Informatie over Easy Active Hoogland

Hamseweg 2H
3828 AD, Hoogland


Easy Active Hoogland heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.


Easy Active Hoogland heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Easy Active Hoogland: Meningen

Actioncenter Hoogland 1 week ago

Nice gym, lots of fun lessons, nice people and good supervision at fitness.

shooter 1963 2 weeks ago

Nice staff, good sports, everything is clean and tidy, in short, go.

Theo Boomker 3 months ago

Very nice gym with a low threshold, not really very busy, nice music in the background and nice clean shower facility with sauna, highly recommended.

Yvonne Lassche 4 months ago

Only had app contact through a question I had via a call on Facebook. Done quickly and neatly.

Fred Schut 7 months ago

Very nice fitness, good guidance. Great, Rene.

Bianca Vriend 7 months ago

Nice gym! Comfortable atmosphere!

carina van Dam 1 year ago

Very nice environment!! Pleasant atmosphere

Gerrit Pruim 1 year ago

Now called EasyActive.

Ankie Hilhorst 1 year ago

Anneke Van Breugel 2 years ago

Well-arranged measures

Kyan Tans 2 years ago

Super place can exercise quietly and really a super help

Martijn Jansen 2 years ago

Nice gym, I was anti-sport, but wanted to go sport because of health. The guidance has given me pleasure in sports by being very involved in my process and a lot of patience. I am very grateful to you. Keep it up.

Pelle van den Enden 2 years ago

nice gym with modern equipment

Elvin van der Hulst 3 years ago

The people who work here are very involved with their athletes. They know everyone by name in no time. Very cozy and with good guidance. The e-gym is also highly recommended!

Duco Denuijl 3 years ago

I come here often, very good community. Nice gym. Uses the best equipment and scaffolding.

marian de graaf 3 years ago

Very good

Jeffrey Du Pree 4 years ago

Good gym with friendly and professional guidance. There are also many test lessons for young and old.

tijmen schepers 4 years ago

Nice place

Quennie Mae Lungay 4 years ago

It's a nice gym with more than enough equipment and group glasses. Friendly owner and staff.

Patricia Sakkers 4 years ago

Nice gym

Ilona Stremmelaar 4 years ago

Nice atmosphere.

Martin Snijder 4 years ago

With really good equipment and friendly staff.

Gerry Brown 5 years ago

Great equipment the friendliest people! Just wish it was open everyday !

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