Informatie over Sportcentrum Indoor Action

Boekhorstenstraat 75
6828 DV, Arnhem
+31 26 446 1186


  • maandag: 07:00–22:30
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:30
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:30
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:30
  • vrijdag: 07:00–21:30
  • zaterdag: 07:00–18:00
  • zondag: 08:30–20:00

Indoor Action; dé sportclub van Arnhem. Groepslessen, fitness, personal training, wellness en yoga. De beste trainers en coaches. Schitterende ruimten voor een top beleving en een geweldige lounge voor een kop koffie, smoothie of gezonde maaltijd na jouw sportmoment.


Sportcentrum Indoor Action heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Sportcentrum Indoor Action: Meningen

G J 2 weeks ago

Best gym I have worked at!

Yvonne Haagsma 10 months ago

A very creative, fantastic and pleasant sports club of high quality. The group lessons are also of a high level with a very frequent and diverse offer. TOP gym!

Lana Kool 10 months ago

Indoor Action is more than just a good gym for me. In addition to the high-quality, varied classes and materials they offer, it is also a very nice and pleasant place to be. For almost 10 years I still feel good on every visit.

Miranda van der Lit 10 months ago

Super gym. Nice atmosphere and good group lessons. In Corona time they have shown to be very creative, assertive and professional (but I already knew that )

Mike Van Hoek 1 year ago

Had a trial lesson at indoor Action a few days ago. I'd heard good things about it, but not that it was that good. Really everything perfectly arranged. Everything is possible and everything is there. From powerlifting to CrossFit. There is also a gigantic wellness area on the ground floor. A CrossFit enthusiast must be here. There is a lot of space and many possibilities. Here they understand what is important to get a fit body and there is enough in house to make that happen. They also give away everything for free, such as parking. The price is also quite nice. Maybe this is the best gym in Gelderland? Can someone tell me a better gym in Gelderland?

Ben Bisseling 1 year ago

Luxe sportcentrum met de nieuwste toestellen. De ontvangst en ontvangstbalie kan professioneler.

Hossein Khayat 1 year ago

Great gym, if properly arranged, friendly staff many options, you will grow healthy.

Corbin Sanders 2 years ago

Good gym with nice equipment and keep expanding.

N G 2 years ago

Best gym in Arnhem. Many devices, group lessons, beautiful sauna landscape!

Suzy one 2 years ago

The best gym in the Netherlands

IIIAHMIII (AHM) 2 years ago

Trial bottle shot with a friend. Received a very nice tour and everything is neat and the equipment is fine. Unfortunately just a little too expensive for us. Definitely recommended if you can afford it.

Wil Koerntjes 2 years ago

A super recommendation and great staff

Didi Kamphuis 2 years ago

Fantastic gym. Always have a good time. At first I thought it was scary to walk in on my own, but everyone is very nice. Nobody looks at you weird you can just do your thing. In addition, the group lessons are ideal and if you still want some extra guidance, you can always get someone involved.

Monique Geelen 2 years ago

Very nice gym. Good guidance, fine equipment and the wellness is a nice addition

Kim Driessen 2 years ago

Nice gym. Clean, lots of equipment and a wide range of group lessons. The trainers are the absolute point of sale. All equally friendly and capable.

Jacqueline Boekhout 2 years ago

Great gym. Good physio.

Lorell 2 years ago

Neat gym with skilled and friendly employees

Rorik Windgassen 2 years ago

Professional organization

natascha hondijk 2 years ago

Fantastic gym !!!! I have been exercising here for 4 years now and I always go there with great pleasure. Enough lessons, quality instructors and a good vibe. Are you ready to work out, you can order a delicious smoothie at the bar. Sometimes it still wants to be busy, especially on Monday evenings, but it is not (yet) bursting. You pay an average of € 55 per month for it, but then you have a top gym.

Harom Harom 3 years ago

A nice and cozy gym

Tamara Liscaljet 3 years ago

Best gym in Arnhem

MajestyNL M 3 years ago

Best gym in Arnhem.

Geert Borkus 3 years ago

Nice sports center, lots of things: lessons, trainers, equipment, changing rooms and apparently cleaners because everything is clean and fresh.

Bas van de Riet 3 years ago

Very satisfied with this gym. Extensive range of group lessons, supervision of the schedules and, as icing on the cake, a fairly large wellness. Not the cheapest, but certainly the nicest gym I have ever been to.

stefan1187 3 years ago

Since mid-November I have been registered at this gym, because after 2.5 years I wanted to start again with strength training. What immediately struck me is that the staff is incredibly friendly and spontaneous. You do not come in unnoticed, because there is always a friendly hello, and when you leave you are said to be friendly. This immediately gives a positive feeling so that you do not get the feeling that you are lost in the enormous complex. Since last night, that was due to my own schedule, I got my training schedule. At the stroke of the agreed time, a trainer was ready for me, and together we went through a training schedule that I can now consult and follow via the MyWellness app. I was really motivated by the trainer and ample time was taken to explain everything and answer questions. Immediately an evaluation was scheduled to see how things are going with the schedule in the near future. From mid-November to yesterday I could of course already be found at indoor, but while waiting for my training schedule that I did not have at the time, I was not sure what to do with the equipment, which weights I had to use etc ... That was mainly to me as I am sure the staff would have been more than happy to help me. Now that is different, and from next Wednesday I will start with more motivation than ever! Indoor ... THANK YOU! :)

Marina Visser 3 years ago

I've tried multiple yoga classes in town until I found this place. They have great group lessons but also an amazing gym and sauna. The price is very affordable and the stuff is always super helpful.

Johanna 3 years ago

Great big gym with high quality service. Staff is extremely friendly. Classes are great!

VeVe_AR_Guy 3 years ago

Great GYM

Robert Arkesteijn 3 years ago

Very extensive fitness offer, beautiful sauna, friendly staff and fair prices. A very pleasant place!

W. S. 3 years ago

Great sports club! You will receive all the personal attention you need here. The group lessons are excellent and the staff is incredibly friendly.

Deborah Boonstra 3 years ago

Super nice gym! Always working on innovating in terms of lessons and new equipment. There is an enormous amount of choice and that in combination with childcare makes it ideal for me. The staff are also friendly, knowledgeable and really pay attention to you.

Chile Chick 3 years ago

Nice, spacious gym with good facilities

Arianne van Velthoven 4 years ago

Nice gym. Many offer in group lessons. Good personal guidance. Also sauna and solarium. Target audience estimated 20 to 40 years

Pepijn Zuurdeeg 4 years ago

Good sports center with many fascalities. Innovative. Varied programme. Nice atmosphere and pleasant staff.

Vaya Maya 4 years ago


Govinda van Dam 4 years ago

Great gym and ditto trainers. You can take group lessons here, but you can also work solo. Really recommended. This gym is not cheap but it is well worth the money. Everything nice and clean and fresh. Fine showers, changing rooms (with locker), saunas and a sunbed. And of course enjoy a nice cup of coffee or juice afterwards. For me 5 stars!

Roy Brugman 4 years ago

A bit busy, but with good supervision and it is clean

Juliette Ros 4 years ago

Large building, not too busy, fantastic group lessons

Laura Bunschoten 4 years ago

Fantastic gym with super sweet and helpful staff! I am a student myself, so I pay a good price to exercise there.

ARC_Mermaid 4 years ago

Nice gym with very friendly staff. It is on the expensive side, but you really get something in return. They also have delicious fruit smoothies at the bar.

E N 4 years ago

Great gym, new equipment

P. Janssen 4 years ago

very nice gym!

Martijn Havinga 4 years ago

The best gym in Arnhem. Good facilities and many different lessons. The stuff isn't that old either and is regularly renewed. The atmosphere is also very pleasant and there is enough staff available so that you can always go somewhere if you have a question. It's one of the more expensive gyms, but it's well worth the price.

Sander Hulleman (Shullem) 5 years ago

Friendly and clean gym with a lot of facilities

Christien Leicht 5 years ago

Nice atmosphere and good guidance. Many sports opportunities.

Rene Wolfkamp 5 years ago

Pleasant ambience. Excellent accommodation / sauna

Twan Vlogtman 5 years ago

Nice space. Friendly people

Tim Hogeweg 5 years ago

Calm but not abandoned, it is always clean, appliances are in good condition and there is always someone who can help you. Free sunbed whoop whoop

Hidde 5 years ago

Have been walking around here for 2 years, always clean, all employees are always cheerful, not too busy but cozy!

Henk Wubs 5 years ago

Top fitness center. Wide, a lot of choice in equipment and lessons, good guidance and delicious wellness (and tasty smoothies).

Robert Meijer 5 years ago

Well-equipped gym with a pleasant atmosphere

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