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Marconilaan 4B
5621 AA, Eindhoven
+31 6 24655350


  • maandag: 09:30–22:00
  • dinsdag: 18:30–22:00
  • woensdag: 09:30–22:00
  • donderdag: 09:30–22:00
  • vrijdag: 09:30–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:30–11:00
  • zondag: 09:30–11:00

365 dagen vrije leskeuze in 8 yogastijlen! Beginnende yogi of al jaren ervaring, daag jezelf uit bij YogaTrainer Eindhoven.

Expanding Awareness is our middle name. Al tien jaar. En daarvoor kun je bij ons terecht. Gave workshops en trainingen om te groeien. In bewustzijn, in je yoga practice, in je adem, in ont-spanning.


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Yoga trainer Eindhoven: Meningen

Yenthe Kanters 2 weeks ago

Fine yoga studio, personal and warm people, the classes are varied and fun offer of workshops!

Aimee van Dinten 2 weeks ago

Best Yoga Studio in Town! At Yogatrainer you come home: a welcoming and warm place in Eindhoven for intensive yoga classes and relaxation. A place where you can be yourself and develop yourself (further). The enthusiasm of the fantastic trainers is contagious and addictive! No more words are needed, just experience it.

Ineke Hurkmans 2 weeks ago

Why is yoga floating ...? The lessons from Cora at Yogastudio Yogatrainer are earthy, spiritual, spacious, exciting, cozy, deepening, opening, sparkling, humorous and above all very, very tasty for the body! A relief every time.

Firas Daoud 2 weeks ago

Professionally at its peak! I was always skeptical to participate in Yoga but at Yoga Trainer they helped me out. Friendly, friendly, but also intensive. Funny because I'm very relaxed. Personal attention is prio Nummero uno at Yoga trainer.

Rob Köhler 2 weeks ago

but a breathing block in the week ... but what kind!

Ingrid de Graaff 2 weeks ago

I have been taking classes at Yoga Trainer for six months. And I do what the name promises: I train. My body, but certainly also my mind. I also find breathing training delicious and unique in which emotions are released and I become even more free of old patterns. It sounds cliché, but it is really true: with the help of Yoga trainer I am getting more and more balanced!

Yvonne Vendrig 2 weeks ago

Studio Yogatrainer is a great place to be, to do and to experience: depth & lightness, the lessons and workshops are an experience!

Marcel Zweedijk 2 weeks ago

I was surprised by friends with the Diving Deep Workshop at Yoga Trainer (Cora). It was an incredible experience that I will never forget! Very special and a very warm group!

lonneke verhulst 2 weeks ago

Cora and her studio have wonderful energy. Energetic dynamic lessons that are well balanced. And yes "You can always relax more" I say come and experience it !! Dear greetings, Lon

suzie le fevre 2 weeks ago

Do you already do yoga? For a super energetic and deepening poweryogales or an intense yinyogales I would definitely recommend you to experience a lesson with yoga trainer. There is also plenty of opportunity for more depth and awareness, such as breathing training, hammock yoga and various wonderful workshops. For me it immediately felt like a warm welcome in a homely atmosphere where there is also room for a cup of tea and a pleasant conversation.

Mariska van der Meulen 2 weeks ago

What is yoga at Cora / Yogatrainer fun! That makes you happy (and relaxed) ;-) Just nice and concrete, not too floaty, time for myself, nice people around me. Very nice atmosphere, a welcome feeling. Thanks ladies!

Sigrid Kindt 2 weeks ago

An evening with Yang and Yin Yoga is great, first make an effort and then push yourself to the limit in the Yin. Breathing sessions where a world opens up for you. Very relaxed atmosphere, where you go for yourself.

mireille kuster 2 weeks ago

When you enter Cora and her studio you are probably immediately sold on yoga, the breath and being yourself. Because that is Cora's strength to bring you there and to reconnect with it. One of a kind ..... what you cannot explain but must experience and feel! As the founder and yoga teacher of a yoga center in Oss, I can say straight from my heart that Cora can bring you home, and we don't all want to BE there!

M Aben 3 years ago

The best decision of 2018 was to go to Yogatrainer. Besides that there is a super nice atmosphere, all teachers are very knowledgeable and the lessons are fantastic. It has brought me much more besides fine training and workshop. So happy that yoga trainer and Cora have come my way.

MJ Aben 3 years ago

De beste beslissing van 2018 was om naar Yogatrainer te gaan. Naast dat er een super fijne sfeer is zijn alle docenten erg kundig en de lessen fantastisch. Het heeft mij naast fijne trainingen en workshop veel meer gebracht. Zo blij dat yogatrainer en Cora op mijn pad zijn gekomen.

Rudolf Springorum 6 years ago

And at this studio you are completely free every week to choose which yoga you want to follow and when!

Claudette van Eijk 8 years ago

Yoga, Energy, Rest and Space: for body and mind! That is what I was looking for, and found in the personal and beautiful lessons at the studio of Yogatrainer. I knew it would be good for me, and only since May 2013 really got acquainted with this wonderfully alive Boost! From my first yoga trip with Cora and associates I can now be found in the studio every week. 'Keeping up' your body and mind on a weekly basis is not a Must, but has really become an I Want from my heart. So nice! Poweryoga predominates for me, but the Yin and Hammock sessions also bring great experiences. And thanks to the breathing sessions, I can apply this awareness at home whenever I need it. I say go for it !

Maurice van den Heuvel 8 years ago

I started doing yoga after Cora inspired me to do a trial lesson during the Feel Good Market. After a hesitant start, I finally found my way and recently found it several times a week in the cozy studio. I also think the most social and pleasant studio in Eindhoven and surroundings. The flexible program and the personal contact with the other members and instructors make me come back every time. Recommended!

Esther Sanders 8 years ago

I have been a member of this yoga studio for over a year now. I think it's great that there are lessons 7 days a week and 364 days a year! In addition to the regular lessons on the timetable, there is always plenty to do. You can register for numerous workshops, courses and even training courses. I think it's a great place to be! Yoga is cool (not dusty) and that shows in the fun and challenging lessons that you can follow here!

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