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St Jacobsstraat 321
3511 BP, Utrecht
+31 6 12488315


  • maandag: 07:00–21:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–21:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–21:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–21:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–19:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–13:00
  • zondag: 09:00–13:00


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Fysiek Health Club - Personal Training & Fysiotherapie Utrecht Binnenstad: Meningen

Gerhard te Velde 6 months ago

Very nice to train here. Lots of personal attention, relaxed atmosphere, good trainers. Always a place and good equipment.

André Petter 1 year ago

The location on the Sartreweg is a bit more spacious, but this location also feels very pleasant. All necessary equipment is provided, as are committed and professional trainers. You definitely get value for money at Fysiek Health Club!

Khadija el Yaacoubi 1 year ago

If you are looking for a gym with only sports professionals and that you are listened to, then you should really be at Fysiek health club! It has done me a lot of good in a difficult period of my life.

fons Van Rooijen 1 year ago

Been training there for a few months now and I feel very welcome every time I come in. I would recommend it to everyone!

Albert 1 year ago

Very satisfied. Well helped by Derk.

Joran W. 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Great facility, great trainers and even better atmosphere. No pretentious crowds or awkward eyes. The trainers know their stuff, challenge you and make you achieve your goals. Ever wanted to change bad habits, start working out and make sure you stick to them; Fysiek Health Club is my advice.

Bart van Osenbruggen 1 year ago

Very nice gym! Good facilities, hygienic tip top order and nice and friendly staff. This is a gym where you are not a number but can really be yourself and that is also appreciated.

Reinout van Gorkum 1 year ago

I did my rehabilitation here after an operation on my knee. Very professional guidance, good communication and a nice ambiance. Derk guided me throughout the entire process. Thanks to Derk's help I can do everything again!

Tim van der Pol 1 year ago

Positive: Quality

Eva van der Linden 1 year ago

Nice club! I came to physiotherapy with a knee injury. Derk helped me very professionally and patiently until the cause was known and treated. And it was fun too! :)

Cecilia Arroyo 1 year ago

Fysiek is an incredible facility and Astrid a marvelous trainer. As someone who disliked exercising before, this was a great option, since their support and encouragement helped me improve and become more comfortable in my own body and with exercising.

Justin Velleman 1 year ago

Whenever you come the team is always there for you. Neat locations, stuff up to date and good personal guidance. In short, a top gym and a top team.

Femke Van den Berg 1 year ago

Great gym with professional trainers!

Roos Drost 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Frank Candel 1 year ago

Physical Health Club is extremely pleasant, professional and accessible, even for people who don't really have sport in their genes.

Isabella Kleine 1 year ago

Very easy to find, the guidance was great. I looked forward to going every time and it really helped me. As soon as I live in Utrecht again I would like to go back.

Max Keeler 1 year ago

Came in with a shoulder complaint and left with a smile. Pleasant guidance and fantastic physios. They thought along with my training and helped to organize recovery exercises. Toppers.

Gapsur 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Victor Brummer 1 year ago

The best gym / PT concept in Utrecht and surroundings! This location is a bit cozier and less spacious than the Sartrestraat location, but all high-quality materials and machines are available for a good session of strength or functional training! Most importantly, the team of personal trainers is superb! We have trained with many different trainers and everyone brings their own style, but all at the same high level. Moreover, there is (at both locations) a great atmosphere! Definitely recommended if you really want to get in shape..

Nienke Kruit 1 year ago

I've been working out at Fysiek for a year and a half now and I think it's a nice place to be. The training sessions with Jean Paul are well tailored to my needs and it is also pleasant. I also had a physio with Derk for a while and that guidance was also very nice and goal-oriented. The trainers I don't train with personally are also up for a chat, friendly and helpful. I love coming here!

Mathijs Gaalman 1 year ago

Super nice PT club, very experienced trainers who really know what is good for you, personal attention, motivation and guidance. And always a nice atmosphere, good music and a lot of fun. The concept is different from a regular gym, but because of that it has much more effect.

Inge van Kessel 1 year ago

Since the opening of Fysiek, I have been working out here: 2 x a week personal training. Trainings are personalized, have a nice balance between cardio and strength, and are diverse in terms of exercises. There is a nice and open atmosphere, and there is always room for a joke… while you exercise of course Very nice to leave your work, and more, behind you and get to work focused. And not unimportant: top location, clean & new materials and a passionate team

Ian Trip 1 year ago

A perfect boutique gym in the heart of Utrecht, many of the members are small-scale you know by name. It's around the corner from our office, which makes it ideal to train for an hour during the day and then go back to work! My trainer Jasper is professional and continues to motivate me to keep taking steps towards my own goals, besides that it's also fun. Which I also think is very important for a gym to make it a habit and keep coming back!

Danielle K 2 years ago

During my short stay in NL, I wanted to continue my training in a beautiful, accessible, pleasant and complete gym. Then I found Physical Health Club on the internet. Actually it was not possible to train for 2 weeks, but Sjoerd and Jean Paul were so flexible to think along in a nice solution. Thank you gentlemen for these 2 weeks of great training and fun!

Lucas B 2 years ago

Super close by, come there at least once a week with very good guidance, totally great!

Remy Meijers 3 years ago

For a number of years I had been training to full satisfaction with Sjoerd at a different location. Now he finally has his own top location for personal training and physical therapy. Right in the center and good facilities! You can work on your personal goals in peace and quiet under very good and personal guidance. I think his approach has already proven himself and I expect that he will make many people happy at this location together with JP!

Jelle Stokhof 3 years ago

Beautiful gym in the heart of the city, run by two men with a great love for the sport. Both Jean-Paul and Sjoerd are both experienced athletes and trainers who are knowledgeable. The high-end equipment and the friendly atmosphere ensure that targeted training can be done at all levels. The in-house physiotherapist is for people like me, with a weak back, a valuable addition!

Fenne Piekaar 3 years ago

Nice gym in the heart of the city. You can notice that both Jean Paul and Sjoerd have a lot of experience in giving Personal training and can thus tailor training to where you are at the moment. Even now that I am pregnant, they know how to train me safely, which keeps me feeling fit. Furthermore, the location looks fantastic! Definitely worth a walk in and have a conversation with these guys to see how they can help you further.

Arthur BEGOU 3 years ago

Qualified Personal Trainers and Physio! Perfectly new facilities. Well situated in the center of Utrecht.

amber van der Pol 3 years ago

nice location with great guests who guide you through the heavy training sessions with a smooth chat and lots of laughter! astetish the studio is a nice environment which also extends to the physio and dressing rooms in the basement.

Roelie Piekaar 3 years ago

Physical Health Club is a gym at a great location. Yesterday I went to the grand opening of this club, there is a nice atmosphere! Definitely worth a visit.

Laura Marchesini 3 years ago

What a beautiful, professional and pleasant gym in the heart of Utrecht! I have been training for over a year now under the supervision of Sjoerd and I am constantly pushing my limits. The combination of no-nonsense advice and a customized training program works perfectly for me. In addition, the small-scale nature of Physical Health Club provides an environment where you can enjoy training with motivated people around you. Highly recommended!

Danique Huffels 3 years ago

A gym at a top location, with good facilities and equipment. There is a nice atmosphere. In addition, there is professional and skilled personal training. At Fysiek I experience a lot of personal attention for my personal training goals. In addition, I have the feeling that in addition to becoming fitter, I also learn a lot about fitness and health!

Xavier Hendriks 3 years ago

A beautiful gym that is run by two men with a lot of experience in both personal training and physiotherapy.

mandy pigot 3 years ago

A great location where guidance is paramount, for both personal training and physiotherapy.

Meike Piekaar 3 years ago

Beautiful light gym in the heart of Utrecht. Both Jean-Paul and Sjoerd have a great deal of knowledge about physical health (personal training, physical therapy, injury management, etc.). The materials are of good quality as well as the products offered. In summary: super nice nice gym with men with knowledge!

Indra Colenbrander 3 years ago

I am currently being guided well by the physical physiotherapist in the process of resolving my back problems. In addition, my muscles are strengthened thanks to the one-to-one personal training. Super!

Thomas van Driel 3 years ago

A beautiful 'boutique' sports club in the center of Utrecht. Inside it is a lot bigger than you would expect. Nice combination of personal training and unlimited training. So you receive specialized guidance, and you can also exercise whenever you want. And finally ... a really cool community! So do you need driven people around you like me? Recommended!

- Boerenverstand - 3 years ago

New location in Utrecht and a concept that really what is going to add. Personal training: combining strength, fitness and physical therapy with coaches who ensure that you actually achieve your goals. Nice space and in the middle of the city. The first training sessions in the "health club" went very well!

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