Informatie over Happy Bodies Eindhoven-Strijp

Philitelaan 59 A
5617 AK, Eindhoven
+31 40 303 8428


  • maandag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–21:30
  • dinsdag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–21:30
  • woensdag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–21:30
  • donderdag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–21:30
  • vrijdag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–20:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–13:00
  • zondag: 09:00–13:00

Bij Happy Bodies Eindhoven Strijp word je weer fit in slechts 35 minuten per training en krijg je altijd persoonlijke coaching. Happy Bodies Eindhoven Strijp is hét alternatief voor de traditionele sportschool voor iedereen die wel fit wil worden, maar geen tijd heeft of zin heeft in een krachthonk te moeten sporten.

Bij Happy Bodies Eindhoven Strijp word je weer fit in slechts 35 minuten per training en krijg je altijd persoonlijke coaching. Happy Bodies Eindhoven Strijp is hét alternatief voor de normale sportschool voor iedereen die wel fit wil worden, maar geen tijd heeft of zin heeft in een krachthonk te moeten sporten.


Happy Bodies Eindhoven-Strijp heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Happy Bodies Eindhoven-Strijp: Meningen

Colourful Rebel 1 year ago

Nice sports club, lovely staff where you feel at ease. You are not among the bodybuilders, very important to me! Good coffee (and tea). Just a great sports club!

Rob van Uythoven 1 year ago

Still very much to my liking there, always good atmosphere !!

Anja 1 year ago

Nice gym with Myloncircle and nice employees. If you want to exercise without chatting, you can. And yet cozy. Athletes take each other into account. I like to go!

Constance Douwes 1 year ago

Today swinging with self-chosen music, Bart played request numbers, round was ready before you knew it

GeJa Kuit 1 year ago

Good advice and guidance to get your body healthy and fit again.

Butters Stotch 1 year ago

Nice practice, friendly therapist. Immediately after a short intake the first treatment. My complaints were well understood.

Alexandra Alves 1 year ago

Incredible gym and staff. Would highly recommend. My boyfriend and I have never been gym people and committing to a gym has always been difficult, with this gym and the staff we have become changed people! Now we love it and try as hard as we can to always fit it into our routine (it has become a weekly part of our routine now!)

Cressida Alula 1 year ago

Great place to exercise. There is guidance and a program, so that you can train in a targeted manner. Furthermore, fitness every day only takes 35 minutes and I really like that.

Jaime Veldhoven 1 year ago

Very pleasant environment to exercise. The trainers give pleasant feedback/tips and take the time for everyone. They distinguish themselves by the personal attention they give and they use the Milon circle, so you never have to wait

Halima Kox 1 year ago

Good guidance and explanation, people listen well, nice environment and achieve very good results!

wilma van hoek 1 year ago

Did a trial lesson today, I must say quite tough but I decided to take advantage of this because of my physical fitness. Nice location, friendly and helpful, very handy that digital system. I don't say doubt but do it

Jacco Cornelissen 1 year ago

Come and work on my condition 3 times a week for about 4 months now by means of fitness exercises. the Milon circuit. Professional guidance is provided, partly on the basis of periodic progress tests. I am happy with this setup and hope to be able to stay active for a long time to come.

John Willems 1 year ago

Nice gym with good guidance!

Arlette van Wegberg 1 year ago

Very nice gym, cozy atmosphere, good guidance with the devices both personally and digitally so that you perform the exercises in the right way. And the support to keep working out is great!

Nancy Koenders 1 year ago

Nice to go. Pleasant staff.

Janine Wetzels 2 years ago

Modern gym, committed team. Interesting to me because they make your results measurable, explain graphs and motivate you every time. Get on!

Rupert McCallum 2 years ago

They're a really excellent fitness club.

Floris Treffers 2 years ago

What a great club. Professional, Knowledgeable, Friendly. One happy family!

Tonnie Van den hurk 2 years ago

Nice modern gym with nice advanced equipment. Nice team who keep motivating you. In addition, special attention is paid to any other physical complaints. In short, nice to go to.

Carlijn Zijlmans 2 years ago

Very nice sports club. Because in principle you only have to exercise for 35 minutes (longer is also possible, there are also other devices), it is easy to combine with a busy life. In addition, there is always a cozy and relaxed atmosphere!

Judy 2 years ago

Friendly staff and you will be well guided!

Kevin van Wijgerden 2 years ago

Small gym or lifestyle club that works with the Milon circle but also offers a divers range of weight lifting options. The employees are the strongest part, filled with knowledge in different areas and a great dose of "Brabantse gezelligheid". Very welcoming and easy to come back to. Never too busy that you have to wait.

Jos den Hartog 2 years ago

Happie Bodies responds quickly and professionally to your questions, good guidance and super devices that are adjusted exactly to you with the Milon Circle. After every 7th training you will receive a new body scan in which you can see exactly what your results are, plus an excellent explanation is given on how it can be done even better. A 10 for me on all three points Quality, Professionalism and Communication!

Caio Pereira 2 years ago

Very Friendly and helpful staff, brand new and cutting the edge equipments that can help you to achieve your goals very fast. Strong recommend this place.

Ariena Smulders 2 years ago

Super guidance by nice people

M Vd Donk 2 years ago

Very nice sports school. The threshold is very low to go because it is also fun! You will be closely monitored and adjusted where necessary!

Michell Motter 2 years ago

Nice fresh gym with very friendly staff who are certainly not afraid to help you with anything!

Amber van Lieshout 2 years ago

A good gym where your wishes are really listened to. The devices work well and are easy to use. The guidance is always optimal and the employees always take the time for you to explain extra exercises, for example!

Anneke Brouwers 2 years ago

Very professional sports club with varied athletes and very motivating staff. They really help you to achieve your goals optimally and in a responsible way .

Ton van den Heuvel 2 years ago

Nice to be able to work out again, with good guidance from the team!! And working out at Happy Bodies means working on your fitness, strength and coordination. The biggest advantage: I don't have to set up all the devices myself, log in 1x and everything is right for me (weight, resistance and setting of the device) !!!

Ilse Rovers 3 years ago

Super nice gym where you can feel at home. Pleasant atmosphere always guidance. I have not yet experienced all this at other gyms.

Bart Rovers 3 years ago

Very neat gym where clear and clear work is done with the Corona protocol. Professional and friendly staff. Sports really become a party there

Wilma Vervoort 3 years ago

Really nice and the people are very hospitable. Training goes well! If you are very fast, you don't even have to pay for parking because that is the first half hour free!

Esther Tielemans 3 years ago

Great for sports, top guidance

Yolanda Berendes 3 years ago

Good guidance and great that you can park nearby.

Jacqueline Sjahkit 3 years ago

I feel at ease and after training. Very fit

Paul 3 years ago

Nice gym with good guidance.

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