Informatie over De Workout

Oudegracht 41
3511 AC, Utrecht
+31 30 232 2312


  • maandag: 07:00–22:30
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:30
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:30
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:30
  • vrijdag: 07:00–21:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–20:00
  • zondag: 09:00–18:00

Al 40 jaar dé sportschool in Utrecht-centrum | 160+ groepslessen: yoga, spinning, bootcamp. Professionele begeleiding & sauna.

Bij de Workout hebben we een breed aanbod aan kracht en cardio apparatuur in onze sportscholen staan. Maak een afspraak met onze deskundige trainers voor een persoonlijk sportschema of daag jezelf uit in je eigen tempo.

Voor groepslessen ben je bij ons aan het goede adres. Met meer dan 160 lessen per week bieden wij als sportschool de meeste groepslessen van Utrecht aan! Voor elk doel hebben we een geschikte groepsles die bij jou past.

Heb jij een doel voor ogen? En wil jij hulp en begeleiding om je doelen te behalen? Onze personal trainers nodigen je uit in een van onze drie sportscholen. Zij helpen je met het opbouwen van een optimaal trainingsprogramma voor een fit en sterk lichaam.

Wil jij graag een verdieping vinden in yoga? Dan is de private yoga echt iets voor jou! In zes weken volg je yogales in een kleine groep, waar je aandacht en ruimte krijgt om je persoonlijke doelen te halen. Het maakt niet uit of je veel of weinig ervaring hebt met yoga: deze lessen zijn geschikt voor iedereen!

Power Cycle is een energieke en intensieve party workout!  Tijdens deze workout maak je gebruik van je lichaamsgewicht, gewichten en de fiets. Door middel van ‘dansmoves’ op de fiets, shape en tone je je lichaam. Dit zorgt ervoor dat je de les altijd verlaat met een grote glimlach en een voldaan gevoel!

De leukste manier om effectief te werken aan jouw persoonlijke doelen! In een kleine groep train je twee keer per week onder begeleiding van een personal trainer. Samen gaan we voor resultaat!

Via onze gratis app kun je eenvoudig het actuele lesrooster bekijken, een groepsles boeken of het laatste Workout-nieuws lezen op je mobiele telefoon.

Wil jij als eerste op de hoogte zijn van nieuwe groepslessen, aangepaste openingstijden of leuke acties?Schrijf je dan in voor onze nieuwsbrief! Deze verschijnt ongeveer eens in de twee maanden.


De Workout heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

De Workout: Meningen

Niek Vink 2 months ago

Nice gym, nice audience, great sauna!

Thomas van Vliet 2 months ago

Great gym, good guidance and is constantly on the move. New devices now, facelift for the cardio room, delicious!

Caroline 2 months ago

Very nice gym! Committed trainers who motivate you to get everything out, lots of group lessons, enough equipment and a great sauna for after training. You can train with trainers specifically for you, your goals and your limitations (injuries). For example, I previously made a schedule to run the urban athlon and later I started running with the running training sessions for the single run, half marathon and I am now training for the entire marathon. Unfortunately you have to pay extra for the running training and the gym itself is not the cheapest either, but you do get service in return!

Pieter 3 months ago

Nice atmosphere with nice people. Beautiful classic building.

Cas Rijnierse 3 months ago

Very nice gym with lots of equipment and friendly staff!

Luc 3 months ago

Used to go here a lot. Nice gym with all the necessities and a friendly non macho atmosphere. World of difference with places like fit for free.

Vincent O 3 months ago

Very nice gym with a lot of variety in the range of classes. There are now three locations, each with its own facilities, as well as boot camps and running training. Group lessons come in variants for large and small groups, and with enough difference in content and intensity to always find something that suits your preference. Enthusiastic teachers, friendly and helpful staff, room for personal advice and attention to make everyone feel as welcome as possible. In my opinion the nicest and best gym of the day.

Esther Mertens 8 months ago

The Workout is a very nice and especially warm gym! When I was looking for a new gym in Utrecht, I visited many gyms, but I immediately had a good feeling about the Workout. They really take the time to help you on your way. I especially like the cosy, personal and homely atmosphere. You are always greeted and can have a nice chat with everyone :)

Floor van Driel 8 months ago

Super nice and beautiful gym with a very wide range of classes!

Dagmar E 8 months ago

Very accessible atmosphere, huge range. Not the cheapest gym, but well worth the money

Sanne Wijk 8 months ago

Nice location in the center of Utrecht. Makes sports fun and varied. Fine fitness equipment and group lessons. Kickboxing with experienced trainers, power cycle that makes spinning lessons fun and so on! Due to the many possibilities, sports remain fun! All the staff also go out of their way to keep seeing you and have a big stick with them.

E 9 months ago

The best thing about the Workout Club is the personal attention, the knowledgeable instructors and the atmosphere.

vincentvanderwerf 9 months ago

Well-maintained equipment, lots of space, good sauna and good trainers!

Eva Kril 9 months ago

I have been working out at De Workout with great pleasure since 2013. The Workout distinguishes itself through a personal and welcome environment, which is accessible enough to quickly feel at home and at the same time is fully equipped. The range of lessons is diverse and tailored to trends and needs of athletes in Utrecht!

Megan Reitsma 9 months ago

This gym has changed my life for the past 3 years. I've been to a number of gyms but I could never find the motivation to keep working out. I enjoy coming here because of the great atmosphere and super enthusiastic trainers. Also the offer in terms of lessons: all types several times a day makes exercising more fun and it is easy to slide it into my training schedule if I can't for a day or if I feel like doing something different.

Meike Boxem 9 months ago

Nice, fun and effective sports lessons!

laure Verwaaijen 9 months ago

What a great gym! I have been sporting there for a number of years now and I am very positive about it. They recently started Powercycle classes that I can recommend to everyone! Sports is really fun this way :) I would definitely go to the Workout if you like a nice and familiar environment where you can exercise!

Miriam Meyer 1 year ago

Nice and welcoming gym. They gave a great Team and good equipment. There is even a sauna to relax after the training.

Katherine Stevens 1 year ago

Amber is an awesome PT :)

J sbt 1 year ago

Prima sportschool, langzame administratieve afdeling.

Suzanne Franklin 2 years ago

Very good gym, always challenging lessons and a lot to offer!

Daan Broekman 2 years ago

Nice gym, friendly staff, many offers in group lessons. In the morning and afternoon often quieter, in the evening busier but that is part of it.

optimalisatie 2 years ago

Good equipment, clean, complete, nice staff.

Errin de Riel 2 years ago

Specially returned to the workout, top group lessons !!

Maurits van Leeuwen 2 years ago

Great gym.

Giovanni Vaccari 3 years ago

Great staff, great equipments, friendly to english speakers and always clean! Also the price is more than fair. Five stars!

Marr Burger 3 years ago

Nice and beautiful gym in a prime location. Friendly and relaxed staff. Unfortunately no boxing or dancing / zumba

Micha Schuurman 3 years ago

Best gym in Utrecht. Nice gym, good facilities, good location, lots of nice classes and above all a nice and friendly atmosphere.

Filippo 3 years ago

The best gym in Utrecht. Two locations, a lot of machines, many classes available every day of the week. I highly recommend it.

Ralph Simbulan 3 years ago

Great great gym. Has all the equipment you need for an awesome workout! Has very fair daily rates and the staff is super friendly! Thank you !

Best Comedy Tickets 3 years ago

I’ve lived here in Utrecht for four years and I’ve tried a lot of gyms. This is by far my favorite. They have lots of classes and centrally located in the center of the city. I really like there sauna and cold showers. The staff is also very friendly and I highly recommend De Workout.

Nelleke Poorthuis 3 years ago

I have been sporting here for almost 10 years with a lot of fun. Nice atmosphere, good instructors and very nice lessons.

Steve Bunker 3 years ago

Have been coming here for years. Great gym. Good atmosphere! And AIRCO

Kelvin Zomer 3 years ago

Delicious gym, lots of space, friendly staff and friendly athletes.

Elvira Arslanova 3 years ago

It is like a maze, which makes it very Utrecht special. You would probably not find a location like this anywhere else. They also have a sauna, which is great

Jan Paulus Janssen 3 years ago

enough equipment and great sauna for after training.

Paul Reuwer 4 years ago

Always fun and Free unlimited guidance to train responsibly. Has been there for 2 years and will not be leaving yet!

Doortje Steketee 4 years ago

Awesome place to work out! It's always clean, the people who work here are very nice and attentive and there is a large variety of sports apparatus

Frank Wilders 4 years ago

This gym is great, they offer almost anything fitness related. They integrated the old features of the building within a modern design. This makes it kind of cozy. The people who workout here a friendly. Not a lot of 'bro' vibe witch is nice.

Manja Brouwers 4 years ago

Nice gym with a good relaxed atmosphere and athletes of different ages and levels. Many different well-maintained devices and good guidance. I've loved coming here for years.

A. 4 years ago

Modern and professional.

Marten Janssen 4 years ago

Good equipment, high variety of group workout activities

Joy Mangroelal 4 years ago

The Workout is a top gym. That sportsmanship and customer friendliness are of paramount importance

Till Mathan 4 years ago

More than just a gym. Very warm and welcome atmosphere. Even on a Saturday Michael (the manager) passed by personally to have a long welcome talk with us and explained us everything we asked. Perfectly located at the Oude Gracht. The amount of offered group courses is unique and simply perfect!

Bouwadvies Mur B.V. 5 years ago

Cozy, modern gym with a wonderful sauna and good supervision.

Noortje Dukker 5 years ago

Good staff, nice location, nice people, lots of lessons, great equipment. I have been sporting here for years and I like it. However, the spaces are not too large, so if you need a lot of space, this might not be the right place.

Douwe van der Werf 5 years ago

Very special gym, made up of a network of little rooms.

Helen Beresford 5 years ago

Great staff & as a visitor from England I just pay as I go! Really friendly & a great gym to work out in! 2nd visit will be there tomorrow!!

Fiona Bailey 5 years ago

Lively and vibrant atmosphere. A great space to work out and relax with good equipment and sauna. Super location!

Martijn Poels 6 years ago

Nice gym with good equipment and facilities. Through a personal approach of the trainers you get more out of yourself than you think.

Thomas 6 years ago

Great staff and a beautiful location.

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