Informatie over Plaza Sportiva Euroborg

Boumaboulevard 527
9723 ZS, Groningen
+31 50 850 8050


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–17:00
  • zondag: 08:00–17:00


Plaza Sportiva Euroborg heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Plaza Sportiva Euroborg: Meningen

Rick Brugts 1 year ago

Spacious. Excellent facilities and group lessons. Swimming pool and sauna available. Restaurant and Shakes.

Geo Euro Vet UU 1 year ago

Great infrastructure, machines and training options. Everything from HIIT to swimming, spa ans sauna....great group classes and big varietyy

Giselle Vollaro 1 year ago

Excellent customer service. Nice installations, gym, sauna, pool. Very good place when Corona measurements allow to enjoy it. During lockdown also online lessons available.

Zahed Salah 1 year ago

Integrated gym in a beautiful location and great customer service and quality

Henk Hindriks 1 year ago

Good environment to get and stay fit. Nice staff. No "macho" environment.

Fredric 1 year ago

Great gym w good equipment

Mark Datema 1 year ago

Nice gym! All the equipment you need and spaciously set up. In addition, a swimming pool with sauna. In my opinion the best gym in Groningen.

Web meister 1 year ago

Excellent gym with good guidance and nice equipment. Sauna facilities are also lovely. Recommended!

Ronald IJdens 2 years ago

Nice gym, very spacious with swimming pool and sauna

Skye Ermocida 2 years ago

Love this place. Mini wellness centre

Rene Postma 2 years ago

Spacious fitness center with swimming pool and wellness. Varied and wide range of group lessons. Catering available.

Spoenk Langkous 2 years ago

Very good atmosphere in the gym, with a mixed crowd. Also many additional facilities, sauna with roof terrace.

Lucienne Bouwman 2 years ago

Nice gym, good guidance. It is pleasant to exercise.

Andre Hendriks 3 years ago

Nice sports opportunity

Linda de Munck 3 years ago

Overall a really great gym. Super nice staff and mega fun group lessons, lots of choice and good instructors. I really feel comfortable there and that is very important to me at a gym. It is a pity that they have been working on the roof terrace near the sauna for so long now ..

Eric Vernes 3 years ago

Nice staff

Pia Venema 3 years ago


Muizzuddin Shidqi 3 years ago

Best gym in Groningen indeed. Also, they just revitalized the place into a much better and accommodating. Excellent!

Henrikas Gelgota 3 years ago

All what you might need

Kwebie 3 years ago

Nice gym, where the trainers personally make time for you. 10/10

Jolanda De Wal 3 years ago

Very nice gym. Lots of choice from group lessons, which I personally love very much. You can swim there, take a sauna and the staff will think along with you and is super helpful! The people who come there are friendly and treat each other well. If you want you can go for a nice snack and / or drink after your workout. During corona period they have thought very well and found extremely good solutions! In short; only praise!

Anneke Monique ter Maat 4 years ago

The largest and most luxurious gym in Groningen, with a large fitness room and lots of fun group lessons. The wellness area has a normal, an infrared and a herbal and color sauna and a steam bath. In addition, there is a swimming pool, in which you can swim freely outside aqua fit and other lesson times.

Willem de Vlugt 4 years ago

Excellent gym with a lot of variety and possibilities, with options for individual and supervised.

Anna Wondergem 4 years ago

A wonderful sports center with excellent fitness facilities and as icing on the cake three large saunas, steam / red / and a regular sauna. On the roof terrace it is nice to lie in the sun and there is a warmer sauna with showers.

Ineke Propstra 4 years ago

Nice gym!

Rob Tilma 4 years ago

Nice gym

Mark Smit 4 years ago

Fine gym, relaxed atmosphere, ideal combination with swimming pool, saunas and restaurant

willem Bouman 4 years ago

Great place to work out

Johnny van Calfsbeek 4 years ago

Spacious gym for both cardio and strength training as well as group lessons. Expert and friendly guidance. Everything is well maintained. Spacious changing rooms with showers and extensive wellness with swimming pool, steam bath, several saunas, lounge area and roof terrace. Laifood eatery at the entrance with appropriate and diverse menu. Parking two floors below, under the jumbo. Slightly pricey, but it outweighs the comfort and convenience

Herman 4 years ago

Nice fitness center.

Chris Bakker 4 years ago

Very good gym. No or short waiting times for appliances, nice saunas and swimming pool is good at temperature

JorisQC 5 years ago

Great place to fitness

Tony Macaroni 5 years ago

Can exercise well

Heico Koorn 5 years ago

Super sports. Nice companion!

??? 5 years ago


Eddie Meijer 5 years ago

Great gym!

Louis Frielink 5 years ago

Super nice gym with swimming pool and sauna. Nice staff and relaxed atmosphere.

JL CR 5 years ago

Best gym in Groningen!

Frans Bijma 5 years ago

Nice gym with excellent guidance.

Evelien Alting 6 years ago

Fine gym with excellent guidance and many options

Rene Boer 6 years ago

Great gym, with nice sauna.

Sasha Z 6 years ago

Nice sauna, big pool. Excellent gym.

Sanne van Renesse 6 years ago

They give you lots of room to try the gym and sauna will be if you are not yet a member. It looks very neat. The sauna is especially beautiful and extensive.

Lourens van der Zee 6 years ago

Probably the best gym in Groningen. Especially because of its facilities: very good, qualified and friendly staff, swimming pool/sauna and restaurant.

Leo Bruijnooge 6 years ago

Best fitnesclub in Groningen. Not cheap but you get everything you can think of in a sportsclub.

Arjen van der Schaaf 6 years ago

A pleasant gym, nice enthusiastic people, and after the effort relax in the pool and sauna.

Frits Postema 6 years ago

Great gym

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