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Campus 2-6
8017 CA, Zwolle
+31 88 469 7000


On Campus heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Met drie zwembaden, een fitnesscentrum, CrossCamp box, klimmuur, judozaal en 14 sportzalen vind je hier altijd een sport die bij jou past.

Wij geloven dat een fit lichaam de basis is voor een gelukkig leven. Bij On Campus kun je alleen of met begeleiding werken aan jouw persoonlijke doel.

Naast een gezond lichaam is een positieve mindset belangrijk. Daarom zijn onze lessen niet enkel fysiek gericht, ook het mentale aspect krijgt aandacht.

On Campus is een plek voor iedereen. Leeftijd, achtergrond of overtuigingen maken bij ons niet uit. Je sport altijd in een prettige sfeer en een fijne sociale omgeving.

Ons gebouw is ingericht om jouw sportervaring zo veilig en prettig mogelijk te maken. Kom gerust een keer vrijblijvend langs om alle faciliteiten te bekijken. 

Bij On Campus is er ruimte voor iedereen. Je voelt je meteen op je gemak in de lessen, ook als je nieuw bent. De fijne sfeer zorgt voor motivatie om te sporten! Ik geniet enorm van de bodypower lessen van Marit, die me altijd weet te motiveren om alles uit mezelf te halen.

Wij geloven dat een fit lichaam de basis is voor een evenwichtig, sociaal en gelukkig bestaan. Vanuit die gedachte investeren wij in jou en jouw lichaam. Wij weten als geen ander dat sporten en bewegen niet voor iedereen vanzelfsprekend is. Je leeftijd, niveau of de aanleiding om te gaan sporten of bewegen: het maakt ons niet uit. Je kunt bij On Campus rekenen op doelgerichte ondersteuning op maat.

Als je beweegt, maken je hersenen endorfine aan, waardoor je je gelukkiger voelt. Sporten en bewegen bevordert je nachtrust: je slaapt dieper en bent sneller uitgerust. Het verbetert bovendien je zelfvertrouwen en: sport verbindt mensen. Dit alles vinden we bij On Campus belangrijk. Jong of oud, mindervalide, beginnend of gevorderd? Wij helpen je bij het realiseren van jouw doelstellingen!


On Campus heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

On Campus: Meningen

Sylvia de Graaf 5 months ago

Lovely swim in the therapy pool. It was very quiet there

Wilma Handstede 6 months ago

Very nice swimming pool unfortunately the passes do not work properly that the subscription is on. Now I couldn't go in twice, luckily they have a receptionist who will let you in, but knocking doesn't work. I'm not the only one who suffers from this, by the way. It's also a shame that people don't unsubscribe from class. That way someone else can't use it who does want it. The aerobics classes are worthless, but the pilates classes are very good as well as the aquamove and the aquafit. So these are my favorites. The water has gotten a little colder in my opinion. Can I be warmer than just a euro on top of the subscription.

abby h 9 months ago

Good gym! Small but they have all the materials.

ping pop 9 months ago

Goor swimming pool in windesheim is great Nice swimming lessons.

Roelien Visser 1 year ago

Well thought out, thanks Esmee and Michelle

Denikata 1 year ago


Leonardo G 1 year ago

Excellent futsal field!

Harry Tabben 1 year ago

Relaxed atmosphere

Joyce van de Schootbrugge 1 year ago

Nice fitness center with a nice atmosphere. Devices work well, it is clean and there are always instructors around for questions/help.

Martin van Eijk 1 year ago

Good college

Joke Schuler 1 year ago

You can swim great

Esther Braafhart 1 year ago

Nice and small, everything in general well organized! Great that as a student you can exercise for a reasonable price. I always enjoy coming here.

EllenJosee 1 year ago

I came to sign up for group lessons, a new subscription. Received a lot of information and service.

Jordy Weening 1 year ago

Great place to exercise, not too crowded and too big. Personal assistance.

Aendulas 2 years ago

Really nice place to exercise. Even now during corona they are very well on the measures.

Doreen Schilf 2 years ago

Good swimming school

Albert de Wilde 2 years ago

If you want to swim there you have to be able to swim and they want to teach you that too.

Jeroen Sytsma 2 years ago

Good facilities, great staff, nice competition pool.

Ineke Hoekstra 3 years ago

Nice and relaxed swimming without bells and whistles from slides, etc.

Wolf Jansen 3 years ago

Fine sports at your own pace. Not too busy and updated equipment. The student discount from Windesheim is also great!

Anjistha Bandyopadhyay 3 years ago

Excellent facilities

Aart Flier 3 years ago

Easy parking good service

Yari Wesseling 3 years ago

(For students cheap) fitness in a not too large gym. Machines work great and there are usually a number of helpful instructors around.

ian callanan 3 years ago

Good service and yet affordable

Maarten Kors 4 years ago

Don't expect a gigasports school, On Campus opts for quality over quantity. Never too busy, always neat, helpful but unobtrusive staff.

Salomo Poiesz 4 years ago

Very good sports accommodation.

Simon 4 years ago

The price-quality ratio of this complex is superb. I have a student subscription for unlimited swimming and unlimited fitness for 200 euros per year. No other tent can compete with that. The pool is sometimes a bit on the busy side, but you can swim laps well. It is not a recreational pool, as some people think. The gym is small but complete. There is always someone who can help you or explain something. You can exercise in different ways and the available equipment is of good quality. It is recommended for students, but also for non-students. You have to take into account a lot of students (at some times) and sometimes loud music, but you can expect that from a gym on a campus.

Jan van Dale 4 years ago

Great Campus

SuperDd46 4 years ago

Beautiful sports conviction

andries 4 years ago

Clean facilities.

Ivan Hop 4 years ago

Nice climbing wall

Wendy volkers 4 years ago

Looks nice! Many gyms and many possibilities

Alysa S 4 years ago

This is a sports complex where everyone works and sports under the motto: "Know what moves you." At On Campus they believe that a fit body is the basis for a balanced, social and happy existence. Based on that thought, they invest in you and your body. They know better than anyone that sports and exercise are not self-evident for everyone. Your age, level or the reason to exercise or exercise: they don't care. You can count on targeted support and service with a smile at On Campus.

Erik Jagersma 4 years ago

In addition to studying, you can also enjoy sports, swimming and fitness at Winderheim. Ideal place to enjoy your physical and mental well-being.

Silvan t.h. 4 years ago

Good music for sports. All important equipment and weights available for both fitness training and muscle building.

Richard Smit 5 years ago

New and clean

Roelof Roos 5 years ago

Enjoy sports with nice fellow students for a very nice price!

Ghayas kassar 5 years ago

A good sports complex

Chantal Schrijver 5 years ago

Be treated well

Wilco Hermens 5 years ago

Nice pool, sufficient and friendly staff. Borrow materials for free

jos agten 5 years ago

Excellent swimming pool.

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