Informatie over Legend Fitness & Health

Jan Thijssenweg 14A
2495 AH, Den Haag
+31 70 762 2682


  • maandag: 08:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 08:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 08:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 08:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 08:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00

Bij Legend concentreren wij ons op fitness en gezondheid, en bovenal dat u hier plezier in heeft. Wij helpen u met het realiseren van uw doelstellingen. Na een intake gesprek bepalen we samen welke doelen we gaan stellen en hoe we deze gaan realiseren. Wat past bij u? Fitness, Boot Camp, Hiit of een combinatie van alles?

Legend biedt diverse vormen van abonnementen, er is altijd wel een abonnement dat bij u past. Wilt u geen lang contract? Ook voor maandabonnementen kunt u bij ons terecht. Voor scholieren, studenten en 65+ hebben wij een speciale korting. Ook voor bedrijfsfitness kunt u bij ons terecht.

Wat je doel ook is gewichtverlies of juist aankomen, conditieverbetering of gewoonweg beter in je vel zitten. Personal Training helpt je hierbij op een veilige effectieve en individuele manier. Legend Fitness heeft altijd wel een Personal Trainer die bij u past.

Legend Fitness aan de rand van Rijswijk, Voorburg en Den Haag (Ypenburg). Een sportschool zoals een sportschool hoort te zijn. Onbeperkt sporten vanaf €32,50,–

Bodybuilding, fitness of groepslessen zoals: “Pump, Pole Fitness, HiiT & Strenght of  Functional Workout”, een mooie combinatie van conditie en kracht. 


Legend Fitness & Health heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Legend Fitness & Health: Meningen

J R 1 year ago

Great gym

Tropen Vriend 1 year ago

Great gym!

S Zengin 1 year ago

Very nice gym.

Robin Uitterlinden 1 year ago

Great training today and a lot of choice in equipment and a friendly atmosphere and good guidance. You can feel the owner's passion for bodybuilding. A gym where quality and customer-friendliness are still of paramount importance.

Marjolein 1 year ago

If you take training seriously, this is the place to do it. Very nice vibe in terms of people, good music, everything you could wish for and Remco is a nice, positive man with a huge heart for his business. It now feels like a second home to me.

Raylie Florentina 1 year ago

Best gym in the region. It feels like a family. Everyone is willing to help each other to a better level

Stephs FO 1 year ago

Small-scale gym where everyone is welcome to train, from beginner to pro. I have enjoyed working out there for years now, other members are always helpful and the most important unwritten rule is that everyone should feel comfortable in the gym to work on their goals.

Luc - 1 year ago

best gym gwn. good vibe, nice people who think along with you. professional advice.

Jelle Geelhoed 1 year ago

Been coming here for years and have had a great time. I get and have the feeling of coming home here. There is a certain atmosphere here that you don't often come across in a gym. I think this is partly due to the positive creative attitude of the owner. It is clean here and the gym is well maintained. The lighting inside makes me look twice as big haha. Anyway I can recommend this gym to anyone who seriously wants to make some progress or to the beginner everyone helps each other here.

Lacosta “zonnestudio” Zonnestudio's 1 year ago

Started training here between the lockdowns. Very nice gym. Good atmosphere, personal, they care about customers and everyone who trains there is helpful. Really recommended.

Brent 1 year ago

Super gym, super nice owner and people who are always willing to help you if you need it.

Galid Bhageloe 1 year ago

I would recommend this Gym to anyone, Remco, the owner has a heart for the sport and a listening ear for his members, the atmosphere is fun and also serious about being busy, everything is in place here. legend!!

aanhuur quereshi 1 year ago

Very nice gym with all necessary equipment and weights for everyone. Easily accessible and enough parking space. Owner Remco has a heart for sport and that can be seen in the gym. The members and staff are also very friendly. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a gym or if you want to switch to 1 of the better ones. In the region.

Jade Windsant 1 year ago

Super nice gym with professional equipment, a very nice atmosphere and very nice staff!

mr Q 1 year ago

Very nice gym with all necessary equipment and weights. From very light to heavy everything can be found there. Owner Remco has a heart for the sport and you can tell by the gym. Easily accessible and plenty of parking. Staff and members are friendly. Highly recommended.

Nathalie Van Zwol 1 year ago

Legend is a gym that feels like coming home. Besides that there is hard and serious training, it is always fun and there is a very nice atmosphere. The staff is super helpful and always willing to help you.

T Rondeltap 1 year ago

Top gym good equipment and a pleasant and involved owner

Rob de Jong 1 year ago

Very relaxed informal gym for the real enthusiasts

Rene Visser 1 year ago

Top gym super cozy

Wesley de Vos 1 year ago

Friendly gym with a great atmosphere. Everyone is friendly. A world of difference compared to a large gym chain.

Nick Kennedy 1 year ago

top gym !

gisela Lijde 1 year ago

Remco (owner) is a really good entrepreneur who offers his customers a gym with top quality equipment!!! One of a kind!

Gino Blauw 1 year ago

Very nice gym, where you will not be short of anything. Even being able to train outside during the lockdown. I have not seen basic fit do this. Owner is a top guy, who thinks along with his members!

Nancy van der Wilden - de Goederen 1 year ago

At Legend Gym I feel at ease and I have enjoyed sports for a number of years now.

Noud van der Togt 1 year ago

Great equipment with nice upholstery. A gym with a very nice atmosphere where everyone is helpful.

Adriano dos santos 1 year ago

If you want real results and transformation, you're in the right place. Great equipment, special trainers and a super dedicated owner. Thx Remco for all the effort you have made these past covid years.

henny visser 1 year ago

Nice and good gym with nice friendly people and a super friendly owner .. top Remco keep it up really great ..

Peter van Noord 1 year ago

Top gym with its own parking lot so no problem with parking!

Rob1985NL 1 year ago

What a great gym Legend is. I've been training there for about two years now. The owner is super friendly, there are many appliances and it is always clean and well maintained. It's not a mass production at Legend thankfully. Small-scale, pleasant atmosphere and you can train well. One of a kind.

Ochrona Cobra 2 years ago

I recommend

Jesse Koppe 2 years ago

The best gym in The Hague and surroundings. On a relatively small surface, perfectly equipped with everything you need for a good workout. An owner who listens to his members / customers and where little is not negotiable. All in all great!

Cryptzadi 2 years ago

Very nice gym. Owner is great and the people who work out there are nice. Everyone enjoys chatting with each other.

J.H Atinon 2 years ago

Top gym

gervinpim 2 years ago

Top owner and top gym. Had moved and was looking for a new gym. Feel very welcome here and owner goes the extra mile for his members

Sander Van Der Meer 3 years ago

Good gym, all the equipment you need available.

Renske Schoenmaker 3 years ago

Visited this gym during our holiday in the Netherlands. Very friendly and helpful owner and staff. Neat, clean and well equipped. Definitely recommend. Thx

Bert S 3 years ago

Nice gym. Train there with great pleasure.

Willem Biljardt 3 years ago

Top club! Everything well arranged.

Sukriye Nur Dogan 3 years ago

Very nice gym, you feel welcome the first time. I'll be back soon.

Narcis State 4 years ago

The best gym I went to. Very professional and cheap also.

Michael Kleine 4 years ago

Cozy a good gym. Something for everyone. Another hour of training tonight.

Bonnie Gibbs 5 years ago

This gym is well-equipped, very clean and cheap! You definitely get your moneys worth. Great people too - I highly recommend it.

Sophie van Oppenraaij 5 years ago

Very nice gym. There are many good equipment, it is very clean, quiet and you receive very good service.

Jacques Schoonlingen 5 years ago

Clean, cozy gym where you can achieve your goals as both an average athlete and competition athlete

Stefan 5 years ago

A very nice, well-equipped gym with a very pleasant atmosphere! There is always good workout music and the owner is genuinely involved, something that other gyms often miss. Really recommended!

Matthijs Groot 5 years ago

Very clean and good guidance. Had some very nice tips.

Daan van O 5 years ago

Very nice gym, good training tips and support from the staff, a lot of equipment, good music, and it's never busy.

Sebastian Krosendijk 6 years ago

Amazing gym! Perfect equipment, a real bodybuilding gym

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