Informatie over Forza Fit Health Center

Schipborgstraat 4
2541 PL, Den Haag
+31 70 309 9006


  • maandag: 24 uur geopend
  • dinsdag: 24 uur geopend
  • woensdag: 24 uur geopend
  • donderdag: 24 uur geopend
  • vrijdag: 24 uur geopend
  • zaterdag: 00:00–17:00
  • zondag: 07:00–17:00

Betaal geen inschrijfgeld, train 4 weken gratis, 2 sessies met een personal trainer, 2 gratis weekpassen cadeau en 100% zeker resultaat met jouw persoonlijke fitplan.

Forza Fit Healthcenter biedt een scala aan faciliteiten. Sporten, ontspannen, samen of alleen, groepssporten of individueel, met of zonder begeleiding - alles is mogelijk!


Forza Fit Health Center heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Forza Fit Health Center: Meningen

mohammed hh 9 months ago

best gym in the hague area

Levent cCc 1 year ago

Super friendly people, always helpful and perfect group lessons by expert trainers. Keep it up guys Best regards Levent Ceylan

Manuel Fondeur Arias 2 years ago

Good and nice fairy

Ghizlan Tahiri 2 years ago

Best fitness school in The Hague

Barbarossa 2 years ago

Large space and plenty of opportunities for training. Here you get value for money!

Naima B. 2 years ago

A very nice gym where you, as a woman, can work out at your leisure. Relax after a workout in the sauna. Highly recommended!

Rayae Rai 2 years ago

Finally become fit and slim again by Forza Fit !!!

Rafika H. 2 years ago

A very nice gym! Highly recommended!

Kim De jong 3 years ago

The classes are fantastic! A top gym

Richard De rode 3 years ago

Nice group lessons, diversity and a lot of sports fun after training, always look up the steam bath which always smells delicious

Merlin Lubberdink 3 years ago

I myself worked out a few times in this gym and I had a very good experience here. I would do the group lessons for women in particular a few more times. They also have a separate entrance for women, which I think is a plus.

Haagse-geer 3 years ago

Best sports club in The Hague and surroundings. Super good coffee and delicious shakes.

Tim Dumerniet 3 years ago

a good gym it's chill and cozy it's hardly ever crowded and it's a nice gym and a good personal trainer/training schedule I RECOMMEND THIS GYM!!!!!!!

afg killer1994 3 years ago

Best gym ever, enjoy training there

Mohammed hamejo 3 years ago

Very good, they speak all languages ??and also very clean 24 hours open ????

Mohamed Nur 3 years ago

Very nice gym good guidance I've been doing it for 2 months and I've already lost 10kg thanks to the professional trainers. Thanks Forza Fit Health Center!! Best Place to be

??? 3 years ago

I feel that the fitness here is very good. The environment is very good. The gym is also very big. It also has two kinds of saunas (dry and humidified).

Emmanuel Asomaning 3 years ago

I've been working out here for half a year I've had a good training schedule I've already lost 12 kilos great guidance and friendly staff best gym in South Holland

Vlad Corogeanu 3 years ago

Top equipment, excellent training&nutrition plans are offered. Very friendly staff! Highly recommended for a healthy life style.

Khadija El haddouti 3 years ago

The cross bikes are fantastic They also give very good lessons I have already lost 11 Kilo! Super Forza Fit Keep it up!!

Marco Van herwaarde 3 years ago

Nice gym, nice people. I've been training for a few months. I can recommend it to everyone.

Salima El irari 3 years ago

Very nice gym, kickboxing lessons from my daughter are also educational. I train here at my leisure and I really enjoy it.

Bob De vries 3 years ago

Nice big gym, you don't have to wait before you can use a device, which is nice. Nice atmosphere in the room and it's always clean

Olivia Kilic 3 years ago

Nice gym with nice employees and good equipment. Also great that it is open 24/7.

Eymen Tunis 3 years ago

The saunas and steam baths are wonderful, always relax after exercising Forza is the best!!!!

Giovanni Ortela 3 years ago

A very good gym Highly recommended!! Almost never busy!

Bertina Ruijs 3 years ago

Very clear and achievable

Rahman Soltani 3 years ago

The group lessons were fantastic again!!!

Kelvin Braam 3 years ago

A very good gym in itself. Very good quality and very customer oriented. Definitely recommended

Marco herwaarden 3 years ago

Super nice sports center I have been training there for more than 2 years. Especially nice that they are open 24 hours.

Youssef el Kasmi 3 years ago

Very nice sports center, the coffee is delicious. And the staff extremely friendly. It's always super clean. In short, a super health center 5 stars!

Samir Yakhlef 3 years ago

I really shouldn't write a good review because it could lure people to the gym and then get busy using the equipment. However, the gym is so big that you never have to wait to do your exercises. If it does happen, there are plenty of good alternatives.

Patryk S 3 years ago

I recommend it to everyone

Danny van den Bergh 4 years ago

Forza Fit Healthcenter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, exercise when you want and achieve your goals here!

?ukasz Pacyk 4 years ago

Best fitness in Den Haag!

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