Informatie over FemmeGym 'de Garage'

Vancouverstraat 6HS
1056 DV, Amsterdam
+31 20 612 8707


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00

Heb jij ook wel eens moeite gehad om bij een sportschool binnen te stappen? Bij FemmeGym willen we dat iedere vrouw zich thuis voelt.

Heb jij ook wel eens moeite gehad om bij een sportschool binnen te stappen? Een beetje geïntimideerd door de macho's die flink wat gewichten stonden te pompen en vrouwen die er uit zagen alsof ze ...

Je kunt tijdens je gym sessie trainen in de eGym, Functional Fitness of Cardio zone. Omdat iedereen anders is en iedereen een persoonlijke aandacht verdiend kun je bij FemmeGym gewoon een afspraak met ...

Eerst zeker weten dat wij de sportschool zijn voor jou? Wil je een les doen of gewoon een gym sessie? Geen probleem, dan kom je toch gewoon 3 x 'proef' sporten voor €9,99!

Heb jij ook wel eens moeite gehad om bij een sportschool binnen te stappen?Een beetje geïntimideerd door de macho’s die flink wat gewichten stonden te pompen en vrouwen die er uit zagen alsof ze zo door konden naar een leuk feest?Bij FemmeGym willen we dat iedere vrouw zich thuis voelt. Of je nu een ervaren sporter bent, heel af en toe sport of nog nooit een loopband van dichtbij hebt gezien; wij zijn de sportschool die je zoekt!

Door ons speciaal te richten op vrouwen willen wij de drempel om een sportschool binnen te lopen wegnemen. Wij onderscheiden ons door een flinke dosis persoonlijke aandacht en een gevarieerd en uitdagend aanbod aan groepslessen onder leiding van professionele docentes. We bieden meer dan 80 lessen en daarmee een breed scala aan lessen die meegaan met de nieuwste trends. Van yoga tot spinning, kick4fun tot pilates, wij hebben de les die bij jou past! Wij geven live lessen met volop persoonlijke aandacht zodat jij het maximale uit je training kan halen. Onze docentes motiveren je, corrigeren je als het nodig is en zorgen er voor dat je elke keer weer naar een hoger niveau komt. Bij FemmeGym kan je terecht voor body & mind lessen zoals yoga, pilates en barre, conditie lessen zoals spinning of kracht lessen zoals HIIT en powershape. Welke lessen geven wij?

Ken je dat: je stapt vol goede moed de sportschool in, je hebt je nieuwe sportoutfit aan en uit de speakers klinkt lekker energieke muziek. Kortom, je bent helemaal ready to go! Maar wanneer je dan al de apparaten en gewichten ziet in de fitness, weet je eigenlijk niet zo goed waar je moet beginnen. Iedereen die bij ons lid wordt, start op haar eigen niveau met sporten. Omdat iedereen anders is en iedereen een persoonlijke aandacht verdiend kun je bij FemmeGym gewoon een afspraak met één van onze trainsters inboeken. Je kunt een afspraken maken voor een healt check, een eGym plan en voor een Functional Fitness plan. Kortom wij zijn de sportschool voor jou!


FemmeGym 'de Garage' heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

FemmeGym 'de Garage': Meningen

Nicolette Broekman 1 year ago

A nice gym where you immediately feel at home, where it is clean and you sport under expert guidance. Very nice group lessons !!

Halima Hollenberg 1 year ago

Really a nice gym !! Good lessons and a cozy atmosphere.

Emma 1 year ago

Femme Gym is a wonderful gym where you can train undisturbed. The lessons are fun and the staff are friendly and helpful. I like to come there!

Joy Wielkens 1 year ago

I FemmeGym find a super place to play sports. Good lessons, super staff in a cozy environment. I think it is important that the place where I exercise is a place I like to visit, otherwise I will not go. FemmeGym is that for me.

Karima Hachim 1 year ago

Super nice gym. I train wonderfully and undisturbed and then take a nice shake or cup of coffee after the sauna (they make a good espresso). The zumbalessen are highly recommended! I always thought it wasn't for me, but now I can really put my egg into it.

Valeria Kecskei 1 year ago

Super nice step lessons

Saloua Amarzguio 1 year ago

Very nice gym not only exercise is pleasant but also the instructors are always up for a chat. And the lessons are great !!

Nguyet Do 1 year ago

Cozy women's sports school with a great atmosphere. In addition to the group lessons and fitness where you receive personal guidance, you can also relax and enrich yourself with the inspiring workshops that are offered! This is really the ideal gym for every woman, from beginner to advanced.

Mieke-Maaike De Jong 1 year ago

The personal attention of all employees at FemmeGym makes you feel enormously welcome every time! You can ask anything and you always get a listening ear or professional advice. In addition, there are super cute women of all different ages and origins. And the group lessons are great !! Spicy but that's what we do it for?

Stichting StreetPro 1 year ago

FemmeGym is a beautiful all-round gym for women who want to train (physically and psychologically). The involvement of the staff, personal atmosphere and diversity of workouts & training makes me happy to come here! This is a one of a kind gym, come and join us!

Anniek Kuijper 1 year ago

A pearl in Amsterdam! You can train here at any level, enjoy a nice cup of coffee or enjoy the sauna. The atmosphere here is unique and personal. Members come from all over Amsterdam or even from outside Amsterdam. You can work with a personally tailored training schedule or take one of the professional group lessons. Something for every woman!

Anna Puntman 1 year ago

Femmegym is a very pleasant gym with a great atmosphere and a varied range of lessons. The approach is friendly and personal and you are (if you want) professionally guided with attention and patience. Highly recommended !!

Almog Regev 1 year ago

The best gym that I've ever joined, been going there for three years now. The classes are on point with a good variety of yoga types, strength, shape etc. The staff is always friendly, nice and helpful. All the facilities are well kept and clean. I've never enjoyed going to the gym that much before.

Claire Koopman 1 year ago

This is a really great gym!

Seher I. 1 year ago

Femmegym is a really nice gym! Good atmosphere, fun group lessons! If I hadn't moved, I would certainly still be a customer of yours.

Tegan George 1 year ago

I love FemmeGym! While it's certainly a (very) small space, they put a lot of thought into organizing it for optimal impact. The classes and trainers are fantastic, the rates are reasonable, and I am overall thrilled with it. I go almost every day to classes and I feel great!

Aysha Wills 1 year ago

For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to going to the gym.... A great variety of fun classes lovely instructors and nice facilities. It's very clean and there are lots of little details like little baskets of hair ties, Toiletries like makeup remover and lotions etc which all make going to the gym more pleasant for ladies. It feels social and warm too, rather than macho and cold like alot of the other gyms I've been to.

Baiba Zvejniece 1 year ago

Best gym in Amsterdam (probably in Europe and world haha)! Super amazing trainers, staff. E-gym that adjust to your body + capabilities, sauna, plenty of classes and additional yoga studio - truly amazing, highly recommended ??

ines sadouk 1 year ago

I have been with FemmeGym for 3 years and I can only say positive things about it, big shout out to the staff who is always very friendly, professional and motivating and will always make sure you reach your objectives! Large range of classes both stretching and strength oriented, but also great equipment and app training program (generic or tailor made by one of the gym staff) to work out solo. On top of this the 2 gym locations are very well maintained : clean and nicely decorated. Also special shout out to the gym team that did all their best to enable us to train with both class and training material rental during covid time, real life saver !

Eva Megli? 1 year ago

Such an amazing gym! Would highly recommend to everyone! Super modern with amazing classes.

Kristina Pappa 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Been there twice, already got a subscription. The staff is very friendly, the space is small but everything is clean, the equipment is perfect. I find it the best gym for ladies I've been to. Most important is that I feel very comfortable training there by myself.

Natasja Dreise 2 years ago

Super nice ladies gym. Nice people, nice lessons.

Angela Ferrato 2 years ago

Best gym I’ve ever been to! The staff is nice, the gym is always clean and tidy, has many basic machines and mostly all the equipment you might need for a workout. If I really have to complain, I would prefer more variety of courses, but the courses FemmeGym is already offering are pretty good ones (I love kick4fun). Instructors are very professional too.

Marga Amsterdam 2 years ago

So far only positive. From the first phone call to ask for information, the reception on arrival, help with locker operation, everyone is equally friendly and helpful. You really feel welcome. Nice lessons without too bright light which is nice.

Uonirbma 3 years ago

A really good gym with a lot of classes and great teachers! The gym is cheap and even has a sauna I 100% recommend

Camille Keller 3 years ago

Very good classes and teachers! Relax vibes, very friendly staff.

Cherish Bakker 3 years ago

Leuke sportschool

Kim ter Harmsel 3 years ago

Nice place to exercise. Felt welcome from day 1. Lots of choice in group lessons and fun "teachers". Good atmosphere and everything has been thought of (shampoo, deo, etc.), delicious!

Elly Eiselin 3 years ago

Good gym, good guidance

Rizzie 4 years ago

Femmegym is a small-scale cozy gym. They have a wide range of lessons and fitness equipment. The girls are all very friendly and helpful. Definitely recommended for women in the neighborhood.

Hanna Debora 4 years ago

Very nice gym! Clean, good value for money and very friendly staff

Fay W 4 years ago

A very nice gym!

Mahera Alherby 4 years ago

Cleanliness, excellent service and high-end equipment ??????

Gerdien 4 years ago

Was very worried that I would not hip enough, I had very high threshold for myself. It is totally the opposite. Relaxed atmosphere, fun lessons (a lot has to be discovered by the way), friendly staff who will say hello, always want to help you when needed. And I have to try only those e-gym also seems top. Anniek's lesson is my favorite: nice and positive, always asks if everyone can speak Dutch, if you have injuries and if you are first. Never look up to her lessons!

Mariam Ad 5 years ago

Wonderful gym, with excellent service!

Merel E 5 years ago

Good guidance once every 8 weeks, many times when you can exercise in peace.

Nicole C 5 years ago

Good gym! Nice and very experienced staff. The atmosphere is always positive and cozy and there is a lot of choice in fitness equipment and workouts. The only downside I personally find the opening hours. The gym opens a little too late during the week compared to other gyms, making it impossible to go to the gym before I go to work. They also close earlier than usual on weekends. Where other gyms stay open until four, five, six or even seven, they close at three. Update: opening hours are now adjusted! Absolutely great! From four to five stars!

Ellen Petit 5 years ago

A gym where I feel good, and therefore actually go. Need to try some more different lessons, but am really happy with the lessons and teachers I have had. Good app also with many options, including digital scheduling. A number of places per lesson cannot be reserved, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate if you get there on time. And oh yes, sauna !!

Ma?gorzata Przeradzka 6 years ago

Best gym, best girls, best vibe!

Ledi Silva 6 years ago

My favourite place!

ML AGUER 6 years ago

very very good gym for women

Marieke Verdonk 6 years ago

Good atmosphere and the people (staff and fellow athletes) are very nice. You come here for a good workout at your own pace and how you want it. The registration module for group lessons works great and is immediately a good 'big stick'.

Tiarah Engels 6 years ago

Best gym I've ever been a member of! Honestly, every aspect you can think of is just great! The only thing that sucks a little though is that they open quite late (9:00 - except for Wednesdays when they open at 7:00 ) which is very inconvenient for those of us who have daily jobs. Opening at 7:00 or even 8:00 would make many lives easier, healthier and more worthy of the monthly fee, because it would allow one to go to the gym more often!

Vera Lötters 7 years ago

Super nice gym for and by women! Professional, personal and spicy. Am completely hooked to Powershape since the summer :-)

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