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Turfsingel 36
9712 KR, Groningen
+31 50 318 2333


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–17:00
  • zondag: 09:00–17:00

Gymnow Groningen. De leukste sportschool in Groningen! Wij bieden fitness, cardio, Personal Training, groepslessen en een sauna aan. Diverse fitness abonnementen en sport abonnementen en maandkaarten. Wij geven Club Power, Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Bootylicious, bokslessen, Zumba, HIT training en Cycle.

Wij zijn nog steeds de sportschool waar persoonlijke aandacht en gezelligheid voorop staat. Je kan bij ons terecht voor vrij trainen, onder persoonlijke begeleiding of in groepsverband.

Wij bieden fitness, groepslessen, personal training en duo training aan. Kijk rond naar ons gevarieerd aanbod en vind wat bij jou past. Het GymNow team zorgt er voor dat jij gemotiveerd blijft en je doelen bereikt.

Het GymNow Team is er voor iedereen. Wij hebben met elkaar een gezamenlijke passie en doel: sporten moet leuk zijn en blijven op elk niveau! Zo heeft elke trainer heeft zijn specialiteiten en unieke eigenschappen om elke sporter net even dat ene extra duwtje te geven. Maak kennis met ons team!

Wij bieden een gratis proefweek aan voor iedereen die nog nooit in GymNow Groningen is geweest! Mail of bel ons voor het reserveren van een groepsles, of voor een afspraak met één van onze trainers. Of kom gewoon langs bij GymNow in Groningen!


Springs Sport & Danceclub heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Springs Sport & Danceclub: Meningen

Joël Middelbos 2 months ago

Finally a gym with good guidance. And very nice staff. I do not understand the reactions below. At least this club is not like a fitness factory like the others. And nice people work out there :-)

Mila Peesas 2 months ago

Busy? Fortunately that is not so bad. What makes me worse is that the power devices are placed close to each other ovral .. they could put some devices against the wall and remove the couch from the devices there. That one couch is very unnecessary! Cheap? Well it's quite pricey. There is sometimes a boy behind the counter with glasses on who I find unkind to say so. I hope that they will make the power devices, in particular, more spacious ..

Joost Beij. 3 months ago

A neat gym with friendly staff. happy to help and know a lot about it. equipment is also top notch and very clean!

Sanne Aldershof 3 months ago

An owner with a clear passion for his business. Always a great atmosphere and top group lessons. And where in this terribly difficult time it is difficult to keep up with all the measures, they are always flexible at Springs and they keep thinking in solutions!

magnum Crown 6 months ago

Good atmosphere and not too busy! Enjoy sports here and enjoy the sauna afterwards :)

Eugenie Sh 7 months ago

It's a nice, moderately-sized gym with good equipment. I don't understand people complaining about crowds - choose another time or a bigger gym? Personally, it fits my goals and demands.

B Sandy 1 year ago

Gym with a pleasant atmosphere. Very varied audience, which makes it more fun. Never busy. Group lessons can be busy though. Nice sauna. Sufficient range of group lessons, nice and good teachers. Only point to note: showers could use an upgrade. It is cleaned regularly I think. Price is average.

BiBo Fashion 1 year ago

I enjoy sports here. The staff are friendly. There is good guidance and there is a good atmosphere. I do a lot of group lessons and personal training with Hilbert. Highly recommended! Greetz Luut

kevin van hameren 1 year ago

Nice clean gym, super friendly staff. For a cheap price you get a lot for your money, the sauna makes it complete!

Aly Asad Najak 1 year ago

Easy atmosphere in the gym, small scale, good advice, flexible with subscriptions when possible and friendly staff!

Renate A 1 year ago

The nicest gym in Groningen. Small-scale but complete enough. Many group lessons and always neat and clean. Can't wait for you to reopen!

rouel edens 2 years ago

Best gym I have ever played. Nice lessons and staff. Always clean and friendly.

Eli de Vries 2 years ago

Nice gym, not very big, but super flexible in terms of subscriptions (no year contract). It is also ideal that you get free guidance and a schedule can be made by the trainers. If you can exercise during the day, it is ideal, but a little busier at night

C. Vorenkamp 2 years ago

A pleasant gym, the staff is ready for you if you have any questions. Good guidance and a wide range of group lessons. No mass like all the major gyms of today but just fun and personal. In short, exactly the gym I am looking for!

Max 3 years ago

Nice small-scale gym. Unfortunately not presence of all basic devices.

Daniela Mejía 3 years ago

As a dance club you will have the best dancers of Groningen as teachers. The gym is also a great place. Small but with all the equipment to do a good work out. The people is very friendly and easy going.

Niek Drost 3 years ago

Good gym with extensive range of different sports and fitness + competent staff and guidance. At the desk you are greeted and helped in a friendly manner and the entire gym just breathes a chilly and friendly atmosphere. Maybe not the cheapest supermarket if you want to exercise unlimited, but that also ensures that it is not (always) super busy. Inhouse also includes dance school The UrbanDance Center, which is included in the unlimited price. The dance school has very good teachers at every level, which makes the lessons very popular nowadays. A disadvantage of this is that the dance room is increasingly becoming a limiting factor. Hopefully, this expansion is on the agenda for the short term!

Marc Hamburg 4 years ago

Gym with a very nice atmosphere and a wide range of classes. Spinning, body pump, yoga, Pilates and boxing

Sachintha Ambanpola 4 years ago

I'm not sure why anyone would give such low reviews, complaining about the gym being too busy? I've never had this experience, or maybe you should try to pick off-peak times if you hate waiting in line, this is an occurrence in all gyms. Most if not all the staff are friendly enough, especially the trainers who take the classes. The gym is always clean and the sauna is a massive plus. And to top it all off they did an entire week's worth of free trials, I'm not sure what more you could possibly ask for. I wish I had more than a month to work out at this gym!

The Urban Dance Center TUDC Groningen 4 years ago

A cozy gym, good location, super clean and lots of nice people.

Bruno Basto 4 years ago

Pros: - Gym around the corner - Usually doable in terms of crowds (late at night) - good sauna and shower - nice staff, who let you go your own way - no registration fee due to promotion Points of improvement: - no cable row device available unfortunately - may be open until a little later than 10.30pm / 11pm

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