Informatie over Fit For Free Sportschool Middelburg

Buitenruststraat 20
4337 EH, Middelburg


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00

Fit For Free is dé sportschool in Middelburg. Onbeperkt fitness op de manier die bij jou past. Word nu lid of kom een keer proefsporten.

Sportschool Fit For Free Middelburg is hét fitnesscentrum in Middelburg, waar je op de manier kan sporten die bij jou past. Wil je ontdekken of fitness wat voor je is? Je mag gerust komen proefsporten bij ons. Vraag daarvoor gemakkelijk een dagpas aan, waarmee je gebruik kunt maken van alle faciliteiten en/of een groepsles volgen. We helpen je graag op weg in de Fit For Free club aan de Buitenruststraat 20!


Fit For Free Sportschool Middelburg heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Fit For Free Sportschool Middelburg: Meningen

Joeri Mulder 9 months ago

Very customer friendly Good space/fitness equipment Great group lessons/Les Mills programs

Ineke Joosse- van Gils 10 months ago

Super nice gym with good instructors and an eye for the individual. Very varied group lessons!

Moaid Alkhteeb 1 year ago


????? ??????? 1 year ago

Thank you very much

tamam ?????? 1 year ago

Very excellent and I recommend everyone to come to him they are respectful ?

Rita Dobbelaar-Menig 1 year ago

Nice to work out for an hour.

marianne janse 1 year ago

great sports school fun group lessons something for everyone, sufficient range of group lessons, friendly staff.

Jose Caler 1 year ago

Perfect for training of any age

C B 1 year ago

Positive: Communication A proper and clean gym with generous space and plenty of equipment. Anneke is the best staff I have ever met. She put lots of effort and helped me a lot for solving a conflict about membership. I will suggest Fit For Free Middelburg to my friends just because of her helful attitude.

Rick Leijs 2 years ago

Great gym. It is a pity that they are now at 30 people, which makes booking very difficult. For example, it should be full in my hour, but didn't feel like everyone was there. Still a nice app with schedules to use. And nice and clean.

Julien Maas 2 years ago

Perfect. Friendly and helpful employees, good facilities, good atmosphere.

Kevin Lievense 2 years ago

Good devices where I can always do whatever I want

benjamin-john Paulissen 2 years ago

top place

Vania Jericota 2 years ago

Friendly staff

Lisa Goertz 2 years ago

Great cozy super clean always and you enjoy during that sport and the staff is very friendly

Richard Dekker 2 years ago

Low macho percentage. Always friendly staff and sporters wanting to help.

Dingeman steijn 2 years ago

Nice gym. Calm atmosphere. Spacious layout.

Andres Dirks 2 years ago

You can do fun sports at Fit For Free, a spacious gym for everyone.

Haider Asmail 2 years ago

Very well

Wim Boks 2 years ago

Great gym, free shower and sauna, nice and friendly staff.

Sheila Kroes 2 years ago

Beautiful gym. Very neat, clean and very extensive range. I wouldn't think it was a Fit for Free...if I hadn't seen the name. Even with sauna. And that Spinning room.... wow. Great zumba instructors by the way! Anyway, all the staff... so incredibly customer-friendly. And they also organize great events! Great.

Leon Beekman 3 years ago

Good gym, equipment is top notch, staff is helpful.

Abdelfattah Tohtouh 3 years ago


Peter Prince 3 years ago

The best gym there is.

Valentin Glodeanu 3 years ago


Vincent Wessels 3 years ago

A good fitness center! All equipment available and good guidance if desired. Various classes are also given by the friendly and fanatic staff !! Do you want more endurance and / or a tight, muscular body, then this is the place2be !!

joy droogsma 3 years ago

Busy but good

ShadowPlayzZ 3 years ago

Good gym with a lot of choice of sports equipment and good offers

Leslie Geerse 4 years ago

Modern gym, it can sometimes be busy that is sometimes a disadvantage. On the other hand, if you come outside of peak hours, you can easily go through it and you will not be waiting if your device is free. Staff is also pleasant and the equipment looks well maintained. The option for extra lessons and the specially equipped space for spinning is also very nice.

Emm Gee 4 years ago

Great location, nice people

Jessica Cornelisse 4 years ago

Nice gym

Thomas Dekker 4 years ago

Only gym where staff eat Mc Donald's on the go.

Deborah van den Boogaart 4 years ago

Finally a normal gym where everyone can feel at home

Peter Muijters 4 years ago

Very good and pleasant gym.they take the time for you and very very friendly

Nancy Robinson 4 years ago

Spacious gym, new equipment, very neat

Huberto Hoven 4 years ago

All markets provided, very clean too

Suzette Suzette 4 years ago

Nice companion a the personnel perfect

René Weijland 4 years ago

Nice, clean and great gym. Wide range of group lessons and friendly staff.

Timo Scholtens 5 years ago

Handy weights, good discounts and promotions and excellent service.

Léon Scholten 5 years ago

Great sports school. Incl sauna

Hiels Oving 5 years ago

Good equipment, help and athletes!

muriel landveld 5 years ago

Customer friendly and always clean!

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