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5617 BA, Eindhoven
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  • maandag: 08:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 08:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 08:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 08:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 08:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–22:00
  • zondag: Gesloten

Ultieme Bikefit | fietspositionering met o.a. Guru system en Bioracer | Inspanningstest | Personal Training Eindhoven, gerichte krachtraining en hardloopbegeleiding. Train effectief en efficient. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

Zadelpijn klachten zijn wellicht de meest vervelende klachten die je kunt hebben tijdens het fietsen. Vaak wordt er gedacht het probleem alleen te vinden…

In de laatste jaren heb ik intussen honderden bikefits gedaan. Mountainbikes, recreatieve fietsen, tijdrit fietsen, racefietsen. Het meest opvallende is toch echt dat ik…


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Sportfocus 040: Meningen

Fatih C 5 months ago

Had a very good body scan / bike fit. Friendly atmosphere, clear explanations and in hindsight the adjustments were badly needed! Immediately after the first ride you immediately notice that it is much more comfortable to cycle and that less power is lost. Thanks again Lauren!!

Geert van Seggelen 9 months ago

Laurens is the right person to visit. Knowledgeable, professional and also just pleasant. Certainly not unimportant. Had a bike fit done here last summer. Not millimeters but centimeters of adjustment were necessary. Most people have to get used to the new position. But on my 1st time on the bike after the bikefit I only realized after a while that something had been adjusted. Quite special with such a large adjustment. For me the confirmation that I now sit much more naturally and better on the bike. My knee complaints (cartilage damage) have also become less. Recommended for every cyclist to visit once.

Renske Dickhout 1 year ago

Lactate test done before running. As a trail runner, this is specifically tailored to my sport, absolutely great!

Chris Kisters 1 year ago

A month ago I did a bike fit here. Soon after this bike fit I felt a lot better on the bike. What I really liked was that after I was properly set, he made me feel the difference between the original position and the new position. Super satisfied!

Vincent Hornikx 1 year ago

A good bike fitting is a must have to increase your comfort and endurance while riding, and it also helps to prevent injuries. I was surprised at how thorough the bike fitting turned out to be, and by how much more power I can generate when everything is adjusted to my body's dimensions. 10/10 would recommend, and a big thankyou to Laurens for doing this work.

Marcel de Veer 1 year ago

Good atmosphere, know-how, everything exudes attention for you as an athlete. Good advice and very workable schedules !! Recommended for anyone who seriously wants to achieve their goals.

Jasper Lub 1 year ago

Laurens is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He explains well what the steps are to be taken and what he wants to achieve with them for the customer. Stuff that is used is of a high level. Projected camera images with angle measurements, body scan, bicycle measurement, display of power output during pedaling, etc. The most important thing is that Laurens can really explain the effect of adjustments. After the bike measurement, the adjustments can still be simulated steplessly on Laurens's bike, before he finally adjusts to it on your own bike. In addition to the measurement, you will receive clear-read reference. Highly recommended, especially in combination with Annabelle Pont from Impuls Podiatry.

Koen Wenting 1 year ago

Now 2 months after the bikefit at Laurens and the knee and back problems are gone!

pim en marijke 1 year ago

what craftsmanship and enthusiasm is displayed here! You have to go to Eindhoven for it, but then you also get something. Very worthwhile and just a nice man, that Laurens.

Marco de Klerk 1 year ago

Last Wednesday we had a super cool day. First had a short intake with Laurens. Then body scan. This evaluated. After that I read my bike with nice equipment and made some adjustments with the help of the Guru on the basis of angle measurements. Now my bikes have been fine-tuned and then the exercise test. I still feel it in my legs ..... ha ha ..... the lactate measurement also gives a lot of insight into my turning point in combination with my heart rate and power. I am very happy with the advice from Laurens. He has a lot of knowledge and is very enthusiastic !!!

Paul Berndsen 1 year ago

Pleasant reception, good guidance during my fitness test and even better guidance and explanation before and after the test. Top!

Michel Kusters 1 year ago

It was interesting to have a DEXA scan done. The explanation by Cees-Jan was very valuable. Thanks!

Henry Makan 2 years ago

A beautiful sports location. Very knowledgeable staff.

MQ 2 years ago

Bikefit. Good analysis, nice guest and adequate changes to my bike. Top!

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