Robin put together an extensive training program including advice on what you can and cannot eat. This can be as strict as you want, but always with a view to achieving the realistic result. Much personal involvement via app. The training studio is professional and well equipped.

Paul Roos 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: A few weeks ago I started training together with Trainer Robin Barends. Professional good training / guidance tailored 1 on 1, he helps me get the most out of every workout. Notice that it works, feel stronger and fitter! And also see results when I stand in front of the mirror, and even better people in my area see it too! In addition, I also received tips on good nutrition to achieve my goal, the weight loss is now going very well, the armbands are flying off! Thxs Robin and Mandy, you are the best!

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