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Eusebiusplein 61
6811 HG, Arnhem
+31 26 442 7296


  • maandag: 06:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 06:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 06:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 06:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 06:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 06:00–23:00
  • zondag: 06:00–23:00

Elke dag open van 06:00 - 00:00 | Vrouwenzone | Geen vast contract | Personal Training | Vital Gym App & persoonlijke Vital Gym plannen | Gratis proberen?

Eerst moest ik me er altijd toe zetten om naar de sportschool te gaan, maar sinds ik bij Vital sport is dat een stuk makkelijker geworden! Heb gemerkt dat het belangrijk voor me is om in een fijne omgeving, met goede apparaten en een gezellige sfeer te sporten. Kortom, fijn plekkie dus Vital Gym!

Vital Gym Arnhem is een fijne sportschool! De sfeer is goed en het personeel is vriendelijk, zowel bij binnenkomst als tijdens het sporten. Ik kom er twee keer per week voor krachttraining.

If you really want to reach your goals and see the difference, oh well that’s the only place to be!!! The crew of professionals is side by side with you to guide your path of success. Moreover, fellow members always bring the energetic spirit and never let you down!

Het is onze missie dé sportschool te zijn waar volhouden leuker en makkelijker is dan opgeven. Waarbij je optimaal geholpen wordt je sportieve doelstellingen te behalen en de juiste stappen leert zetten naar jouw leefstijl optimalisatie.

Vital Gym Arnhem is een sportschool die verder kijkt dan alleen fitness, het beste in haar klanten naar boven haalt en helpt bij het behalen en volhouden van jouw doelstelling.


Vital Gym Arnhem heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Vital Gym Arnhem: Meningen

John Vlaming 3 months ago

Best gym of Arnhem

Hassan Rame 3 months ago

Subscribed for Two months Great&clean place also the employees are kind

Lingwei Zhao 7 months ago

A really nice gym for all avid athletes. It's a pity that you can only train during off-peak hours if you exercise with a student pass.

Eduard Leegwater 7 months ago

Nice gym packed with equipment you do not see anywhere else : prime machines and handles, kaz handles, belt Squat, pendulum Squat etc

Abe Dijkman 9 months ago

Very nice gym! Lots of space and overview. The staff is very helpful but also really give you your space. Very clean and hygienic. An absolute must!

RANDYTV1 1 year ago

Vital gym is honestly the best gym for me to train. The staff is in possession of a lot of knowledge regarding training, nutrition and everything that comes with fitness. You can feel the friendly atmosphere, and it is mainly the personal feeling that makes it so nice. 5 stars well deserved!

Ruben Stelling 1 year ago

Top gym! Specific material for optimal training and skilled coaches, nutrition and training experts.

Ivan Gerov 1 year ago

Simply put - the best gym in Arhnem. Every type of athlete can excel at their sport, especially weightlifters and bodybuilders. Every single machine is well-maintained and there is a wide selection of weights. Staff is also very friendly and helpful. They also accept the student sports pass, so it should be a no-brainer for students to join, as with the pass, the monthly cost is the same as budget gyms!

Leon Janssen 1 year ago

Great gym that focuses primarily on strength training. As a result, they have more different devices than other gyms. The extended opening hours are also very pleasant.

Kevin West 1 year ago

Fantastic gym. Always good advice, even when not asked for it (positive) Gave me more motivation to exercise

Tessa Bölger 1 year ago

Nice gym! Good quality, in addition to the basic equipment, machines that I have never seen in another gym. Female-friendly, with a female-only sports zone, specifically designed for the female body.

Anton Kobets 1 year ago

The sports club is not cheap, but there is no crowd either. Everything is neat and fresh.

Reginaldo Marlin 1 year ago

It was great again, great sports again

Jeffrey Zhou 1 year ago

Best gym in Arnhem and surroundings! The great thing about Vital Gym is that the community is result-driven and has all the tools available to achieve its goal, thanks to high-quality equipment. In addition, the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Also leading in the way of personal coaching.

Karlijn Tervoort 1 year ago

Vital Gym Arnhem is a top gym. The wide opening hours offer everyone the opportunity to come and exercise at his or her time. You are always greeted kindly upon arrival, so that you start exercising with a pleasant feeling. The moment you have a question about a device or an exercise, the trainers are always ready to help you. Vital Gym has created a separate area for women. Here they can exercise independently and use weights and equipment. This is also a big plus. All in all, I am very satisfied!

Ilse Velden 2 years ago

Ik ben erg te spreken over deze sportschool - de sfeer is prettig en er is zelfs een zone alleen voor vrouwen - maar de nieuwe regel die vandaag van kracht is gegaan, is gewoonweg belachelijk. Leden met een studentensportkaart kunnen niet meer op piekuren in de sportschool terecht, waardoor wij enkel in de ochtend en heel laat in de avond kunnen sporten. Ik begrijp dat, met de huidige crisis, er maatregelen genomen moeten worden, zodat iedereen met een gerust hart kan sporten. Maar met deze regel sluit je een heel grote groep leden buiten en ik denk niet dat dat de juiste oplossing is. De regel waarbij men vooraf moet reserveren en er maar 35 plekken beschikbaar zijn, werkte volgens mij prima. Om de veiligheid van een bezoek te garanderen, zou je dit aantal zelfs in kunnen dammen tot 30 of 25 personen. Maar het volledig buitensluiten van studentensportkaarthouders op bepaalde uren - nota bene de uren waarin wij normalerwijze in de collegezaal zitten - is niet de oplossing.

Sanghadeep Dutta 2 years ago

Best gym in arnhem

Sven Tilanus 2 years ago

Always an experienced trainer on the floor. A pleasant atmosphere with room for every type of athlete. Many choice of equipment and modern applications. Clean toilets and changing rooms, tidy rooms where the things are always in place.

Marco van Well 2 years ago

Very well maintained and hygienic gym with a wide range of racks, machines and weights. Nice atmosphere where you can do your thing. Staff generally actively keeping the gym tidy and always available for questions.

Mirjam Schaart 2 years ago

A very nice gym, with a motivating atmosphere. Good diverse (modern) equipment and mainly focused on strength training, I personally enjoyed that very much. Furthermore, always very friendly and helpful staff.

Sietse Bosma 2 years ago

Nice gym, broadly oriented in disciplines within the power sport, wide opening hours, lots of equipment / racks / cables. Also a big ass. to accessories and (micro) plates. Atmosphere and audience much better than when it was YourHealth. Occasionally very busy at peak times, but you will always have this at a good gym

Kimon Sakellaris 2 years ago

Best in town. Good quality equipment and a lot of knowledge in house to assist everyone with whatever goal they have in mind.

Paresh Bulchandani 2 years ago

Vital gym is welcoming to both beginners and professional athletes. Their opening hours are amazing. Flexible membership contracts. And last but not least the atmosphere in the gym is truly pleasant, supporting and motivating. Definitely one of the better things that has come to Arnhem.

jefta de jager 2 years ago

The employees have a lot of knowledge about nutrition and sports. Also the personal training is REALLY personal that you learn a lot from and that you can also use when you stop the personal training. Furthermore, it is very friendly staff with whom you can chat well. I often hang around for half an hour after exercise. It is just like a 2nd house! You can also enjoy working at school, provided that you are not distracted by background noise.

Abdel Mouiz RAISSI 2 years ago

Best Gym ever!

Sepp Elzinga 2 years ago

Good gym, good location and a pleasant sports atmosphere. Constantly improving and expanding the services. Many different equipment available which is pleasant for different training purposes Wide opening times, very nice! That's why it's not that busy at most times!

Ramiro Cambarere 2 years ago

I'm gonna be for a few days in Arnhem and this is the best option in town. Lots of machines, space, excellent service.

Danny Drinkwater 2 years ago

British Paratroopers working In Arnhem for the 75th anniversary. 4 of us were using the gym why we was there, Bob and his work colleagues looked after very well, thank you! Great staff and fantastic gym equipment highly recommend A*****

Steven van Kuijk 2 years ago

If you come for what a gym is for, sports, then Vital is a very pleasant place to do that. Modern equipment, lots of choice, and yet Vital exudes the atmosphere of a 'real' gym. In addition, it is very clean and the people are friendly, and that reflects on the sporting visitors.

Lenka Bolger 2 years ago

Best gym, they have a special vital women zone.

Bart Klerks 2 years ago

Professional and friendly atmosphere with expert guidance. Very large variety of well-maintained equipment and accessories for cardio to powerlifting. Good prices. Clean and tidy with good air con and good showers. A pleasant member base ranging from young to old, beginner to advanced. A separate women's area so that they can exercise undisturbed with a good feeling. A lounge area where you can relax with a cup of coffee or shake. And so I can mention 20 points. Truly a truly great gym.

Sofia Sanders 2 years ago

There is a nice atmosphere and I always feel at ease. There is also a wide choice of equipment and weights which is a big + point. In addition, you will always be helped if you have questions.

Igor Helldorfer 2 years ago

The Vital Gym concept is a unique consolidation of a professional but also accessible gym that you will not find anywhere in the Region. A combination of bodybuilders, powerlifters and other advanced athletes into starting athletes and people with a physical disability who can always count on the expertise and personal attention from the staff. Very advanced and diverse equipment, but also a homely and cohesive atmosphere make the ultimate combination for me!

renske 2 years ago

Very nice gym with friendly staff. They can improve for me by creating more open space for stretching, for example, and by slightly reducing the entrance fee.

Ilona Wielandt 2 years ago

Opening hours are great, especially for a busy student like me. Good vibe, good music, professional help and like-minded people.

Maja Sanders 2 years ago

Very nice gym with friendly staff. Choice of enough equipment. The staff has a lot of knowledge and can help you when you have a question about an exercise, for example. They also have a wide range when it comes to nutrition and personal training. In addition, there is a very nice atmosphere and everyone does their thing. No vultures very nice: D! I feel very comfortable here and it feels like a second home.

Eva Luna Lifestyle 3 years ago

Awesome gym! Really friendly crew members! They show you the whole place and help you with your technique if asked. They have unique equipment and also a lot of special machines to work with for specific muscle groups. Everything is really organized and clean! And for the girls.. There is a special WOMEN ZONE, yep it is great! Highly recommend this gym, especially if you looking for high standards, good quality equipment and a warm welcome.

Sanat Barayev 3 years ago

Opens at 6 and closes at 00:00 Lots of equipment, great atmosphere and nice staff. In my opinion, definitely the best gym in Arnhem!

Becky Esq 3 years ago

Excellent gym with friendly staff. Reasonable day rate.

Wouter Bosman 3 years ago

Nice gym with something for everyone. The best price - quality ratio, and can be canceled monthly. Immediately registered after my trial lesson. Also no registration fees! Top!

Pedro Garcia Fernandez 3 years ago

Great Gym, not crowded, great equipment. Can only recommend it

Marc Jansen 4 years ago

Have seen many gyms and sports but Vital Gym is by far the best place to train well! Atmosphere, quality (devices and possibilities) and staff who know what they are talking about. Top gym !!!

braccer eve 4 years ago

Gym was good, clean and the people who work there regularly make rounds. Their is also a women only section... probably the only down side for guys.

Jean 4 years ago

I good place to relax your mind and get your body fit! The crew are really profesional and frendly!

Alessandro Bettolini 4 years ago

Really good gym for bulking

Michiel Wannet 4 years ago

Without a doubt the best gym in Arnhem and surroundings. I have been working out myself for over 10 years and during this time I have attended several gyms. I have been working at vital gym for a year now and there is really no disadvantage. If desired, super guidance is possible where everyone, with any level is welcome. The extended opening hours offer the opportunity to exercise when it suits you. You can also go until the early hours on weekends. It is interesting after the renovation of an unprecedented level. It looks more like a club than a gym, which makes exercising a lot more fun. Nice music in the background finishes it off. Conclusion; super gym

Vlad Cius 4 years ago

Amazing gym! Great place to work out at almost any time (considering opening hours). Great place to get motivation. Great staff.

Mikael Pratama Kristyawicaksono 4 years ago

Best gym in the town, tbh

Fanni Gkagkoulias 4 years ago

One word- HEAVEN! From the moment of receiving a warm welcome, you endeavor motivation, energy, a competitive spirit for outgrow and support! If you really want to reach your goals and see the difference, oh well that's the only place to be!!! The crew of professionals is side by side with you to guide your path of success.Moreover fellow members always bring the energetic spirit and never let you down! VITALGYM makes u feel home surrounded by family! They are my fam!!! And I recommend everyone to share their passion and productive sweat there! <3

Stanislas Doriani 4 years ago

Great atmosphere and nice people. The equipment is top-notch and Vital Gym keeps challenging itself to make the experience even better. A cup of coffee after work, a brief explanation of the equipment and an encouraging motivation to achieve the desired result, nothing is too much for the guys at Vital Gym. So highly recommended!

Dylan Beatse 5 years ago

The period before Vital Gym was chaotic. Now that it has been completely renovated with a nice concept, there is again a great gym. Top equipment and more than enough dumbells and always cool inside! The best gym in Arnhem!

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