Informatie over David Lloyd Rotterdam Centrum

Benthemstraat 10
3032 AA, Rotterdam
+31 10 243 4700


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–17:00
  • zondag: 09:00–17:00

Lees meer over onze ultramoderne fitnessapparatuur, zwembaden en familieactiviteiten bij David Lloyd Rotterdam Centrum.

David Lloyd Rotterdam Centrum, gelegen in het centrum van de stad, is een ongeëvenaarde fitnessbestemming met zes verdiepingen en schitterende faciliteiten. Van een ruime fitnessruimte en vijf studio's voor groepstrainingen tot ons binnenzwembad, spa en wellnessfaciliteiten en DL Kids programma's is er echt iets voor iedereen. Bovendien zijn we super makkelijk te vinden op slechts vijf minuten lopen van het Centraal Station. Als je met de tram komt, stap dan uit bij de Schiekade, dat is vlakbij.


David Lloyd Rotterdam Centrum heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Diensten, machines en geleide klassen


David Lloyd Rotterdam Centrum: Meningen

LEH Montage 1 year ago

Keep fit

J. Beijersbergen van Henegouwen (KoroshiYa) 1 year ago

This gym is in the high-end price range, but it is more then worth it. They have different services and everything is clean. Separate showers, sauna and you can hire a locker to keep your stuff there so you don't need to bring it everytime you go fitness. Even if it's busy, the machines are set well apart so you have your own space, also there are multiple machines so the chance that you have to wait is small. Overall, good gym with great and kind service! If you're looking for a fitness club, I'll definitely recommend David Lloyd

Madelon Dona 1 year ago

Very nice gym. Friendly staff and fun unique group classes like Blaze. It is also nice that you can also go to the other locations. My son, for example, enjoyed kickboxing at Blijdorp on the same subscription. Unfortunately had to say goodbye due to relocation, but that too was administratively arranged very quickly and in a friendly manner. Thick 5 stars.

Nancy De La Espriella 1 year ago

The best of the

Laura van Eersel 1 year ago

The building is a bit outdated but I don't mind. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Also the manager is very nice!

Rob Versendaal 1 year ago

For 65 euros you can swim, take group lessons, play squash and fitness. I choose David Lloyd myself because there aren't as many aso's around as with the basic fit or fit for free. Staff are very friendly and helpful. I've been there for 2 years now and I don't plan to leave.



Robert Frederik 1 year ago

Very good gym in the better segment and with a very nice team of instructors. I've been a member for 5 months now, first the gym, but later only the group lessons. (gym is not for me I found out). Be on time with booking your classes, some are full a week in advance, such as body pump and spinning.

Jan Guddens 1 year ago

Good experiences fun group lessons. Especially Shaquille's aqua aerobics class is the end

BTX DK 1 year ago

Great facilities! Very pleasing to warm up with Rotterdam's skyline spreading in front of me! One thing to note however has to do with the spa facilities Which require some more attention and service. Overall an outstanding gym

Zheng Tian Qi 1 year ago

Good environment, clean, full courses, full facilities

Laurens 1 year ago

Big fitness center in the middle of the city. Pretty much has everything (gym, swimming, group classes, personaltraining, swimming pool, sauna, etc.). Staff is friendly and helpful. The monthly subscription fee is quite high (especially compared to other gyms). However, after training there for a bit and seeing all the good/clean facilities they offer I think it's worth it.

Morena George 1 year ago

Aqua with shaquille was TOP ... good instructor. Also participate! And pay attention to everyone ... explains in the water and also says what it is for (love it). Greetings Morena

E. 1 year ago

Great club, nice lounge and a great spa.

Nadine R 1 year ago

A very nice gym

Gonzalo Levy Ibarra 1 year ago

Great club

Jelle Bolijn 2 years ago

Nice sports club!

Rosa Lilian Perez Cabello 2 years ago

Special place with good organization and atmosphere

Lukai van Dam 2 years ago

They help to loosen up the muscles

Edwin Van Vliet 2 years ago

Top gym. Nice wellness center. Friendly staff.

Darius Ramoska 2 years ago

Very good gym! Plenty of space, plenty of activities to do. Used to have basketball court which made it extra great but sold it recently.

Timo Nieuwboer 2 years ago

Goede sportschool met veel faciliteiten, onder andere een uitgebreide welness, een zwembad en squashbanen

Jeffrey Silva 2 years ago

Very nice location. In my view also friendly and helpful staff. Curious what they will do with the other floors. They have a lot of potential, but still need some attention compared to the 2nd floor. Enjoy coming here.

M A 3 years ago

Very nice and friendly staff, definitely worth five stars. Is a little pricey but worth every penny. Thank you David Lioyd for making Kerr a pleasant experience

SL 3 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality , Value Amazing sport club, great beautiful pool, proffesional teachers, advanced gear and equipment. Beautiful place to chill. Take coronavirus very seriously. I am very happ

Renata Kujundzic 3 years ago

They change and grow with customer needs ...

Shakila Rizzolin 3 years ago

Best thing ever for relaxation discovery

dennis wikabhara 3 years ago


Oege 3 years ago

Excellent gym, all modern equipment and many different classes throughout the day. Has a large swimming pool, and good squash courts with weekly lessons. Everything is included in the subscription price. Although fairly expensive per month, well worth the money. The views over the city are breathtaking.

Barkhad Bille 3 years ago

Super nice gym

Richa Joshi 4 years ago

Great instructors with nice bunch of classes

Megan Weeks 4 years ago

Great weights area and a variety of classes available

Codarts Production 4 years ago


Juliano Teixeira 4 years ago


Melissa VDB 4 years ago

Nice gym and very good facilities. I love to play here!

erik lindeman 4 years ago

In terms of quality of the gym, I have not seen anything comparable in Rotterdam

Agnieszka Ploszynska 4 years ago

Very good sport club, I sometimes stay 3-4 hours one day

Hans Hofman 4 years ago

Best sports center in Rotterdam

Nasrisya Hani Ahmad Lutfi 4 years ago

Love this gym. Well equipped with machines, many good classes, large swimming pool, three saunas. No jacuzzi/hot bath though. Well equipped changing rooms with showers, hair dryers, shampoo, shower gel, swimming suit water extractor, laundry bags etc but no locks on the lockers. Friendly staff and trainers, one came to me because I was using a machine wrongly. The monthly rate is quite high but there’s good value for money.

sanjay auddy 4 years ago

Elaborate and well located. Friendly staff and environment.

Jesse 5 years ago

ano nymous 5 years ago

Very good fitness and wellness center. This branch of theirs is better than the one in Blijdorp.

anyesh simmi 5 years ago

Excellent place to workout

WF Metzelaar 5 years ago

Top place to exercise.

Marnix De Rijke 5 years ago

Fantastic gym member for 7 years with great pleasure. Just all new devices which is a real improvement.

Sandeep Koul 5 years ago

Completely Refreshing and up to standards

M Akca 5 years ago

Been coming there for years. Perfect

Mio Spruit 6 years ago

Friendly staff and very clean

Mustafa Gurbuz 6 years ago

Driven and helpful staff. In addition, clean facilities.

Marcos Paz 6 years ago

David Lloyd gym feels cozy, it is quiet and people look like the average person trying to stay healthy, not like obsessed gym rats that never allows you to use the machines. There is plenty of room in the gym, and even tho machines are not the latest in the market, they allow you to workout just as well. I signed up mostly for the pool. it is quite small, 20m, 3 lines, but enough for me to train 3-4 times per day, about 3k. Group lessons are great. Some are extremely difficult to book because of their demand (group cycling is almost impossible), but there's variety and trainers are well suited for the job. I haven't tried the Squash courts yet, so i can't say anything about that. Overall I'm happy with it. It could improve in some aspects, but nothing deal breaker.

Alejandro Hernandez 6 years ago

I love this sports club, have been a member since I arrived to the city and have enjoyed every visit

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