Informatie over Basic-Fit Utrecht Franciscusdreef 24/7

Franciscusdreef 80
3565 AD, Utrecht


  • maandag: 24 uur geopend
  • dinsdag: 24 uur geopend
  • woensdag: 24 uur geopend
  • donderdag: 24 uur geopend
  • vrijdag: 24 uur geopend
  • zaterdag: 24 uur geopend
  • zondag: 24 uur geopend

Ben je op zoek naar een sportschool? ➽ Kom dan fitnessen bij Basic-Fit Utrecht Franciscusdreef 24/7 ★ Schrijf je nu online in!

Basic-Fit geeft je de mogelijkheid om fit te worden zoals jij dat zelf wil. Dat doen we onder andere door het aanbieden van verschillende lidmaatschappen. Kies het lidmaatschap dat het beste aansluit bij jouw wensen en doelen en go for it!


Basic-Fit Utrecht Franciscusdreef 24/7 heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Basic-Fit Utrecht Franciscusdreef 24/7: Meningen

Alaa Alward 1 year ago

Cool and fun

DALMAR Geedi 1 year ago

My life!

elias trip 1 year ago

Sometimes very busy, often not. People are friendly, some people shout really loud through the gym.

Zaid Ali 1 year ago

Positive: Quality

Justus Mackaaij 1 year ago

Great gym, but a bit cramped.

Ouiam Ali 1 year ago

It's quite busy, but luckily it's open 24/7! Going late or extremely early :) Then it is definitely doable.

Estelle Gassier 1 year ago

Big gym, clean and calm in off peak hours - in the morning and around lunch for example (never been there when it is busy). If you are a bit shy like me, there are small quiet corners where you can train ^^

Thomas Zwart 1 year ago

Good basic fit. Spacious and always enough devices available. But if the temperature could drop by 2 degrees, it looks like a sauna these days. Would be a big improvement!

Bodil Nauta 1 year ago

Spacious gym and friendly employees.

mahesh kumar veloo 1 year ago

Nice gym just like any other basic fit

Berry Wind 1 year ago

It is a clean and quiet gym with friendly and knowledgeable management.

Ordinary guy 1 year ago

Yeah it's good, not the best. I bet you will still find that racist Roy in there.

Angelique vZ 1 year ago

Good service and nice and quiet at 11:30

Yasin Selvi 2 years ago

Nice gym. You come to exercise and that is very well possible here. Different machines for every muscle group. Focus train do your thing. Men toilet always dirty that's the only thing. But that is due to the animals that have no manners.

mathieu de jel 2 years ago

Lots of space, various equipment, great gym!

Jip 2 years ago

There are too many different and old disks. To hang the dumbbell full you need 4 different brands of old discs. Everything else is there.

Patske Demeulemeester 2 years ago

So glad they are open again. Great sport.

melvin tv 2 years ago

Nice sport Good corona measures Just great.

Sonny 2 years ago

Op piek tijden zal je moeten wachten op een toestel. Niet iedereen ruimt zijn/haar spullen op na gebruik. Mis enkele apparaten die je wel in andere vestigingen hebt.

Michael de Mik 3 years ago

Open 24 hours a day and neatly arranged. It is a pity that there is no water point downstairs except the yanga, but the abundance of matrix devices more than makes up for that.

Julian Jongerius 3 years ago

Very nice gym, more than enough cardio and power equipment to train. The biggest advantage is that this Basic Fit is open 24/7 so that you could always work out, rating 8 out of 10

Miguel Agustin Abate 3 years ago

Good gym! Crowded though

David van Elsdingen 3 years ago

Always clean and good atmosphere, staff nice but otherwise not very special. Good appliances only 4 stars because some parts could be replaced.

René Zaal 3 years ago

Great sports, despite the Corona measures. In my opinion, more people are inside than there is equipment available. But that may have to do with entering and leaving athletes too early.

Issa El Bakiouli 3 years ago

They are adaptable to the corona rules, but r looks great as always!

James (J) 4 years ago

This has become an excellent club. Pros: - Diverse audience. Color, no color, fat, thin, male, female, the whole world comes to train here, everyone present; - Clean; - Decently; - Spacious; - Beautiful appearance (the club has recently been renewed); - Devices in excellent condition; - Service-oriented employees (in my opinion); - ALWAYS OPEN, 24/7; Negatives: - As with all 24/7 establishments, the changing rooms lock late at night until the following morning. Then you have to change in the toilet, hoping that the previous visitors to the toilet have not left behind any bad smells. Not very nice to change. Changing clothes at home is of course an option. Or just upstairs. Or keep exercising until the changing rooms are open again; - The kiosk (at the entrance) has often not done it in the past, so you cannot buy day passes (or you cannot activate your membership) and therefore you cannot exercise (you have to go back home). These problems may be a thing of the past. At times when the machine is defective, it is friendly to offer people an alternative and to keep a few 24/7 service technicians on hand. Sending someone back home is never ok.

Vinnie C 4 years ago

Super flex

beerolifant 4 years ago

spacious, clean, open 24/7, helpful staff, sufficient weights and equipment.

Divyae Prasad 5 years ago

Often crowded, but less than other basic fits in Utrecht. stays open 24 hours on 3 days of the week. What else does one want ^_^

Selim Alic 5 years ago

Nice atmosphere, nice for sports. Nice employees.

Ali Kadhim 6 years ago

Well worth the five star

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