Informatie over Het Gymlokaal West

Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1
1056 AB, Amsterdam
+31 20 737 2781


  • maandag: 07:00–21:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–21:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–21:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–21:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–18:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–14:00
  • zondag: 09:00–14:00

Bij Het Gymlokaal gaan we terug naar de basis. Samen sporten en elkaar motiveren in een persoonlijke en intieme sfeer. In onze lessen gaan we uit van de krac...

Bij Het Gymlokaal gaan we terug naar de basis. Samen sporten en elkaar motiveren in een persoonlijke en intieme sfeer. In onze lessen gaan we uit van de kracht van het eigen lichaam, zodat je deze optimaal kan benutten tijdens het sporten en in het dagelijkse leven. 

Het Gymlokaal heeft twee sportscholen op authentieke locaties: een oude scheepswerf in Amsterdam-Noord en een voormalig schoolgebouw in Amsterdam-West. In de speelse sfeer van de gymlokalen, ontsnap je even aan de waan van de dag.


Het Gymlokaal West heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Het Gymlokaal West: Meningen

Laura V 1 month ago

Become a member and never leave!

Aron Karmazsin 1 month ago

I have been going to the gymlokaal for several months now (mostly through classpass bookings). It’s quickly become one of my favorite places to train in Amsterdam. The class schedule is super diverse and challenging from boxing to gymnastics to cross training and anything in between. I really dig the look & feel of the gym and have found most trainers to be very knowledgeable and fun.

Marie Louise Navarro Martinez 1 month ago

Great place. Good atmosphere, clean and fresh spaces and varied classes.

Jess 1 month ago

Very nice gym - great kickboxing classes (they actually teach you technique too!), cross training & yoga. Cozy vibe, cozy tribe :)

Bart Hoogstad 1 month ago

Nice location and nice shot

Manouk de Vries 1 month ago

High quality lessons, very personal and the best teachers of Amsterdam

Emmanuelle RISI 1 month ago

When you leave your house wondering why you booked your class so early... But then go back home 1h later with a big smile after a super workout! Love it!

Maartje 1 month ago

Very nice cross training!

Menno van der Meer 1 month ago

Very nice sports place, neat, good guidance and fun lessons.!

Lars Klute 2 months ago

Great workout, great shot!

Alvaro Torrens 2 months ago

HetGymlocaal is a great place to train! The crosstraining classes are amazing and for all levels, coaches always have tips for improving and classes are super fun! Also the overall team of the gym is really kind and helpful!

Dorien den Biggelaar 2 months ago

Super cool gym with good classes and a nice atmosphere. Couldn't be better!!

Renée Leeuw 3 months ago

Great vibe, great teachers, awesome gym!

J.D. Wijn 3 months ago

Best gym in town. Personal assistance by the trainers is extraordinary, wether you go boxing or for CrossFit. Would highly recommend!

Aron van Diepen 3 months ago

Good trainers and super fun sports lesson, from yoga to kickboxing and tasty ginger shots!

Matthijs Germs 4 months ago

Best gym, diverse offer, nice people

mohamed Zozo 7 months ago

Very nice places to train. Only parking is expensive if you don't live nearby.

Bastiaan van Leeuwen 7 months ago

Good classes and wide variety + friendly and helpful people, in a nice location. If this isn't worth the money, I don't know what is.

Yessica IJpma 1 year ago

Awesome venue for a broad range of workouts!

Fidel van Kempen 1 year ago

Good gym. Lost of space to take your social distance.

Diógenes “diofeher” Fernandes 1 year ago

Awesome structure and team

Samantha Prins 1 year ago

Nice gym with good professional trainers. Nice staff :)

J 1 year ago

A great gym with lovely people where passion, professionalism and fun come together under one roof. Each training is challenging and the structure of the lessons is extremely technical so that you learn to train safely but also understand why you use these techniques. In addition to the wide range of different classes, the gym is very spacious and well equipped for an individual workout with the right materials. Still in doubt? Don't, just go.

Maike van den Berg 2 years ago

I love sports at Het Gymlokaal. Come here with lots of fun, very nice team and the atmosphere is fantastic. The lessons are good and really give me the feeling that I need to get through the week wonderfully!

Selwyn Maan 2 years ago

I have been to many schools. It stands head and shoulders above it. Super involved trainers, friendly staff, clean spaces and a special location. Love this place.

Wouter van den Brande 2 years ago

Gym in a beautiful building, nice people and good trainers. Where there is a wide range of different types of training. I have been a member of many different gyms in Amsterdam, this is by far my favorite!

Ivan M 2 years ago

Sick gym!Not your usual mirror full gym where most people spend their time on their phones or checking out their gains. Music is always on point, staff helpful, the building is unusually cool...

Nathalie Gröfke 2 years ago

Great gym with super trainers, amazing equipment and lovely people!! Really love the yoga & kickboxing classes - totally recommended!!!

Carina Ter Beek 2 years ago

I have been sporting at Het Gymlokaal with great pleasure for a few years. There is a nice casual atmosphere and the quality of the group lessons is high. I always walk out the door with a smile!

Lorin Versteeg 2 years ago

What a nice gym this is, not only beautiful, but also really good lessons with enormously carefully selected trainers, not your typical gym. RECOMMENDED !!

eva stukje 2 years ago

Super nice gym! The combination of lessons and the atmosphere of this gym are, in my opinion, very unique in Amsterdam. Also a very nice team where every trainer has enormous knowledge of the training he / she gives. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for more than just "simple" sports!

Sander Rijs 3 years ago

Beautiful gym, which feels very accessible due to the nice mix of people. The trainers are all very good and ensure every lesson that you get the most out of yourself. Favorite gym in Amsterdam!

Jan Jaap Meijerink 3 years ago

Small and flexible gym that offers a pretty wide variety of lessons as well as solo workout space. The subscriptions are somewhat expensive, but relative to other gyms in Amsterdam it's nothing crazy. Nice location.

Dora Weijers 3 years ago

Top atmosphere and top lessons! Also a nice variety. From kickboxing to yoga, you will find everything here!

Peter M 3 years ago

Great gym, nice atmosphere

Thomas van Hasselt 4 years ago

Good vibe. Green, spacious and good classes

Sam van den Nieuwenhof 4 years ago

Great Gym! Best one i've been so far

Alex Key 4 years ago

Great gym. Friendly staff.

Nora Louise Hoekstra 4 years ago

Honestly the nicest gym I know. Beautifully styled and with high quality classes!

Emad Ahmed 4 years ago

Great people space and equipment . People are nice inside as well...

Frank Sparenburg 4 years ago

Personal training with Nienke was amazing! I think i am in love...

Adrian Arsene 4 years ago

Great gym. Knowledgeable trainers. Good atmosphere

Richard Hocking 5 years ago

Awesome gym. Nice atmosphere and nice people. Clean gym, with lots of light. No mirrors, no attitude. Thumbs up ✌

Claudio Semeraro 5 years ago

The best gym in town. Seriously.

nelleke verkaart 6 years ago

Super nice atmosphere, good trainers, very diverse program, with (kick) boxing, yoga, strength training, mobility and good outdoor exercise with strength & condition. RECOMMENDED !!!!!

Yuri Yabi 6 years ago

The gym is the first gym where I found a friendly atmosphere with nice people. For the first time in years I want to start training. Nice group lessons and good facilities!

Rosa Polak 6 years ago

LOVE THIS PLACE <3 #bestgymintown

Jaantje Kramer 6 years ago

Love this (more than a) gym!! :)

Marjan Schonenberg 6 years ago

So happy that I finally found a nice gym! Relaxed atmosphere and beautiful group lessons

Sjuul Daamen 6 years ago

At Het Gymlokaal people move in a way that people are made to move. Not only your physical fitness, but also your mobility to be able to exercise and exercise freely in the city and nature is increased. You can also go to Het Gymlokaal for your oldskool games such as hit ball and monkey cage. In short, totally super.

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