Informatie over CrossFit Blijdorp

Gordelweg 153
3038 GE, Rotterdam
+31 6 11882273


  • maandag: 06:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 06:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 06:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 06:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 06:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–17:00
  • zondag: 08:00–17:00

Intense, focused CrossFit training, delivered by experienced, knowledgable trainers in a convenient location in the city of Rotterdam.

Intense, focused training, delivered by experienced, knowledgable trainers in a convenient location (Blijdorp) in the city of Rotterdam. With all the facilities required for you to reach your optimum, all you need is your dedication.


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CrossFit Blijdorp: Meningen

Charlotte Kerr 4 months ago

I really enjoy the sessions at this box. Being new to Crossfit I was nervous about starting because I had never done any weightlifting before however everybody is super easy going and friendly and Micheal is a fantastic coach! He is always there to help you and improve your form and even push you that wee bit harder to get those extra reps in with a good warmup and a nice cool down stretch!

Bart Krijgsman 4 months ago

Good box for both the novice and the more experienced crossfitter. Due to small classes of max 6 people, there is good guidance. Good equipment and space available in the box.

Floris de Vos 4 months ago

Started 2 weeks ago with this fantastic box. Good guidance and a lot of focus on not getting injured. The workouts are therefore also adapted by Michael to the level. Recommended to start here

Leon Hartog 4 months ago

Nice box for training. Michael is a very committed trainer with personal attention. Highly recommended if you want to crossfit!

Maarten Pater 5 months ago

Do you want to get/stay fit with personal guidance? Then come and train at Crossfit Blijdorp! Michael is always very involved/interested and thanks to all his tips you make fast progress.

Remy van Aanholt 5 months ago

What a great CrossFit box! I was already Searching for some time and came across Michael. Super driven, experienced and enthusiastic. He makes sure that the training goes well and that no one gets injured. Furthermore, the people who train here are also very nice. I definitely recommend this CrossFit!

Tim Huiskens 5 months ago

Michael is a super enthusiastic trainer with a lot of knowledge. He explains everything clearly and with patience in small groups. He adjusts the training per person, so that everyone can still do the same workout at their own level. In addition, he gives personal advice about nutrition and what else you can do outside of classes to achieve better results. The training sessions are varied and the groups are varied. Highly recommended and a lot of quality for the price!

Chris 5 months ago

Great box with excellent supervision of Michael. In addition to the intense and fun workouts, close attention is paid to having the right form. The explanation of the exercises are very clear and there is always time for stretching. There is a good ambience and mix of all levels so I believe that anyone who wants to book progress can definitely achieve that here! Definitely recommend!

Heleen van Nues 5 months ago

Very nice crossfit gym! Small groups which is great, so everyone knows each other and also a lot of personal attention and tips. Challenging + motivating and fun workouts but also understanding when you have an injury and need adjustments. And friendly culture which is important. Conclusion: definitely recommended if you are looking for a new crossfit gym!

Douwe Bouwers 5 months ago

Top-notch CrossFit box. A lot of personal coaching and attention to detail by Michael. He really knows how to match the intensity of the training to the different levels of people, as well as the technical feedback. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a CrossFit box in Rotterdam!

Leandro Rowies 5 months ago

Thanks Michael for the space and the drop-in slots to do some weightlifting as well as the crossfit classes with my girlfriend. Worth mentioning having you speaking over 3 languages made things easier for us to follow the workouts. Til next time!

Lukas Denk 5 months ago

Small group training with a lot of attention to form and technique. Suitable for all levels. 5/5 highly recommended.

Filippo Tartaglia 5 months ago

Amazing box ! Michael is a really competent and careful trainer and has always very useful tips to how improve your performances . I’m happy to be part of CrossFit blijdorp

Yannick van til 6 months ago

Great classes with a lot of personal coaching if you want it

Ella R 6 months ago

I've been doing crossfit here for a few weeks now and I really like it! The workouts are very varied and I learn something new every day. Michael gives clear explanations about the technique and ensures that you perform the workouts at your own pace. Recommended for everyone!!

Rogi Louter 6 months ago

Great crossfit facility and Michael really knows what he is doing. There is a nice balance in hard training and focus on technique to learn the sport. I would recommend it highly!

Martina Verhaar 7 months ago

Michael is a good trainer, knows what he is doing. Training in small groups with a lot of personal attention.

Sven Kroon 7 months ago

The best crossfit in Rotterdam. Coach Michael has a lot of experience and helps you with the exercises. It is a nice box with nice people.

Vic Lemmens 8 months ago

No nonsense gym with small groups and a lot of time for personal guidance by trainer Michael. The training sessions are tough (after 6 to 8 sessions I started to make considerable progress) but doable for novice crossfitters. Furthermore, the opening hours are ideal with sports options in the morning, during breaks and in the evenings and a flexible attitude of the trainer for possible. different times.

Lefournier Astrid 8 months ago

Very nice and pro coaching !

Marleen Brummelink 8 months ago

Trainer Michael knows what he is talking about: he is knowledgeable and patient. Excellent guidance, not only with regard to exercises but, if desired, also nutrition and lifestyle. The opening hours are long and in consultation even wider. Compared to a gym, this Crossfit box is more than worth the investment.

Maurice van Hoek 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism , Quality Love this box! Great work-outs and good accompaniment.

Dennis van Klinken 1 year ago

Small groups, technique over reps, a great way to start up in my opinion they could blast the music somewhat louder (am a music kinda guy) however that weighs up to the personal tips Michael gives you on the techniques, which then you can embrace more easily so in a nutshell; it's no nonense, come to train, give your all, and have a laugh after (or in between if you have the breath for it). Place like this fits a city like Rotterdam. 5 stars, would recommend

Tijmen 1 year ago

Nice box, with fun and varied workouts. Michael provides good guidance, so that as a beginner you learn the technique well.

Rick Hoogenboom 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism , Quality There's a nice atmosphere in the box. A skilled and friendly trainer and more importantly, a nice group of people that train there. A little competition, but most of all its fun!

Rick 1 year ago

Crossfit groups & Personal Training Now that I started here I will never go back to a normal gym! I have never been so motivated to exercise as at Crossfit Blijdorp. Michael is a very experienced trainer with a good eye for what you can and need personally. During training, he pays attention to your technique and gives you the confidence to do the workouts. There is always a friendly atmosphere in the box and during the crossfit classes Michael always ensures that you get a good workout, whether you are a novice athlete or have more experience. I've been following the Crossfit classes for 2 months now and really notice the progress in my endurance, flexibility and strength. Definitely recommended! Before I started the Crossfit classes, I followed 1-on-1 personal training with Michael for a while. You notice very well that he is an experienced and pleasant personal trainer with an eye for what you can and want as a person. Even if you are looking for a personal trainer, I can certainly recommend Michael.

Kommer Jan Allart 1 year ago

Super coaching, not only good workouts but Michael pays very good attention to your form and technique. Good facilities!

Michaël Blom 1 year ago

Michael is involved with all members and gives everyone personal attention. Always cheerful and professional.

Jasper Mutsaers 1 year ago

Very very good guidance. What I really like is that every day is different, so I am constantly challenged. I've been training for a month now, and I will definitely continue.

Alan Diddens 1 year ago

Michael makes sure everyone feels welcome. He pays very close attention to the technique, especially beginners he gives extra attention. The box is certainly suitable for more experienced athletes. Michael makes sure you are challenged in every level. The varied workouts make every workout different.

Jasper Kolwijck 1 year ago

Very good trainer and nice box. Michael pays a lot of attention to technique and tailors a program for beginners and advanced students. Highly recommended!!

Gideon Bergmans 1 year ago

Bedankt voor de tips en aandacht. Oprecht een aanrader.

Jeroen de Wilde 1 year ago

Very nice box with varied workouts. Michael is a good trainer, who focuses very well on technique!

Gijs Jacobs 1 year ago

I went to train with Micheal a number of times and I really like it. The classes are varied, challenging and he is always ready to help. Definitely recommend.

Riani 2 years ago

Experienced team, nice location, attention to detail is given to everyone!

Nils Mattias Hansson 2 years ago

Good trainers and perfect location for me.

Ruben Thenu 3 years ago

Chille box with both beginners (me) and experienced Crossfitters. Michael is a very motivating and involved trainer / coach. He provides challenging WODs, takes good care of your technique and also shares his knowledge about nutrition. If you think the gym is boring and you want to keep pushing yourself in a responsible way, this is the place!

Loes Knopper 3 years ago

The new location has become very beautiful. Michael is a good trainer and there is a lot of room for personal coaching in the lessons. I have been to several boxes in Rotterdam and I think this is the best crossfit box for beginners.

Yorick van der Steen 3 years ago

Lovely place for everyone searching for CrossFit and training with great coaching.

Thomas Welle 3 years ago

Crossfit Blijdorp is a fantastic Crossfit Box. Michael and his team are very experienced and really take the time to learn you the right way of doing Crossfit. From the first day I felt very welcome, I've learned a lot and getting really fit now:) What I especially like is the fact that there is a place for all here. From beginners to hardcore crossfitters, everybody respects and motivates each other in a fun way. I really recommend this place if you are up for a challenge and want to get fit!

Aitor Aspiunza 3 years ago

Great trainer!

michel beelaard 3 years ago

Michael is a good trainer with a lot of attention for your technique. The lessons are very varied and challenging. The group also consists of a good mix with more and less experienced crossfitters. Furthermore, all facilities are present.

Anton Gerards 3 years ago

Thanks to his knowledge about the sport, Micheal provides a tremendous amount of results for me. He also wants to provide everyone in the group with tips and advice so that everyone can grow in sport. In addition, the lessons are always fully arranged. Location is easy to reach. After the workout I can take a nice shower. I am more than satisfied.

Robbert Kooij 3 years ago

Cool box with varied exercises and lots of nice people. Because of the many WOD time slots, it is never too busy and you also get personal attention. Is practically in the Vroesenpark so that you often train both indoors and outdoors in a workout.

P B 3 years ago

Excellent coaches, nice infrastructure, perfectly located (Vroesenpark) 100% recommended!

Pieter De Porre 3 years ago

great Crossfit and beautiful location!

Helen Lavr 4 years ago

There is the equipment and green space in the park. Michael is a great trainer

Philip Seemann 4 years ago

I trained as a drop in and the training was top notch. Very qualified with regards to movements and attention to detail. The wod was challenging as it should be.

Jaap L 4 years ago

Great CrossFit location with enthusiastic, committed guidance. No large groups. I have been a member here for almost 6 months now, and much fitter and finally motivated to train regularly (3 times a week). Recommended!

Martijn Heesakkers 5 years ago

This is the place to be if you want to be fit! It's a very big box with lot's of facilities and dedicated trainers.

Lisa van Noorden 5 years ago

I have been training the Biggest Box at Crossfit for 4 months now and I am very happy with it. Michael is a very good trainer with a sharp eye for what you need and what you can do. Together you bring your fitness and your body to a higher level. The result: healthier, fitter and tighter. Crossfit is therefore definitely recommended for ladies. The atmosphere in the box is can do a yoga workout as well as a strength workout.

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