Informatie over Kennemer X Fitfabriek

Pr. Beatrixplein 26
2033 WH, Haarlem
+31 6 23004902


  • maandag: 07:00–21:30
  • dinsdag: 07:00–21:30
  • woensdag: 07:00–21:30
  • donderdag: 07:00–21:30
  • vrijdag: 07:00–21:30
  • zaterdag: 08:00–13:00
  • zondag: 08:00–13:00


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Kennemer X Fitfabriek: Meningen

Stefan de Haan 3 weeks ago

The nicest crossfit box in Haarlem. Not "hardcore" but suitable for everyone.

Michiel Van Gelder 1 month ago

Top! Good atmosphere, professional guidance, challenging lessons every time.

Susette Schoone 1 month ago

Super cozy and nice Crossfit box. My attitude is well taken care of! Everyone support each other, very addictive sport!

Dirk Jan Nieland 1 month ago

Nice gym with good trainers

Tineke Willems 2 months ago

They are working hard on the road. Something for everyone. Active.

Dave van Zon 3 months ago

Tried many gyms in the area, but this is really the best that can be found in the Haarlem area!

Nilas Alting 3 months ago

Good place to exercise, nice crossfit classes from skilled and nice trainers! Good for every level!!

Sami Soltani 5 months ago

Good atmosphere .friendly owners. Top location in terms of parking. Really top top top

Mitchell Karstens 10 months ago

Super chill gym! There is fitness, but especially the group lessons are recommended, there is a cozy and good atmosphere. Toppers these sweet and helpful new owners.

Jasmijn 11 months ago

Very good gym! There are classes and fitness for young and old and if you don't have a babysitter for your child(ren), there is even a daycare so you can exercise. Good atmosphere, sweet and helpful owners and last but not least: easy to reach. Highly recommended!

Mickey Brouwer 11 months ago

Accessible gym for every level, super friendly trainers and fellow athletes. Also a nice community where you are quickly absorbed.

Fred Rill 1 year ago

Keeps getting better :-)

Mikel Kockelkoren 1 year ago

Nice gym with ditto guidance

Floriaan Mense 1 year ago

Very pleasant place to exercise. The owners always want to have and the group lessons are very nice.

Isaac (icey) 1 year ago

I trained here for over a year and would like to share my experience. The gym has been recently refurbished and has installed a great crossfit/calisthenics/functional strength training section which has very good quality equipment and plenty of space to workout. Also there is a cardio and free weights/machines section which has all the essentials for body building. The staff is very friendly and always greets you when walking in the gym. You are provided with your own sanitizing spray on entry and there are several paper dispensers throughout to clean the equipment. It was a real pleasure training here and would recommend this gym to anyone from beginners to advanced athletes. I would definitely give more than 5 stars if I could :)

Samantha Dekker 1 year ago

Member for more than 3 years, good atmosphere and not too busy! Samantha

Peggy Meulman 1 year ago


Paul Zuiderduin 1 year ago

Crossfit is a must. Relaxed atmosphere and good personal guidance! There is also enough space in the lessons, there is always a place!

Lena oliva 1 year ago

Very sweet and at least here Attention to the child itself, then fill your school and learn nothing. That is very well arranged here.

Matthew Bouman 1 year ago

What a great place! Very sweet owners! There is a very nice weather and everyone is always welcome

RD Dekker 1 year ago

Very much improved since the new owners. nice people

Nabria Wiggers 1 year ago

Recently completely renovated into a super nice CrossFit gym (and more!) by the new owners. Lots of room for personal attention, great lessons and, above all, lots of fun.

Jacqueline Thorig 1 year ago

Nice gym, enthusiastic owners. Their vision on sport and exercise is infectious.

Peter van Meersbergen 1 year ago

Now also with CrossFit. Complete gym!

Patrick Kant 2 years ago

The social heart of the neighborhood! Want to work for a healthy balance in your life at an affordable price? Come and exercise at the Fitfabriek in Haarlem! Best gym in town!

Roog O. 2 years ago

Relaxed atmosphere, spacious and everything is there.

Reinier Vreugdenhil 2 years ago

One of the best places in Haarlem to practice CrossFit, I believe it to be the best. Good atmosphere, positive vibes and engaging exercises.

Marissa de Valck 2 years ago

Super trainer, very nice box for sports.

Samer NL 2 years ago

Great in the city center

Fadi Kharrat 3 years ago

Nice place and friendly stuff

John Bergman 4 years ago

Most enjoyable with friendly staff

Sascha 4 years ago

Top Crossfitbox, with good personal guidance!

Penney Catharinus 4 years ago

An accessible CrossFit box that I have been going to for almost a year with great pleasure! Trainer Jesse knows like no other how to guide everyone at his / her own level.

Menno van Dam 4 years ago

I can be other than positive about this gym. There is a wide range of devices and all at a very good monthly price. It is also very nice that there is a wide range of parking facilities, making it very easy to come by car.

Nicole Kosters 4 years ago

Best GYM in town

Barry Jongbloed 4 years ago

Very nice lessons!

Peter Mijnders 4 years ago

I just started at Kennemer Crossfit! Because the groups you train with are not very busy, there is personal contact from the trainer. This works very well!

Emiel 4 years ago

Top fitness center. Enough appliances and a very friendly man at the desk. Very customer-oriented and does a lot of personal approach. I felt at home very quickly even though I only recently registered. Top employee and a beautiful fitness building. 5 stars!

Mathilde Bosker 4 years ago

Nice, good and cozy gym in a garage. Wide range of various lessons. From Kundalini yoga to spinning, and various fitness training

Paul Tierlier (Nossie) 5 years ago

best gym for people who want to train for their own be benefit in haarlem!

Eline Van der Fuit 5 years ago

It is great fun to train at Kennemer Crossfit! Highly recommended!

Miriam Zevenhek (mim) 5 years ago

Nice gym

Manu de Roo 5 years ago

Nice crossfit box with good guidance!

Mario van Beek 5 years ago

Nice gym, friendly staff and a nice crowd

Merel Van der Linden 5 years ago

Fantastic Crossfit Box! Small is beautiful! WOD Lessons are very well structured and being able to take OLY lessons in addition to WODS makes this box complete! With a maximum number of participants, group lessons guarantee personal attention during the lesson under the guidance of a highly experienced and knowledgeable owner. Really recommended!

Paul “Nossie” Tierlier 5 years ago

I go here every day!

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