Informatie over Fit For Free Sportschool Rotterdam Blijdorp

Abraham van Stolkweg 50
3041 JA, Rotterdam


  • maandag: 06:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 06:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 06:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 06:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 06:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–17:00
  • zondag: 08:00–17:00

Fit For Free is dé sportschool in Rotterdam Noord, nabij Blijdorp. Onbeperkt fitness op de manier die bij jou past. Word nu lid of kom een keer proefsporten.

Sportschool Fit For Free Rotterdam Blijdorp is hét fitnesscentrum in Rotterdam, waar je op de manier kan sporten die bij jou past. Wil je ontdekken of fitness wat voor je is? Je mag gerust komen proefsporten bij ons. Vraag daarvoor gemakkelijk een dagpas aan, waarmee je gebruik kunt maken van alle faciliteiten en/of een groepsles volgen. We helpen je graag op weg in de Fit For Free club aan de Abraham van Stolkweg 50!


Fit For Free Sportschool Rotterdam Blijdorp heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Fit For Free Sportschool Rotterdam Blijdorp: Meningen

annelies tenbosch 1 year ago

Great I always like there

E.D.J. Sekewael 1 year ago

Most Fit For Free locations are quite generous with the lights. Blijdorp is distinctive in this, darker set up and therefore gives a very industrial feeling. If you want to go fast undisturbed: this is your go-to.

Moes Kosker 1 year ago

nice gym always nice staff you can get good tips with books you never have problems always place 1 word fantastic for this I had a subscription with basic fit only due to their poor service problems with booking and reserving gym classes, I made the switch to fit For free and will definitely stay registered too :)

Asabea Acquaah Arhin 1 year ago

Nice gym with friendly staff.

F van den Berg 1 year ago

A new fit for free, it used to be full of slightly too old devices, but I have to say it looks great. This venue is very large and properly laid out. Sport yourself at a different location Conradstraat the difference between these 2 locations is that there are enough weights at Blijdorp, which is a downside in Conradstraat there you have to take the weights from one device to the other because there are too few weights . Another plus at this location is that there is a very wide range of free parking spaces. All in all a prime location.

Marius Parauan 1 year ago

Best gym

Mark Buissink 1 year ago

Nice gym. Friendly staff, nice and spacious and good appliances!

Ali Beyroutieh 1 year ago


ana elisabete avelino pires 2 years ago

I am super satisfied, for a woman of 50 years Well said.

Mehmet Uslu 2 years ago

Nice place. Quiet training halls. Nice employees. Thank you Fit For Free

A.R Hanine 2 years ago


Roy sitaram. 2 years ago

Was very nice to exercise

Behiye Abayli 2 years ago

Registered for over a year. Before the corona I started. A large gym with the possibility to train freely and follow group lessons. There are changing rooms with shower facilities. Enough devices available (including devices with NFC capability). You can do fitness training as well as muscle training. There is also a room for strength training with the necessary materials. I'm very satisfied. Customer friendly open clear. Also a great app: easy to use, you can book your lessons online and there are video lessons that you can use both on location and at home.

Anup Chand 2 years ago

Heel vriendelijk sports medewerkers, maar de sport apparaten zijn niet optimaal.


Mooi plek. Rustig training zalen. Aardig medewerkers. Dankjewel Fit For Free

Angeliek De Winter 2 years ago

Was very good gym

Jeffrey Waardenburg 3 years ago

Goede sportschool, gezellig en ruime keuze. Wel vaak heel druk waardoor de gezelligheid juist afneemt. Personeel heeft duidelijk keuze voor klanten

Kadir Sucu 3 years ago

Its not free

Denis Gajos 3 years ago


Gerard Holleman 3 years ago

Also well organized during the annoying corona time.

M LC 3 years ago

Fit For Free handled the Corona lock down nicely. They have stopped the collection. How neat. Many companies can take an example from this. Fit For Free your the one for me ,!

Marianne Bes 3 years ago

It is fun and pleasant to work with the people who exercise there and with colleagues

Robbert van Pelt 3 years ago

I like to come here and give lessons. Wonderful, sporty atmosphere!

Velcho Stefanov 3 years ago

Good fitness, plenty of space and plenty of equipment.

Maga Abraham 3 years ago

Spacious fitness hall. They have enough number of each machine. And you have a lot weight so you almost never need to wait for someone until he finishes using the stuff you need. It get crowded sometimes but if you prefer it not busy I would say: come in the morning or as early as you can

Annelies ten Bosch 4 years ago

Great gym everyone does what they do great

Said Bentato 4 years ago

Top top

Dayson da Luz 4 years ago


Damian Dottin 4 years ago

Good pleasant in good condition. Environment clean.

Pietje pindakaas 4 years ago

Nice fitness equipment

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