Informatie over Fit For Free Sportschool Nijmegen

Akkerlaan 46
6533 BL, Nijmegen


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 08:30–17:00
  • zondag: 08:30–17:00

Fit For Free is dé sportschool in Nijmegen. Onbeperkt fitness op de manier die bij jou past. Word nu lid of kom een keer proefsporten.

Sportschool Fit For Free Nijmegen is hét fitnesscentrum in Nijmegen, waar je op de manier kan sporten die bij jou past. Wil je ontdekken of fitness wat voor je is? Je mag gerust komen proefsporten bij ons. Vraag daarvoor gemakkelijk een dagpas aan, waarmee je gebruik kunt maken van alle faciliteiten en/of een groepsles volgen. We helpen je graag op weg in de Fit For Free club aan de Akkerlaan 46!


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Fit For Free Sportschool Nijmegen: Meningen

H. Faqiri 1 year ago

Switched to Basic Fit, but really regret it! Better atmosphere at fit for free

M. Kuster 1 year ago


Direna Overweg 1 year ago

Could be a bit more renewed, all appliances, etc. Nice and cool and not so busy.

Marcel Kop 1 year ago

Great start to the day there

Gijs Giesen 2 years ago

Chill big gym. Spaciously set up. 2 floors. Something for everyone. Large space for strength training and many (different) cardio machines. There are at least 2 of almost all devices. Please bring your own lock for the locker.

Sven Karlisch 2 years ago

I've been training there for years

Reinier Goeman 2 years ago

Not as busy compared to other fit for free locations, which is nice.

Paul Reinders 2 years ago

Well taken care of Prof. dr. Appearance

Patricia Biemans 3 years ago

A nice gym. Never too busy, and the group lessons are ideal. The staff are very passionate about the matter, which is noticeable. They are also willing to give you many good tips on a personal level!

jose scholten 3 years ago

Danny Toonen 3 years ago

Pleasant gym, clear rules of conduct. Good layout, so that a lot can be done and you do not have a lady from each other

Marlies De Cock 3 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Anouk 3 years ago

Member for years. Nice gym, lots of space, nice people and not expensive. Also many lessons to follow.

Jeroen Joosten 3 years ago

10/10 would train again!

koos 24 4 years ago

Nice and cool, spacious, parking space in front of the door, clean, great staff.

M P F 4 years ago

Nice gym where you can do your thing.

Anke van Hall 4 years ago

Good lessons, nice and helpful instructors. Glad I discovered this gym!

Minerve 4 years ago

Love this gym! Very good equipment, also lots of new equipment, well maintained. Nice people working there. Great lessons, fitness instructors are really good. Especially like Megan

Adrianne van Bemmel 4 years ago

I like it there. Staff are happy to think along with you.

Vitalyon 4 years ago

Nice, not too busy gym. Friendly staff.

Dorus Smolders 4 years ago

Excellent care of Funxtion lessons and abdominal exercises, given by Lizette.

Super Boux 7 years ago

Great place to work out, good equipement, the fact that you can have a mensual subscription is great.

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