Informatie over TrainMore Groningen Munnekeholm

Munnekeholm 1
9711 JA, Groningen


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zondag: 07:00–23:00

TrainMore Groningen Munnekeholm; fitness, studiolessen en een unieke locatie in het centrum van Groningen. Vraag ’n dagpas aan & join now!

TrainMore is jouw urban fitness playground midden in het centrum van Groningen. Zodra je binnenkomt bij deze next level gym in het indrukwekkende rijksmonument aan de Munnekeholm krijg je zin om te trainen. Wij bieden niet alleen more energy, more workouts, more beats, more advice en more classes - we motiveren je ook om meer te trainen door je voor iedere workout te belonen met €1,- korting!

Een intense workout waarbij op de beat van de muziek bewegingen uit het boksen, kickboksen en muay thai worden gecombineerd. Train like a fighter, live like a winner.

Deze ultieme combinatie tussen cardio en krachttraining geeft je cardiovasculaire systeem een ??intense boost. Hierdoor verbrand je in 45 minuten al snel 1000 calorieën. Get high with us!

Music makes you stronger! Op de beats van onze eigen muziekzender TrainMore FM verleg jij grenzen en haal je het uiterste uit iedere training. Plug in your headphones en speel de muziek af via onze TrainMore Pro App. In onze clubs draaien ook regelmatig live DJ’s.

Be prepared to let it burn! In 30 minuten push jij jezelf tot het uiterste tijdens deze hardcore circuittraining. We maken gebruik van battle ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells en dumbbells. Een full body workout die nooit zal vervelen!

Train more. Get more. Met onze TrainMore Pro App heb je alle tools om jouw workout naar een hoger niveau te tillen binnen handbereik. Met behulp van onze trainingsschema’s en voedingsadviezen bereik je jouw doel nog sneller!

TrainMore beloont iedere workout met € 1,- korting. En dat werkt! Onze leden trainen 70% meer dan het landelijk gemiddelde en onze urban fitness community groeit ieder dag. See you soon at TrainMore Groningen Munnekeholm.

Bij TrainMore Groningen train je vanaf € 45,- per 4 weken. Kom jij 18 keer sporten, dan krijg je € 18,- korting en betaal je de eerstvolgende periode nog maar € 27,-. It’s up to you! Ben je student, dan kun je kiezen voor een voordelig vast tarief van € 30,- per 4 weken. Je krijgt dan geen korting per workout. Alle memberships zijn inclusief lockers, douches en sauna.

Dit is het NO-nummer op je TrainMore bankafschrift. Heb je die niet bij de hand, vraag je lidnummer dan op via of aan de desk op de club.


TrainMore Groningen Munnekeholm heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

TrainMore Groningen Munnekeholm: Meningen

Morqab Qamber 2 months ago

Very nice gym, my favorite in Groningen. It has all the equipments you need. The staff are really friendly and helpful. And the building is authentic

Alex Procelewski 2 months ago

Coffee Machine is missing , but overall the gym is amazing and the staff is even more amazing!

Francis Okoye 2 months ago

Amsterdam centreal is an excellent environment with a lot of sight seen. It is an environment with motivating structures and more.

Thiago UK 3 months ago

I really like this gym, amazing structure! But there are users, like everywhere, who just go to the gym to use their phone to chat. Please, when using cell phones, leave the machines, what a lack of education and respect for other users. Gym is the moment to socialize with who is there, learn with each other and mainly workout!

Gilles Dijkman 5 months ago


Kimia Bruckmann 6 months ago

super nice staff, perfect when you visit Groningen for a short trip You have everything for a good workout!

Robert Bakker 7 months ago

The nicest gym in Groningen. Friendly staff create a wonderful environment which is kept clean and tidy. Equipment is well maintained and the high ceilings create a spacious environment to workout in. They offer HIIT, yoga and boxing classes and there is a sauna in each change room to help you relax and recover afterwards.

Elizabeth Comberg 7 months ago

Very friendly staff, lots of nice equipment, sauna, lockers, etc. Everything you need in a gym. I've always felt comfortable working out there and have been going 2+ years now

Radu Gheorghe 8 months ago

Coolest gym I've been to! Especially the music they play

??????? ?????? 9 months ago

+ High-tech, brand-spanking-new equipment, variety of subscriptions, discount packages, 2 workout temples in Groningen, helpful and quick staff, extra goodies - Single-time administrative costs fee a bit steep (but worth it)

Mohammad Faizan Bhat 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism If you can afford it, I think it’s the best gym in town. Never too crowded and always friendly staff and great music (depends on the staff ATM). Always clean and good vibes, both in Oude Ebbingestraat and Munnekolm. Even if I am jobless in future, I will make sure to have enough savings to go to this gym

Kermit De kikker 1 year ago

A nice gym, with friendly staff.

David Broekman 1 year ago

Have been a member for 3 weeks now and very happy! Friendly and helpful staff and always open for a chat (of course now remotely haha). Fine! Gym is very spacious and due to all corona measures very nice to train. A lot of space. In addition, everything looks great and cleaning is done regularly. Highly recommend this gym

H Zuur 1 year ago

It was 10 o'clock in the evening and I had lost my bicycle key. Employees of the gym helped me find my bicycle key with the help of their phone with a flashlight. I therefore find a top gym with friendly employees who pay personal attention to their customers. I'm sure, Trainmore will be my regular gym!!!

appie renkema 1 year ago

Een mooie sportschool, met vriendelijk personeel.

Dean James 1 year ago

I was able to try a day pass through a friend (member in Groningen) and it was really great! Friendly staff, could ask for info, clean gym and WITH a sauna! I didn't expect this one. From September I will be living here and I will register with this or the 24/7. Location also super in an old post office. Love it TM!

Hans Zuur 1 year ago

Het was 10 uur s'avonds en ik was mijn fietssleutel verloren. Medewerkers van de gym hebben met behulp van hun telefoon waarop een zaklamp zat mij geholpen om mijn fietssleutel terug te vinden. Ik vindt dan ook een top gym met vriendelijke medewerkers die persoonlijke aandacht voor hun klanten hebben. Ik weet het zeker, Trainmore wordt mijn vaste gym!!!

Chris Bakker 1 year ago

Wonderful gym! Very spacious, large, enough equipment and equipment to do exercises.

Jort van Velsen 2 years ago

Iron pumps with the boys, beast modes

Jean-Paul Hieuw 2 years ago

Nice gym and good promotions for students

Djemel Hamel 2 years ago

Nice gym, there is fairly new material in the room, staff are friendly and there is a sauna in it. The monumental building also has a lot of light, so it doesn't feel like a loft.

Dan Pl?m?deal? 2 years ago

Cool gym.

Stella 2 years ago

My favorite part is the old people dressed with gloves and tights using the squat machine for art exercises

Stefano Carulli 2 years ago

I have been a member of this gym for over 2 years. Love the vibe, personnel is great, there are plenty of machines and different weights to choose from and the bathrooms and changing areas have a sauna that is free of charge if you're a member. There's even the possibility to use the tanning bed (under payment, not sure how much it costs) and there's also a hairdresser in the building. Physiotherapy, classes and much more, this gym has it all! And did I mention that as a member of TrainMore you have access to almost all the other TrainMore gyms in the Netherlands?

Stijn Geerts 2 years ago


Cian Mitchell 2 years ago

Extremely friendly and helpful staff, great facilities too!

M Terp 3 years ago

Top location, great team and great atmosphere! As of today extra lockers under the stairs. Fine!!

Guido de Wit 3 years ago

Good gym in a beautiful historic building.

Guido Hooson 3 years ago

Always cozy and have almost everything

Imeza Saraswaty 3 years ago

Beautiful gym! The space alone is already beautiful! Good guidance, wonderful sauna, fun group lessons. In short, a complete gym.

Justin Van Akkeren 3 years ago

Good concept that encourages sports. Employees are friendly and there are sufficient devices. At busy times you sometimes have to be patient or make sure that you arrive outside peak hours. Then there is enough freedom to work with.

laurens vermaat 3 years ago

Positive experience with customer service, furthermore excellent gym (location Groningen). Currently suffering from a visual bug regarding the tracking of my visiting days (both in the app and upon arrival), but the administration is ultimately correct.

Boris Schmidt 3 years ago

lots of space. varied equipment. very friendly staff. A+

P Mooc 3 years ago

Great gym, great people! In the weekends open till 18!!

Shalika Srivastava 3 years ago

Very experienced trainers in my opinion. The group lessons are great and the time of 45 minutes instead of 1 hour is a great idea! ! It's up to you : is a very motivating motto in itself. Plus the idea of discount per visit is just great. And the infrastructure is certainly something to admire .

Conten't 3 years ago

Not the cheapest option but definitely the best.

Boris Kyuchoukov 4 years ago

Top location, fair prices and high quality! It can get busy in the evening, but there is usually a place for everyone.

Lex Spek 4 years ago

It is a gym with all the trimmings, not expensive if you go often and nice atmosphere. It is also quite busy, but you can avoid this by going in the morning. Really recommended if you want to train often.

Jacobine 4 years ago

Good atmosphere and the best group lessons!

Jesper Wijma 4 years ago

Good Deals, nice open spaces and plenty of machines to use. Actually have multiple benches and cables. Something I've been looking for for ages.

Mahesh Jawanjal 4 years ago

Superb Gym !! I am going there

Dewi van Hees 4 years ago

Good group lessons and good techno

Vlad Duma 4 years ago

Great gym, more fitness oriented rather than weight lifting

Vitalii Viktorson 4 years ago

Great gym in a town! Nice staff attentive and careful. Also its clean and always fresh! Wish you good luck!!!

Welcome StudentsGroningen 4 years ago

Nice team, cozy atmosphere, clean gym and great offers! Also very cool that there is a hairdresser and physio.

Dagmar Taribuka 4 years ago

Good guidance. Friendly people and staff, clean and good tools. I am very happy with my membership

Martin aime schepers 4 years ago

Great gym, has everything you need and a great price for students. I'm working out here for two months now and love the place! The only negative side is it gets a little full during peak times, but nothing too bad. I highly suggest the place!

Thorsten Tonkes 4 years ago

Nice gym - Nice team - great location

Jordan Townsend 4 years ago

Very good gym. Not to busy at the right times

Melle Boerkamp 4 years ago

Very nice gym, good atmosphere and nice staff. at times too busy

Tácia Tavares 5 years ago

A very nice gym. With a good price and lots of equipments

T. C. Lagemann 5 years ago

Nice gym very busy!

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