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Biltstraat 19
3572 AB, Utrecht
+31 30 230 0350


  • maandag: 08:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 08:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 08:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 08:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 08:00–21:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00


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Fitness Factory: Meningen

Kat C. 2 weeks ago

UPDATE: review changed from four to five stars. I really appreciate the clear communication about why the one Standing Gluteus cannot be repaired. Very understandable circumstances! I have been working out here for over a year now. I personally experience Fitness Factory as a place where I can exercise in peace. The range of equipment is huge. I can't tell you much about the lessons from personal experience, because I have the cheapest subscription that doesn't include it, but I hear good stories about them. I am also very satisfied with the size of the lockers and the interior is very nicely decorated. All in all, I plan to stay here for a long time to come!

Mirjam Zwaal 1 month ago

It's great that they respond quickly to the measures, now extra classes in the early morning and open earlier on the weekend!

Mijke van den Brand 1 month ago

Very nice gym. Good atmosphere, nice employees. Positive communication. They come up with solutions with every adjustment of the Corona policy so that as many members as possible can continue to work out. Very flexible, I like that. Really great!

Etienne Bido 2 months ago

Very nice relaxed gym. Not too busy and ordinary athletes, young / old / man / woman

Sigma Male 3 months ago

Nice and good Gym!!!

Mary 5 months ago

Good atmosphere, all equipment always neatly stored, cool lamps. Absolutely great!

Sebastiaan de Kroon 6 months ago

What a wonderful gym. Was very happy with my previous one but didn't know this one yet ;)

Irene Schuurmans 7 months ago

I think it's a very nice gym. The spinning classes are very varied in terms of music style and instructor; never gets bored! There is a very good atmosphere. Every time I exercise I walk out the door with a big smile!

ensar kurt 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Jose Luis Pinheiro 1 year ago

Very good

Jelle Willems 1 year ago

Very nice, clean, quiet, gym with friendly staff!

Rianne Fisscher 1 year ago

Fijne sportschool waar je voldoende ruimte hebt om te bewegen. Prima prijs ook!

Fenna Slenter 1 year ago

Such a great gym! It is a local, smaller gym, but in terms of offer there is something for everyone. Super nice staff, fun group lessons and since the renovation even more beautiful and extensive than before. Highly recommended for those looking for a cozy and pleasant gym, for everyone.

Maartje de Lepper 1 year ago

Top gym! During the lockdown, online lessons are given so that you can follow them at home. The lessons are taught by enthusiastic trainers. They even know how to motivate you through a stream (even if they don't see you). Big plus point: you can take lessons every day!

Jet van Dam 1 year ago

just received a kettlebell on loan! Fitness Factory is currently doing everything it can to get through these times of lockdown and uncertainty as pleasantly as possible. that what is in the possibilities happens "just", really special. has always been very satisfied: very friendly staff, personal approach, knowledgeable and above all motivated and motivating ;-)

Elsa Alvins 2 years ago

The gym was remodeled recently and it looks better than before. The younger staff are way more friendly than the grown up lady but it’s fine.

Laura van Heesbeen 2 years ago

I am very satisfied with the fitness factory. I have been working out here for over 5 years and think it is a pleasant gym. They have a competitive price and there is a wide range of groups. The renovation has also ensured that additional sports areas have been added and that they have good facilities for cross-training lessons. Now, during the corona crisis, they are creative and offer online lessons and you can rent the equipment for free to be sporty at home. Highly recommended if you are not looking for a too large gym in Utrecht, which is affordable and offers sufficient group lessons (with a real trainer instead of a virtual one via a screen).

I. O. 2 years ago

Super nice, cozy gym. Driven employees. Relatively low costs. Very professional and neatly acted during the period that they could not be open during corona. Actually nothing to complain about, but as a small point for improvement: ventilation in the room for group lessons could be better.

Ana Goessens 2 years ago

Very nice and affordable gym in the center of Utrecht. Many types of appliances, they have just had a nice renovation, so now there is even more space.

Julia van der Made 2 years ago

Fitness equipment can be borrowed for free by members now that the gym is in connection with corona is closed. Very nice!

Lex Pasveer 2 years ago

Lots of equipment and weights, nice and helpful staff and great location!

Peter van der Sluijs 2 years ago

Nice place to do fitness, for years. I didn't think about that in other times, but now ..., I miss it.

Roos Mulder 2 years ago

Clean toilets, large lockers, friendly employees and always good customer service. The lessons are always with warming up and cooling down. But you can also exercise yourself in the fitness room. Very nice gym!

irene berg 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

youri lit 2 years ago

I think it is a very nice gym and I like to go there. Unfortunately, this is not possible during the corona time, but they still really help you to get started with, for example, online classes. I absolutely recommend the gym.

Rob M 2 years ago

Affordable and excellent facilities, friendly staff.

Jade T 2 years ago

I have been working out at Fitness Factory for about 5 years. It is a nice gym, they give nice group lessons and the staff are friendly!

Casper Verbeek 2 years ago

Not too expensive and never super busy, nice spinning lessons

Mirjam Bos 2 years ago

I have been taking part in group lessons for years! ➕ Fun and knowledgeable instructors Sfeer Pleasant atmosphere ➕ Nice mix of ages in the lessons ➕ Affordable subscriptions ➖ Air conditioning in the upper room does not function optimally

Rachel Sarneel 2 years ago

Hi, I have been at your gym for years and I really enjoy the lessons that you have put on the site during this time! Awesome! normally I go 2x a week, now sometimes 5x.

Berthe Bogers 2 years ago

A super nice gym where I have been exercising for years, with fun, varied classes and a friendly and helpful team. They are not distracted by the corona crisis, but just invent original solutions so that their members can still enjoy sports at home: not only a wide range of online lessons, but as an existing member you can currently also - free - material to borrow. And that while, as soon as the gyms had to close, they immediately stopped collecting the subscription money. The Fitness Factory has also recently been expanded considerably. I can't wait until I can return to Biltstraat for my sports hours!

Geraldine vk 2 years ago

I have been exercising at the Fitness Factory for over 20 years. I particularly like the wide range of group lessons such as body shape and fat attack. In addition, they are very competitively priced. Also during Corona they take good care of their members; the payments are immediately paused, they offer online lessons and you can borrow material for free!

Natalie van der Heide-Prins 2 years ago

I have been working out at the Fitness Factory for 20 years and I think it's a great gym with fun group classes, enthusiastic instructors and at an affordable price. Now also during the Corona crisis, they act in a customer-oriented and proactive manner, with online lessons and the possibility to borrow equipment and to end the monthly contribution. TOP!

Bruno Klok 2 years ago

Always happy here. Laid back atmosphere and nice people. After the renovation, a lot more options were added.

Annemarije Erdmann 2 years ago

Super nice gym!

Marit Hoeks 2 years ago

Nice gym with nice range of classes. And recently renewed! Also in the corona time nice online lessons and a nice arrangement with rental of the equipment. Top!

Sascha de Jong 2 years ago

I am very happy with the Fitness Factory. Upon entering, I am always warmly and cheerfully welcomed by the desk clerks. Everyone who works there is friendly and helpful. It feels very familiar and nice to exercise there.

Philipp M 4 years ago

This gym is really great, it's rather quiet most of the time, the fees are really fair, it's clean and everyone is super nice. The only thing I didn't like is that the barbells aren't labelled by weight and I'm fairly sure those aren't 20 kg barbells - so it's always a guess how much you're really lifting. They've got all the machines you could wish for though and they are all fine. A lot of courses too. Can recommend that gym :)

ron smit 4 years ago

Fine. Nice people. Many devices for little money.

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