Informatie over Classic Gym Rotterdam

3022 HL, Rotterdam
+31 10 244 9675


  • maandag: 09:30–22:00
  • dinsdag: 09:30–22:00
  • woensdag: 09:30–22:00
  • donderdag: 09:30–22:00
  • vrijdag: 09:30–22:00
  • zaterdag: 10:00–14:00
  • zondag: 11:00–16:00

Welkom bij CGR. 22 jaar Old school gezelligheid en respect maakt dat je je thuis voelt. Grenzen verleggen en doelen bereiken met ijzer en Freeweight apparatuur.

Bij ons train je met freeweight apparatuur van HammerStrength, Panatta, First Class en Life Maxx om jou extra te motiveren en het beste uit je workout te halen.

Classic Gym Rotterdam is een Gym waar iedereen welkom is en iedereen elkaar respecteert, en waar naast ouderwets gezelligheid voornamelijk grenzen worden verlegd & doelen worden bereikt.


Classic Gym Rotterdam heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Classic Gym Rotterdam: Meningen

Salvo Daze 1 year ago

Great oldschool bodybuilding gym. The owners are great and always helpful. The equipment is oldschool, probably 90s or 2000s but always very well maintained and clean. Some very nice gems in there like Panatta high rows. Most of the equipment is sturdy Hammer Strength stuff. The space is a bit cramped but they made good use of it. My only complaint is the occasional "gymbros" that'll offer unsolicited form advice but it's managable. I would like to encourage more women who want to build muscle to join this gym as it's a very good, clean and affordable gym with some great equipment.

Enzo Raccosta 1 year ago

Great people great gym

M Kraayeveld 1 year ago

-Many nice plate loaded machines that you hardly see anywhere else, with much better and more natural range of motion than basic fit/f4f etc. machines -Many unique devices, such as: oldschool hacksquat, sissy squat, standing leg curl, bicep curl rack, both standing and seated calf raise, seated overhead tricep extension cable machine. -The owners are very clear in communication and there is never any nagging. What you should keep in mind is that this classic gym is really super oldschool with everything. Also a lot of yelling and loud talking. But if you train here, it really only adds to the experience. The atmosphere is very encouraging to maximum performance. Oh and they often play things like tupac and early 2000s rap, so that's nice too

ano nymous 1 year ago

Perfect place to work up a sweat. It is totally different from the franchise fitness corporations. Classic Gym has a more authentic feel and everyone is nice to each other. Everyone cleans up after themselves and the owners are really nice and helpful as well. It can be intimidating in the beginning because of all the big guys, but they really are the nicest people you will ever meet.

Erwin van der Spek 1 year ago

A local gym where people strive for results....but in a relaxed in the old days at the Stoker gym under Dudok.

Can 1 year ago

Nice old school gym. Johannes and Evelien are always there for you.

Coach Muller 1 year ago

An old school gym where hard work comes first. A place where you are respected and looked after. There is a good vibe and despite all the hard work it is always clean. Highly recommended!

Giuseppe Rugna 1 year ago

Awesome gym, great energy and friendly people all around! If you are in the area I definitely recommend it.

Driss Rotterdam 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism

Ismeta Dogic 2 years ago

Gym with real IRON ???? It is indeed a real FEEL AT HOME GYM! Yo and Eef are always there for you ... For all questions and guidance! I have been training here for years and would NOT WANT to train ANYWHERE else. Also everyone who comes there is nice .. A big gym family Go CLASSIC GYM! ??

Arend Niks 2 years ago

Super nice gym, always good advice, nice atmosphere and with corona serious and practical measures.

Ramona Moldovan 2 years ago

Positive: Quality

andrea baraggia 2 years ago

Positive: Quality Nice gym and nice people. Well equiped and organised for any level of training. Recommended!

Caylen Silva 2 years ago

Second place like home. Brian v

Satchel Haarloo 2 years ago

Friendly and good gym, recommended

Dolly Ribeiro 2 years ago

Really an old school gym, family feeling. I already felt at home from day 1. No other gym like this for me anymore !! Recommended!

Tom Lés Hartíghés 2 years ago

Great gym where personal contact and a good atmosphere are central, regardless of what your training goals are. Regardless of your level and experience, you can always go for advice because of the knowledge and experience of the owners. Sufficient free-weights available and a variety of (excellent) devices that are not over-complex but just do what they have to do and are therefore pleasant to use.

Alex Tretow-Busellato 2 years ago

Brilliant. No nonsense, proper gym perfect for people who want to train hard and get in a good session. Always a nice atmosphere with lots of regulars.

roberto goncalves 2 years ago

Nice gym! Friendly, cozy and professional atmosphere !! Really recommend!

mark slootweg 2 years ago

There is a very good atmosphere in the gym, the owners are also very helpful. In terms of equipment, you are in the right place here and there is everything you need. Top place to exercise well

Bilal dalkiran 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Bart Verweij 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Henk van Leeuwen 2 years ago

At Classic Gym they have everything you need to train well and achieve results. There is plenty of knowledge available and the atmosphere is super cozy !!

Aston Leidsman 2 years ago

Nice little gym. A real family gym

Sha v86 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Quality

leon collenteur 2 years ago

Top gym with good help!

Matthijs Van Der Wijk 2 years ago

Positive: Professionalism , Quality Top gym

Lubomir Libacki 2 years ago

Old school club from last century with good equipment and heavy weights. I recommend.

Hannie 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality No YouTube nonsense..... just sweat, tears and a laugh. Classic Gym is a home away from home! No number, but a face with a name.

Virgil Macbean 2 years ago

Positive: Quality

Karim Bourchid 2 years ago

The main reasons for me to register here are I feel at home. Great atmosphere with the most friendly people. I really feel at home here! Regardless of your goal(s), I can recommend everyone to drop by and experience for yourself how nice this gym really is. both the owners and the people you train with

Ceryl Bané 2 years ago

Really feels like a family gym with a professor in his field in Yohannes

Joep 2 years ago

Lovely old school gym with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere.

Michael Bouterse 2 years ago

Best gym in town. Great atmosphere with the most friendly people. I have felt at home here for years! Regardless of your goal(s), I can recommend everyone to drop by and experience for yourself how nice this gym really is.

QuickMaster AutoService 2 years ago

Cozy gym with all the equipment and weights you need. Great place to exercise! Highly recommended!

john peroti 3 years ago

Nice Gym, friendly owners you can train well here and nice and friendly sportsmen toppie

Saad ellah 4 years ago

if you wanna workout seriously this is the place you're looking for ,the staff are so kind ?, clean changing room I like it .

yunus artuc 4 years ago

Perfect gym

A.R Hanine 5 years ago

Old school gym , perfect staff ...

Oscar Harris 6 years ago

Old skool gym, where you can do your thing!

odin schut 6 years ago

Old school gym....

e f 6 years ago

Cozy Oldschool gym, where you feel at home!

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