Informatie over CrossFit CKM Middelburg

Oude Veerseweg 22
4332 SH, Middelburg
+31 6 43516325


  • maandag: 08:00–21:00
  • dinsdag: 08:00–21:00
  • woensdag: 08:00–21:00
  • donderdag: 08:00–21:00
  • vrijdag: 08:00–21:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–21:00
  • zondag: 08:00–21:00


CrossFit CKM Middelburg heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

CrossFit CKM Middelburg: Meningen

Aadje 2 months ago

Looks good on that website but also the location itself; keep it up..... Until May 2015!

Alexander de Reu 2 months ago

A nice spartan place to train with nice people :)

Yasmin - MIXOFME 2 months ago

Nice and varied training sessions, and a super good atmosphere within the group. Really recommended !!

Michaela di Majo 2 months ago

I now train a little more than half a year with great pleasure at Circuit and Krachttraining Middelburg. In the training sessions there is always ample attention for the individual and there is a cozy atmosphere. There is a good variation between the components of strength, technique, fitness and agility in the training courses. The instructors are friendly and offer well-structured training sessions. And the most important thing is perhaps that hard work results relatively quickly, such as weight loss and muscle and strength!

Joost Dix 2 months ago

A very nice group and good guidance!

Sander van Sluijs 2 months ago

Good and fun trainings are given. everyone is enthusiastic and pleasantly short for a great place to come and work out.

Ruben Moorlag 2 months ago

Nice and spicy training sessions with a lot of personal attention and a good atmosphere. CKM keep it up!

Pascal Corbijn 2 months ago

I have been a member of CKM for over half a year now. The guidance is great and everyone helps each other with (new) techniques and workouts. A good alternation between strength and cardio training and that for a reasonable price!

Olaf Wagenaar 2 months ago

Good guidance and fun lessons with a fun group of people!

Maarten Van Bloois 2 months ago

At CKM you can train crossfit 24/7. Condition building and power development at your own level and possibilities. It is all there.

JP Karman 2 months ago

Very nice and very enthusiastic instructors !!

Demis Blaasse 2 months ago

this is really training!

Toby A 2 months ago

Fun and good training sessions with an enthusiastic group!

Francisco Guarin 2 months ago

what a good box! I liked. and the gorgeous trainer !!!!

Kevin Weiss 1 year ago

I had a really nice drop in during my vacation. They have a great community with friendly coaches and people. The equipment is great and the atmosphere is enjoyable. All in all it was a demanding workout but I had a lot of fun in that awesome place and the coach gave me some nice tips to endure the workout I directly felt welcome and would recommend this place for everyone who wants to have a good sporty and healthy time.

Tirza Boogaard 2 years ago

The place to be for Crossfit, Bootcamp, functional fitness, weightlifting and gymnastics. Super nice, cozy community, where everyone is welcome. Cool & competent trainers who always try to get the best out of you! Be prepared to sweat and push yourself to the limit!

A. B. 3 years ago

Nice box with nice people and a coach who has a lot of good weightlifting tips away from the routine in stock. If you are in Zeeland, you should drop by a DropIn.

Kai Esser 3 years ago

I was there for a dropin on 11.06.19. It was a nice atmosphere. The boxowner came right up to me and explained everything to me. Great wod, nice people. I'd like to come back

Claudia Verhorst 3 years ago

Cool place to exercise. Easily accessible, for young and old with fanatic, strict but fair instructors / coaches who are always willing to advise, help and explain. Even if you don't know what a powerclean, hangsnatch, clean and jerk or thruster is after almost a year Lots of variety and challenging WODs and athletes, who challenge each other in a fun way. Fast and efficient way to get yourself fit. So don't hesitate and just go and do it.

Levon Scheijbeler 3 years ago

Dit is een ideale plaats/box om fitter te worden, zowel mentaal als lichamelijk! Positieve sfeer, goeie coaching die je niet aan je lot overlaten. Het fijne is dat de workouts heel verschillende zijn en niet afhankelijk van je niveau, ben je groot, klein, sterk, beginnend, pro, etc. er is altijd een aanpassing te vinden om het voor jezelf zo uitdagend mogelijk te maken!

Abdullah Türköz 4 years ago

Great atmosphere, friendly and professional coaches. Also efficient WODs.

Rowena Isabella Wehnes 4 years ago

Cozy box, fantastic coaches. Not a CrossFit factory, but a real CrossFit family.

Stijn Leijnse 4 years ago

Brand new professional Box, cozy team and good guidance for a great price!

Nils Röttgen 4 years ago

I will do another drop in here on my next vacation and look forward to being able to train outside in good weather. Very good ideas for the community, good group and good material

David Kuhnen 4 years ago

Great Box, Greate Coaches Really enjoy my stay in middelburg with those guys. Even Pr on the last day of the year Defently will be back for more Thx for letting my join for the last two days of last year

Wendy T. 4 years ago

Accessible place to exercise. The coaches know what they are talking about and they let each other in his / her value. Each lesson is a new challenge and you can push your own boundaries. Recommended!

Mitchel Lodder 4 years ago

Professional guidance, challenging training and fun members!

Iron Max 4 years ago

Great experience in Crossfit CKM !! In holiday in Middelburg, (we are living in france) we didn't want to stop our daily exercices !! Sadly we were only both with my girlfriend but our coach was so cool (sorry i didn't remember his name :( is it you Joost ??) !! We had a fun and dedicated / private session !! He told us many little tips which will for sure help us in the future ;) !! We will come again and recommend this box !!

Marloes de Houck 4 years ago

Great club with good and enthusiastic guidance. Young, old, strong or less strong: everyone is challenged. In the event of injuries, the training sessions are adapted for you without any problem so that you do not have to stay at home! No reason not to go!

Dirk W 4 years ago

Currently a member for 0.5 years and every week I am challenged and surprised by new workout and movements. The support you receive from the coaches is great and important for your development! Highly recommended.

Nikki Jansen van den Doormalen 4 years ago

Cozy box and very nice people!

Anton Smit 4 years ago

Super nice box; each time a different challenging training with excellent guidance from the coaching team. Truly a crossfit family ;-)

Alexandr Tolmachov 4 years ago

I'm very happy to have trainings in the CrossFit CKM Middelburg. The trainers are very helpful and pay attention to techniek details. Also very encouraging and friendly atmosphere!

marco meur 4 years ago

Knowing you to destroy every lesson, in the right way! Fun and varied lessons and also from time to time, time for fun! Also recommended for people over 40

Miriam Meßmer 4 years ago

I was in the Netherlands for a weekend trip and was looking for a place to train as I was 1 week out from competing at an Olympic Weightlifting competition. So I approached CrossFit Middelburg and they got back to my email within a few hours and were very accommodating re. training schedule and program. When I arrived a the box I immediately felt very welcome. The facility and equipment is great and the people are so nice. Happy to come back.

Türker Yiğitbaşı 4 years ago

It’s so fun to be a part of this excellent team!

drzaadberg 4 years ago

Very cool box with a super relaxed atmosphere and a nice group of people. When in the area I like to go here for a drop-in. They have good material that is constantly being expanded. Keep it up! And till soon! Top!

Yanni Zwaagman 4 years ago

Drop in class and good experience. Skilled coach, nice box and great atmosphere! Recommended !!!

David Gerhards 4 years ago

We were there today for a drop-in. A very nice box, good equipment and nice owner! Everything was super uncomplicated! We like to come back again and again when we are in Middelburg! 100% recommendation!

George Lavoir (Cupidus) 4 years ago

Try it out!

Liza de Mönnink 4 years ago

Cozy box, fanatic coaches and always different WODs. If you start training and you have a recurring injury, they take it into account. They also see it as a challenge to let you train as well as possible and to strengthen those muscles correctly.

Noortje Bleeker 4 years ago

We dropped in for a drop-in at CrossFit CKM over a family weekend, to continue our competition training. Friendly welcome by the coaches, and pleasantly busy on the Saturday afternoon. The community atmosphere is tangible. Thank you for your hospitality!

Koen Slabbekoorn 5 years ago

Circuit and strength training Middelburg is a very nice place to work out (or do an internship :)). In a short time you will learn a lot about your technique, for example. Nice people and good explanation. The great thing about this place is that you help each other. Not only each for himself, you coach and encourage each other. Highly recommended!

Danielle Wakkee 5 years ago

Cozy, motivating, good guidance and varied workouts

Jesse Voet 5 years ago

Good focus on technology, motivating trainers and a lot of variation in the training.

Tere van Rooijen 5 years ago

Had nice, good and challenging training. To be repeated!

de somer thomas 5 years ago

Nice and professional way of crossfit training, definitely recommended !!!

Michael Freriks 5 years ago

felt great welcome here and the atmosphere was good, definitely worth repeating when I'm in the area again!

Nicole Ligthart 6 years ago

Two days ago I had my first crossfit test lesson here. It was a great experience with friendly guidance and a fun group! I would definitely recommend crossfit fishing here!

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